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Easy Guide on How To Stream Netflix On Discord

Are you itching to watch Netflix movies with your buddies after being imprisoned? It is entirely feasible, and you will be hooked on game streaming before you realize it. After reading this guide, you will easily discover How to Stream Netflix on Discord.

Netflix provides customized recommendations to each of its subscribers. Along with Netflix, Discord gained popularity due to its free voice and text chat program. It is mostly targeted at gamers. This program allows you to broadcast virtually any video application that does not have strong privacy restrictions.

The wait is finally over! You and your pals can now view the series from residences with varying longitudes and latitudes. How awesome is it! Let us begin by addressing your questions on ‘How to stream Netflix on Discord’ and ‘How to stream Netflix on Discord with sound.’

Stream Netflix on Discord by Screen Sharing

The process of figuring out how to screen share Netflix on Discord is quite straightforward. You need to repeat these steps once to master them. This is the approach to take if you wish to use Netflix on Discord-

  1. Open a web browser (ideally Google Chrome) on your system and navigate the Netflix website.
  2. After you’ve logged into your Netflix account using Google Chrome, launch Discord and verify that it’s connected to a server.
  3. Select “Settings” and then “Game Activity ” from the bottom left of the page.”
  4. By clicking “Add it,” you may select any tab in Google Chrome that supports live streaming.
  5. For the time being, you must select Netflix and click “Add Game.”
  6. After you’ve exited “Settings,” click on the screen-shaped symbol that appears in the bottom-left corner of the screen.
  7. A pop-up window titled “Screen Share” will appear; in this window, select Google Chrome (or any other browser that you are currently using for streaming).
  8. Adjust the streaming options to your liking and click “Go Live.”
  9. Following these steps will enable you to stream Netflix on Discord.

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Most Common Issues While Streaming Netflix on Discord!

Various issues will likely arise when screen sharing Netflix on Discord throughout your stream. Consider the following methods for flawless gaming or streaming experience.

1. How to Solve Audio Problems While Streaming Netflix on Discord?

‘How to stream Netflix on Discord with sound’ is one of the most frequently asked questions on Discord! If you are also experiencing audio troubles while streaming, you should first determine the cause. There are numerous reasons why you may stream audio from another platform but not hear it.

One of the key reasons is that Discord occasionally requires administrator access. If you want to enjoy a movie or even play a game with your buddies, you must ensure that your drivers are up to date.

2. Black Screen While Screen Sharing on Discord

This is a problem that many individuals have when they try this streaming for the first time. According to numerous sources, the following measures appear beneficial to many people. The following steps may assist you in resolving the Black Screen issue when screen-sharing on Discord.

  • On Discord, navigate to the “Settings” menu and select the “Voice and Video” tab.
  • Select “Video Codec” and disable “OpenH264 Video Codec”; alternatively, you can disable both options.
  • A bit further down on the “Voice and Video” page is a setting for “Use our latest technology to capture your screen,” which is enabled and installed by default; if it does not work, disable it.

If the solution mentioned above does not work for you, more possibilities are.

  • Navigate to Google Chrome and click “Settings.”
  • Scroll down to the bottom and click on the “Advanced” drop-down menu.
  • Now, locate the option “Use Hardware Acceleration When Available” and disable it.

Is it possible to stream Netflix on Discord on Android?

The Discord phone application does not include streaming Netflix on Android until recently. Discord on Android phones can only be used for voice and video conversations, as Android does not support screen sharing.

Is it possible to stream Netflix on Discord on an iPhone?

There is currently no feature in Discord for iPhone that allows for Netflix streaming. As with Android, you cannot screen share from an iPhone; instead, you can only make audio and video conversations. You can, however, join streams directly from the Discord mobile applications by clicking “Join Stream.”

Bonus Tips to stream Netflix on Discord using Android or iOS Device

Although you cannot directly stream Netflix from your mobile device to the Discord Application, however, we have discovered a way for you to live stream Netflix from your Android or iPhone device. Follow these straightforward steps:

  1. To begin, ensure that you have the most recent version of Discord and are in a phone call with a friend using the Discord app.
  2. Join the Discord Server for Testers. A bot room named “DBug” will appear.
  3. Now, when you issue the DM! quiz command in the “Doug” bot room, a message with your One-Timecode and a link will be returned almost quickly. Make a note of your One-Time Code.
  4. Click on the URL provided by the bot to access the site. Copy and paste your code into the textbox and click “Next.”
  5. A five-question quiz will be displayed. You must earn a score of 5/5 to pass this quiz; if you do not, you may retake it in ten minutes.
  6. Correct all of your responses and wait a few moments for the bot to send you a message.
  7. DM the bot! Role list command after receiving a message from the bot.
  8. A list of available commands will now show. If you’re an Android user, type or DM role add android alpha or use the following command if you’re an iOS user. Role addition ios are flying test.
  9. After you’ve joined the appropriate role, allow a few minutes for the functionality to appear in your account. You’ll notice that a new screen-share icon has emerged in your room.

We essentially became Discord Testers, passed the test (quiz), and obtained the feature we wanted, namely screen-sharing on our phones. That is incredible! Additionally, these steps are quite simple to follow.

How to Enable Sound on Mac or Windows?

Isn’t it wonderful when we gather with friends to watch our favorite movie? However, this is no longer possible due to the pandemic’s breakout. However, we have all the solutions specifically for you! Netflix is easily accessible via Discord on Mac and Windows. All you need to do is follow a few straightforward steps:

  • The first step is to open a web browser and Netflix on your MacBook or Windows computer.
  • Along with Netflix, open Discord. Additionally, confirm that it is connected to a server.
  • Open “Settings” in Discord and  Select “Game Activity”
  • Then click “Add it” while simultaneously selecting the browser tab containing an active streaming service.
  • After selecting the Tab, click Add-Game.
  • Click on the screen icon once you’ve exited the settings.
  • Select the browser tab you wish to stream from the “Screen Share” pop-up window that displays.
  • Make all necessary customizations.
  • Click “Go Live” to begin streaming and watching your favorite movie with your friends and family.


When you’re in the mood for a night out with friends but don’t want to risk it in this Covid circumstance, you can try one of the solutions we’ve provided and get the same feeling while staying at home.

We hope that we were able to address your questions about ‘How to stream Netflix on Discord’ and ‘How to stream Netflix on Discord with Sound.’ Please leave your suggestions in the comment section below. Remain at home, watch Netflix, and unwind.

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