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3 Best Kanban Software: Tools, Features, and Benefits

A good Kanban tool will significantly help the team to understand how their time is being allocated. Most Kanban software provide data that makes it easy to spot problems. And if a problem is found, the team can find a solution to the problem. Some Kanban apps are based on the Kanban method.

The physical board is a great way to start using Kanban. However, online Kanban software have become much more convenient with many valuable features that can save much time in the long run.

The Kanban Board is gaining popularity as an online project collaboration tool for teams with a stable workflow of tasks. With the Kanban app, you can visualize, organize, and manage your work in the best way. With these tools, you can easily manage your workflow and focus on the work that delivers real value to your customers.

The advantage of using the Kanban software (workflow management application) for project management

  • Accessible from anywhere
  • Ideal for remote teams
  • Immediate update
  • Share Attachment

Finding the right Kanban app can be a hassle. It isn’t easy to detect the one that satisfies your demands.

1. ProofHub Kanban Software

ProofHub is one of the most commonly used project planning software to introduce the Kanban system. It provides a roadmap for tracking deadlines for each task. Remote and internal teams are using ProofHub Kanban. The most distinctive feature is its visuality. PoofHub is project management software with a kanban-based project management tool. Group members’ ability to self-manage tasks across multiple stages on the Kanban Board makes them more aware of how work progresses in their workflows.


  • You can add a task list to subscribe or assign tasks to one or more people to clarify their responsibilities.
  • Divide tasks into smaller, more manageable subtasks, and define who is responsible for which parts.
  • You can add clear custom labels to distinguish, prioritize, and organize your tasks.
  • Set the task start and deadline dates and clarify priorities by the deadline
  • Set the task to run if it needs to be done periodically

2. Zoho Projects

Zoho Projects is a comprehensive tool that organizations use to meet their project management needs. Project planning in project management can help you divide your tasks into manageable pieces to never miss deadlines. It also provides centralized access to all projects. One of the best features of project planning is the Zoho Projects Kanban. With Zoho’s kanban project management, visual benefits help you understand who is assigned a task and how soon it is due, giving you a complete picture of each project.


  • Rich online project management software
  • We also have a good relationship with other services
  • Easy configuration and operation
  • Responsive

3. Taiga

Taiga is an open-source Kanban software that empowers you to offer Kanban-based project tracing even when applying scrum templates. Kanban charts are an intelligent way to handle your Taiga projects. Its capabilities focus on the fundamental elements of the Scrum and Kanban frameworks, such as project backlogs, sprints, and the management and reporting tools needed to facilitate them.


  • Being open-source
  • Suitable for scram and Kanban work management
  • Support for custom fields
  • Add Wiki to any project

Bottom Line

The Kanban software eliminates team bottlenecks by assigning the right amount of time, people, and resources to advance the project. It also helps individuals track the steps to completion of a task or project.

Because it is a very convenient way to visualize your work, many of the more complex project management software tools employ the Kanban method in their more effective and more complex systems. You can also use the product collection tool to receive a clear list of the best project management software for your needs.

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