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GoDaddy Email Login 365: Guide For Business

Using GoDaddy Business to grow your brand or small business opens various attractive prospects, one of which is a professional business email account. Understanding how to create and use a GoDaddy Email Login 365 account will aid in the growth of your business and make you appear more trustworthy to current and prospective clients.

This straightforward guide will walk you through setting up a GoDaddy business email account with Microsoft 365, migrating any existing email accounts to your new GoDaddy account, logging into your GoDaddy Email Login 365 account, sending and forwarding emails, and changing your account settings and password. By the end of this tutorial, you’ll have a new GoDaddy email login account and understand how to access it from any location and keep it under the account’s storage restrictions.

What is GoDaddy Business Email Service?

GoDaddy Email (affectionately known as GoDaddy Webmail) enables GoDaddy customers to create a professional email address. For example, with the GoDaddy Email Essentials subscription, you may create an email account associated with your domain name, access calendar apps, and sync your contacts across mobile devices. Using your new or existing domain name in your email address, for instance, “[email protected],” can help you create trust with your clients and project a polished, professional brand image. Additionally, the GoDaddy Email Essentials plan is not available in any other location. As a result, it provides an all-in-one experience for GoDaddy consumers.

When you sign up for a GoDaddy paid plan for your company website, the Starter Email package is immediately included. This is the identical package to the GoDaddy Email Essentials plan. GoDaddy automatically promotes you to the GoDaddy Email Essentials plan when your Starter Email service is due for renewal.

GoDaddy recently partnered with Microsoft 365 (previously known as Office 365) to provide users with not just a professional email service, but also access to Microsoft 365 tools such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

You no longer need to worry about simple mail transfer protocol (SMTP) or sophisticated mail exchange (MX) records due to this collaboration. GoDaddy’s Microsoft 365 email services integrate with Outlook, Apple Mail, and other email applications, ensuring that all of your devices and accounts are synchronized.

GoDaddy’s Microsoft 365 email services integrate with Outlook, Apple Mail, and other email applications, ensuring that all of your devices and accounts are synchronized.

Sign Up For Your New GoDaddy Business Email Login

As previously stated, when you sign up for a GoDaddy premium plan, you automatically receive GoDaddy’s Starter Email package. The procedure of upgrading to a GoDaddy Business Premium account with Microsoft 365 is straightforward.

Apart from the basic Email Essentials plan, GoDaddy offers four other email plans: Email Plus, Business Premium, Online Essentials, and Premium Security. The Business Premium plan is highly recommended for small businesses since it offers access to Microsoft 365 in addition to all the extras that make running your business and collaborating with partners easier.

After choosing a plan, click the “Add to Cart” button. Once you’ve completed your purchase, additional options will appear. We propose paying annually rather than on a month-to-month basis to save money.

Each of these plans offers a minimum of ten gigabytes (GB) of email, contacts, and calendar storage. Adding certain additional features can result in unlimited storage; however, in some circumstances, the storage is used solely for the functionality of the features. These plans include the GoDaddy secure email server as well, but you can enhance your account’s privacy and security by subscribing to the Advanced Email Security, Email Archiving, and Email Backup services.

The GoDaddy Business Premium package includes OneDrive for Business, which adds a layer of security to online storage. If your organization requires it, you can even add a feature that will make your email account compliant with the 1996 Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) for a minimal additional price.

Following that, GoDaddy will prompt you to sign in to your existing GoDaddy account or establish a new one. A billing information page will then open, which you must complete a proceeding to payment. Before processing your payment, you’ll confirm the accuracy of all the information on the final screen.

All Done

How to Configure Your GoDaddy Business Email Login?

Proceed to the following page, where you will be prompted to enter your GoDaddy domain name to begin generating your email aliases. To use this, you must have a paid GoDaddy plan and purchase your domain through the company. If you’re transferring an existing domain to GoDaddy and want to add it to your GoDaddy Email Login 365, the procedure may take a little longer and may involve a call to GoDaddy’s helpful support team.

After creating your account’s first email alias, you’ll need to create a username and password, configure administrator attributes, and add a backup email address to which GoDaddy should send your account information (e.g., the email you used to create your GoDaddy website account). GoDaddy will subsequently send you an email confirming your account’s creation. After receiving that confirmation email, you can begin syncing and configuring your GoDaddy business email with Microsoft 365 on as many devices as your small business requires.

Scanning the quick response (QR) code from GoDaddy with your phone will enable you to set up your GoDaddy business email with Microsoft 365 account on any Apple, Android, or other mobile devices. This will install the Outlook software on your smartphone and then guide you through installing your GoDaddy professional email account quickly. If you encounter any difficulties, refer to GoDaddy’s extensive instructions and video tutorial on setting up your GoDaddy business email with Microsoft 365 account on your iPhone, Android phone, or desktop computer.

How to Link and Migrate from Previous External Account?

If you want to move an existing domain name or business email account hosted by Apple Mail or another provider to your GoDaddy business email with Microsoft 365 account, you may do so effortlessly. GoDaddy’s professionals handle these transfers behind the scenes, ensuring that they take place outside of your office hours to avoid any missed messages.

Additionally, GoDaddy recently began offering an easy-to-use online email migration solution that is accessible from any device. You will no longer need to contact GoDaddy’s customer care team to migrate your existing email accounts using this solution. To utilize it, simply answer a few questions, select an Office 365 email plan, and select a migration date. When you sign up for a new business email account, all of your existing emails, contacts, calendars and folders will be imported into your new inbox.

Bear in mind that this process takes around five days to finish. If you require access to your new email account before then, you must contact GoDaddy’s specialists. The date and time you specify for your migration reflect the point at which it will be complete, so plan accordingly to accommodate this five-day procedure

If you’re migrating more than one email account, you’ll need to choose an Outlook 365 plan for each one. This provides additional flexibility, for example, if you require a higher level of privacy protection for one of your existing email accounts.

Do not be concerned about losing your current email address; it is still possible to retain it. Additionally, your old inbox’s contacts, emails, and folders will display in your new mailbox. The key benefit of this service is that it does not support the migration of free email accounts, such as Gmail accounts.

Sign Into Your GoDaddy Email Login 365 Account

The different sign-in methods for your GoDaddy Email Login 365 account may appear perplexing at first, but they make accessing your account a breeze. One method is to click the “Sign In” button on the GoDaddy home page. After that, a drop-down menu will display. You’ll notice two options under the “Inbox Links” section: “Office 365 Email Login” and “GoDaddy Webmail Login.” If you have the GoDaddy Email Essentials package, you can access your account using either of these methods.

If you’re already in your GoDaddy Business account, the most straightforward approach to get your GoDaddy business email is to navigate to your GoDaddy dashboard’s “My Products” page. Scroll down to the Email & Office option, where you’ll find a sign-in prompt.

After logging in, you’ll be taken to the main dashboard for Microsoft 365 Home. You’ll next see a series of menus, some of which will indicate the progress of ongoing projects. “Outlook” is the second icon in another menu on the left side of your screen. By clicking the “Outlook” symbol, you’ll be taken directly to your inbox, where you may review sent items and draughts, as well as write new email messages.

How to Enable GoDaddy Email Login 365 Forwarding?

You may read and send emails and create and manage groups from your GoDaddy business email with Microsoft 365 Outlook account. It works similarly to most simple email services, with clickable menus and symbols for joint operations.

If you have multiple email aliases that need to be configured as forwarding email addresses, GoDaddy Business makes this relatively simple. A forwarding email address is distinct from a standard email account in various respects and might be critical for staying connected. In particular, standard email addresses provide an inbox and a location for users to send and receive emails. In comparison, forwarding email addresses lack an inbox and instead redirects any messages to another email account.

You can use GoDaddy’s email forwarding feature to send emails or copies of emails to another account for record-keeping needs. This will ensure that you do not miss any communications sent to you from an old email account. Additionally, it lets you set multiple email addresses — such as “[email protected]” and “[email protected]” — so that your business can compete on support with larger companies.

To enable email forwarding with your GoDaddy business email with Microsoft 365 account, go to Outlook and click the “Settings” icon in the upper-right corner. You can either search for the “Mail” section or scroll down to the “Forwarding” page. Following that, click the option to enable forwarding and enter the email address to which you want to forward your mail. Additionally, if desired, you can retain a copy of your forwarded messages. Remember that you must click the “Save” button to indicate that you wish to forward all emails to the email address you specified here.

If you require email forwarding from an existing Gmail or Yahoo account, you must follow the instructions provided by those email services. Typically, these steps are accessible through the “Settings” or “Properties” menus, and the process should feel quite similar to the one described above. If you run into any difficulties, GoDaddy, like most email providers, has valuable tutorials that will lead you through each step.

Changing the Password and Settings for Your GoDaddy Email Login 365 Account

GoDaddy makes changing and recovering your email password exceedingly simple. As the administrator of your GoDaddy business email with a Microsoft 365 Office account, you can change your password as well as the passwords of any users or employees associated with your account. This will send them a temporary password, which they can then use to reset their own.

To begin, navigate to your GoDaddy website’s dashboard and locate the “My Products” area. Scroll down to the “Emails & Office” subsection of that section. In the “User Accounts” section, select the email address you wish to reset the password and then click the “Manage” button.

After that, a screen will display on which you can adjust a variety of settings. Not only can you change your password from this screen, but you can also establish and manage email aliases, configure your account on multiple devices, and even delete your account.

A pop-up box will appear by clicking the “Password” button, allowing you to enter a new password or generate a temporary one. If an employee or another user requests a password reset, you may send them a temporary password by email by selecting the “Generate temporary password” link and providing their recovery email address. Once finished, click the “Save” button.

If you merely require a new password, enter one, confirm it, and have it sent to your recovery email. Once you’ve reset your password, you can use it to send emails and do business.

If you send a temporary password to an employee or other user to enable them to change their password, please remember that it could take up to 30 minutes for their new password to take effect and allow them to log in.

Final Remarks

You can easily create and maintain your own GoDaddy business email account by following these six simple steps. Additionally, GoDaddy experts will migrate all of your existing email accounts to your new GoDaddy Professional email with Microsoft 365 account. You’ll then have easy access to all the tools necessary for growing and maintaining your business and email accounts.

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