How to Become A Blockchain Expert?

Blockchain technology is undoubtedly the most disruptive technology in the industry. The technology with the potential of innovations in the technology space has inspired the invariable increase in the employment opportunities in Blockchain technology. The demand for Blockchain experts and Blockchain skills is continuously rising with each day passed. Currently, several enterprises across industries are seeking professionals equipped with fundamental knowledge of Blockchain technology.

Presently, Blockchain experts’ need is at an all-time high due to the availability of very few professionals who know how to handle Blockchain networks. A certified Blockchain Expert is an IT professional with profound knowledge of Blockchain technology and various Blockchain platforms and can build Blockchain-powered applications and web solutions for businesses.

Being a certified Blockchain expert is only possible with specific training aiming to impart a comprehensive understanding of Blockchain technology, including conceptual clearance and practical knowledge of working in Blockchain platforms. With the soaring demand for Blockchain professionals across businesses, Blockchain certification can be your competitive advantage to find a dream career in various industries. In this article, we would discuss the benefits of learning about Blockchain technology and what you need to become a Blockchain expert. Let’s begin with the advantages of learning Blockchain.

Advantages of Learning Blockchain

Technology is transforming rapidly. If you have surrounded yourself with just Java code editing and messing with PowerBuilder, you may end up with the scope of limited growth or maybe no development. Blockchain is one of the industry’s leading tech revolutions and stands as the most sought-after technology in 2021. If you are looking for the reasons why Blockchain is taking over space in the tech world, here is the list of advantages Blockchain leverages:

  • High Job Prospects and Good Pay: The job market for Blockchain aspirants is looking good with opportunities released by crypto startups and established businesses across industries. The same trend is expected to grow exponentially in the future. Employers have offered several highly-paid job roles for Blockchain professionals such as senior software/Cryptocurrency engineer, Cryptocurrency analyst, Cryptocurrency developer, Cryptocurrency trader, mining technician, direct sales associate-Cryptocurrency, system engineer, Bitcoin full-stack developer, and Cryptocurrency research analyst.
  • Industries on Blockchain: Blockchain is dominating the technology market and innovations. Besides banking and finance, other sectors such as supermarkets, energy resources, healthcare, voting, and governance are also incorporating Blockchain in their upcoming endeavors to improve processing and enhance productivity.
  • Integration with New-Age Technology: Blockchain technology seems to change the way of doing business. Many new and unique concepts have come out from the merger of Blockchain with voting systems, trading of commodities, and real estate. The aspect that has gained momentum and has recorded Blockchain’s mass adoption is the Internet-of-Things (IoT). Creating a secure infrastructure for autonomous collaboration makes it more creative without worrying about data integrity.
  • Data Security and Digital Identity: The current web infrastructure version sets you vulnerable to challenges like data breaches and identity theft. Blockchain-powered infrastructure is capable of eliminating the requirement of any single entity to store and protect your sensitive data. So, if Blockchain can resolve the issues related to data security, then the technology is worth learning to use it.
  • Calculated Investments in Cryptocurrencies and ICOs: Blockchain is the Cryptocurrencies’ underlying technology that enables smarter and secure online transactions. Therefore, learning and understanding the concept of Blockchain makes you capable of making smarter investments and trading. Not only would this, but knowledge of Blockchain technology also assist you in shortlisting the best ICOs.
  • High Demand for Blockchain: The blockchain sector is experiencing a boom currently that has inspired ample opportunities for Blockchain enthusiasts in the market. So, the right set of skills required to work in the Blockchain domain helps you adapt to this trending wave of technological innovations to obtain the right opportunity for you in a reputed organization.
  • Cutting Edge Technology: The users of Blockchain technology are very few compared to the internet’s total users today. So, if you know about working on the internet, you can easily avail yourself the opportunity to walk ahead a little of the world and learn Blockchain for which all you need to do is- gathering useful resources and exercise them efficiently; learn necessary Blockchain-related skills; gain practical knowledge of technology; and apply your ability to create decentralized apps or web-based solutions.

Skills Needed to Become a Blockchain Expert

If you are an aspirant of being a Blockchain professional, you need to follow specific steps and these steps are in the form of the need to learn a skill at every step; let’s check what these skills are:

  • Blockchain Fundamentals and Enterprise Businesses: The expertise in Blockchain demands profound knowledge of both Blockchain technology and the powered business models. It means that you must know about the real-world use cases and how to use the technology in developing new business models and Blockchain-powered solutions.
  • Distributed Ledgers: It is crucial to learn decentralized ledgers, and this is possible only by doing a course to learn different aspects of decentralized and distributed contracts.
  • Programming Languages: You should also know about using programming languages. So, it is crucial to understand various programming languages as all the profiles leveraged by the companies require specialized training in almost all the programming languages.
  • Cross-discipline Skills: Mere technical knowledge won’t help you finding the right opportunity and landing a dream job. Other interpersonal skills are also required, including creative thinking, adaptability, analyzing efficiency, agility, and DevOps.
  • Learning Different Blockchain platforms: To become a Blockchain expert, you need to know different Blockchain platforms and working on them. All Blockchain performs works in the other way, so we need to learn about all of them.
  • Enterprise Business Processes: Being a Blockchain expert, you should learn about different enterprise business processes too. Knowing the company’s business process presents you in a way the company can’t refuse to hire. So, to stay relevant in the market, you should know how different kinds of companies work.
  • Blockchain Ecosystem and Standards: Different Blockchain platforms are built with entirely different standards, and to become an expert, you should gain knowledge about all of them. Along with bars, you are required to learn about diverse Blockchain ecosystems as well.
  • Get a Blockchain Certification: To get good jobs in the industry, you must be obtaining an expert Blockchain certification. It does not only formalize your qualification but also boost up your CV. It would be an excellent presentation of your talent and skills in the Blockchain workspace.

Above is the list of skills you must be possessed if you want to become a Blockchain expert, and this list should be followed in the same order. Profound knowledge of Blockchain concepts is essential to be a professional. Still, you should also get your hands-on work, which means you should also carry some practical experience of applying your skills. If you want to have a great career as a Blockchain professional, there won’t be any other right time. Enroll yourself in a Blockchain expert curse offered by a reputed organization like Blockchain Council, and start your journey to achieve what you desire.

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