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Doratoon Video Maker: The Best Animation Maker in the World

Video animations are trending these days. From enhancing brand awareness to grabbing customers’ attention with the best use of the software’s features, video maker has many things to bring to the table.

After the COVID-19 pandemic, many people have shifted their businesses online and developed several ideas. Therefore, the demand for something that grabs the consumer’s attention the most has significantly increased.

Business leaders are now investing their time and money in getting the best-animated video designed to grab the target audience’s attention to their product or services. Animated visuals seem more engaging and interesting than plain, static images. Also, they can generate the highest number of shares on social media.

Therefore, if you want to make it big in your professional life, you must learn to create animation. Many reliable animation software available in the market can help you create the most stunning animation for your school project or startup business.

Doratoon is a new but great addition to the existing list of Video Maker tools. It offers many unique features to its users free of cost. From beginner-level animated videos to advanced-level animated videos, you can do it all using Doratoon. If you want to create an animated video all by yourself, scroll down to learn more about this amazing animation maker software.

Step-by-step Guide on How to Create an Animated Video Using Doratoon

Doratoon is undoubtedly the fastest animation video maker to help make your animation for different purposes. To create a stunning animation using Doratoon, you need to follow these steps:

  1. First, you need to make your account on the Doratoon website. However, sign in to get started if you have an account already.
  2. Choose the “Workbench” option, and you will be directed towards a new webpage. Then you need to select the “ Create a new video” option.
  3. After reaching there, you will have to choose your desired method for creating your animated video. For example, whether you want a blank draft, plan to create videos using templates, or convert your PPT slides into animated videos.
  4. If you choose a blank draft to create animation, you can choose between the landscape and portrait mode per your requirement.
  5. You can also use various features in your animated video using Doratoon. From adding subtitles to fixing the timeline, adjusting text or image alignment, changing the background, and many others.
  6. Once you are done, you can preview the video and make changes wherever required. Also, you can save the animated video on the Doratoon platform and give it a title.
  7. You can export and upload your animated video on various platforms when satisfied with your animated video.

What Makes Doratoon the Best Animated Video Maker?

To help you level up in making animated videos, Doratoon brings forward a vast range of advanced features and functions. Some of the notable features that make Doratoon the best-animated video maker are:

1. Animated Characters

Adding animated characters in videos makes them more fun and interesting. Also, they make the video relatable and worth sharing with the target audience. With Doratoon, you can recreate scenes for your animated videos by using 8000 expressions and actions.

Furthermore, these facial expressions will seem original and attract a larger target audience towards the services or products your business offers. Using these animated characters can deliver your ideas better and add a fun quotient to the videos.

2. AI Based Dubbing

The present and the future both belong to artificial intelligence. Therefore, if you want to create a great animated video, you must add dubbing to it using artificial intelligence synthesis on the Doratoon platform.

However, you must never compromise on the quality of dubbing. Only a good quality dubbing in your video can enhance its quality and reliability quotient.

3. Conversion of PPT slides into animated videos

If you think of PowerPoint presentation as a mainstream idea, Doratoon has something interesting for you. You can import the PPTs and analyze the materials with various video animation tools and effects with its amazing features.

By converting the PPTs into animated videos, you will make them more fun and engaging for the target audience. It is one of the best ways to target the interest of your valued customers and push them to reach out to you.

4. Smart Subtitling

Doratoon has a built-in smart subtitling feature to help you save time and effort on typing the subtitles. It instantly identifies the dubbing content with accurate voice recognition and converts them into smart subtitles.


Making animated videos is not easy for everyone. However, anybody can create a stunning animated video with easy-to-use animation video maker tools. Even if you might not have the necessary equipment and time to develop amazing video content, Doratoon comes in handy in dealing with these minor and major flaws.

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