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Mid-Man Reviews: Is Mid-Man Fake or Legit? 

When it comes to buying and selling websites, working with a reputable broker is one of the finest choices. Many third parties are known as the famous online business marketplaces that allow buyers and sellers to trade ‘digital assets.’ Mid-Man is one popular option and Mid-Man reviews as the best in the marketplaces. Let’s find out this form of transaction and how this company works.

Benefits of buying social media accounts from marketplaces 

Buying social accounts on online marketplaces gives you more convenience than you think.

  • Safety is guaranteed: These marketplaces act as the third person to coordinate transactions between buyers and sellers. So each site will usually have an admin responsible for avoiding fraud.
  • KYC – Know Your Customer: Know Your Customer (KYC) is the process of confirming your clients’ identities before or when they begin doing business with you. Proof of identification with a photograph and proof of residence are the two fundamental KYC papers required. These are needed to verify one’s identification while creating an account, such as a savings account, fixed deposit, mutual fund, or insurance policy. Marketplaces will often include this cycle to assess and manage client risk. 
  • Many options and bargaining abilities: On these platforms, there are often many social media options for you to choose from, from TikTok, YouTube, Twitch, or Instagram. And above all, you can quickly negotiate the price with the seller if you feel it is not reasonable. 

Who is Mid-Man: Mid-Man Reviews from my experience

The most popular services on Mid-Man are TikTok Accounts For Sale and YouTube Channels For Sale. As a recently emerging marketplace website, Mid-Man is dedicated to aiding users in acquiring and selling digital property in a secure and mutually beneficial manner. Whether you’re a large organization or want to buy a popular website, Mid-Man can assist you with every step of the process.

Upon realizing their core value of Sale Growth, Safety, and Quality, I decided to take a chance to explore the Mid-Man Reviews.

Experience as a buyer

Good points

  • Fast web surfing speed: this is one of the factors I appreciate because it proves the professionalism of the programming team. Moreover, the easy-to-use theme is a plus point for user experience.
  • Knowledgeable support team: Right from the moment I entered the site, a supportive friend helped me (the buyer) choose the right product and showed me how to negotiate a discount with the seller effectively.
  • Verifying the seller’s identity: All the sellers here have been KYC verified before posting the product on the market, which reduces my risk when buying (also selling) and avoids wasting time on scammers. (Other marketplaces have this functionality but haven’t done so closely.)
  • Account quality is controlled and classified by the admin before being listed on the market. Such buyers like me will quickly see the account’s growth before buying the channel.
  • Safe and straightforward transaction process: All stages of account management, account delivery to buyers, and money transfer to sellers are 100% controlled by the admin from Mid-Man.

Bonus point: Currently, the Escrow fees for intermediaries are free.


  • Limited payment: There is only one Bitcoin payment gateway, which is difficult for someone who doesn’t know or has never used Cryptocurrencies. But, Mid-Man said they would expand the payment method with Payoneer, Paypal – Friend and Family Method, and Bank Transfer in March 2022.
  • Limited communication: Buyers can’t message the buyer through other media, only through Mid-Man’s site. The reason is that Mid-Man wants to limit scammers enticing customers to pay off-site. However, it also affects sellers’ reputations and makes it hard to reduce intermediary costs for both buyers and sellers.

Experience as a seller

I tried to sell my Instagram account and created another nick to buy it to check the transaction’s progress. Here is the process:

  1. The seller needs to verify the KYC identity, then post the product on the market site.
  2. After presenting the product, the admin will send an email to exchange information with the seller to verify the quality of the account. 
  3. When the buyer wants to have your selling account, they need to give money to the admin. 
  4. The admin will then ask the seller to send the account information to check the quality and ensure security before delivering it to the buyer. 
  5. After that, the admin will hand over the account to the buyer.
  6. After the buyer confirms the successful transaction, the admin will transfer money to the seller (me).

With previous experience in buying and selling on many other marketplaces, the primary key point is to communicate with buyers and sellers before trading. If all the questions have been apparent before payment, most transactions will go effortless. And Mid-Man is entirely professional and has an honest reputation in this area.

Mid-Man is legit and worth trying

Many people buy firms online to create a passive income, while others prefer to invest in enterprises to start from scratch. If you have similar ideas as above and are looking for a place to put your faith, Mid-Man is a reliable choice since they are trustworthy in protecting customers compared to other sites in the same market.

However, after going through my Mid-Man Reviews, it is also recommended that buyers carefully read the instructions and terms on the site before making a transaction. If you have any doubts, please talk to the supporting team first and do not let sellers manipulate pay off-site to minimize the possibility of being scammed.

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