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How To Hide Your IP Address on iPhone?

Now hide your IP address whether you are Opera, Chrome, Android, or iPhone user. Everyone needs to keep privacy on online activities. Many tricks are useful to hide the location or Internet Protocol Address of any device. But there are only limited methods that are helpful for iPhone users. Do you know how to hide the IP Address on iPhone?

How can I hide my IP Address on my iPhone Without VPN?

iPhone users can hide Internet Protocol Address easily. A Virtual Private Network is the best software to keep privacy on online activities. It also gives access to the content of geo-restricted sites. Other techniques are also useful to hide the IP Address of the iPhone.

Which Method helps to Hide IP Address on iPhones?

IP address

Many tricks are useful to hide the IP Address on iPhone. Use VPN, Proxy, and other methods to secure your information that is working through the internet. The first two methods are Paid and the remaining two are free of cost. So, choose which is best for you.

1. Use Best VPN Software

Hola VPN

Hola virtual private network is useful almost for all devices including iPhone. You can connect many devices at a single time with one subscription. It is easy to set up and use for the protection of online information. Hola VPN Promo Code is also available on its best plans. So, choose the amazing deals to enjoy privacy as well as access to geo-restricted content.

KeepSolid VPN

KeepSolid VPN users can also hide the Internet Protocol Address of the iPhone. This security software has many Servers in different countries. It means if you feel unsafe then you can connect with different Servers of the same Country. Now get this service at a reasonable price and apply for the KeepSolid VPN Coupon. This VPN app is risk-free and has amazing privacy features within your budget.

2. Use Proxy

Use Proxy software to hide the IP Address of the iPhone. Proxy works between Internet users and the Website which you have visited. When you visit or browse any site then it web user can see the Proxy’s IP Address. With the use of Proxy software, your real IP gets secure and protected from Cyber Threats.

3. Ask the ISP

Every Internet Service Provider company provides a unique IP Address to the users. If your IP gets hacked, Blocked, or Locked. Then, you can take help and request the ISP to change the Internet Protocol address.

4. Switch the Network

If any Cyber Crimes arise, it happens due to leakage of the Internet Protocol address. Then go to the setting of the iPhone device and change or switch the network.

Steps to change the Network of iPhone

  • Go to the Setting on iPhone
  • Click on the Wifi option
  • Tap on Network
  • Now, change or select the network if you don’t have selected any network.

How to find your iPhone’s IP Address?

Sometimes Internet Protocol Addresses of iPhones can be the same. But it can be risky because if any Cybercriminal activity happens then you also have to bear the risk. The steps which we have discussed to change the IP address on iPhone. Follow these steps to find out the Internet Protocol Address to hide the IP Address on iPhone.

  • Click on the Setting of iPhone
  • Tap on Wi-fi
  • Click on the connected Wi-fi
  • Then, see your IP Address which is given in the form of a decimal number. i.e,

Can IP Address reveal the identity of the iPhone?

Yes, the Internet Protocol address reveals or leaks your identity and every information. With the IP Address, a smart Hacker can hack your location, online activities, and even steal or change your password.  IP Address helps the hackers to access your device. And it can also increase Cybercrimes, so secure your IP address and use a strong method to protect information.

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