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Virtual Reality In Education: Tools and Applications

Since VR (Virtual Reality) first hit the market, we’ve seen numerous practical applications of this technology in different fields. We use virtual reality in the gaming industry, science, and entertainment. The army uses it for flight simulations and many other spheres of combat. Virtual reality equipment and software were initially expensive and bulky, so this type of tech wasn’t available to every academic institution. Nowadays, both the software and hardware market have grown, and VR gadgets and software have become easier to obtain.

In this article, we will examine how we can use virtual reality in education how the modern classrooms utilize virtual reality and how students benefit from its use.

360Cities for virtual tours

It’s said that the best way to learn about a place is to visit it. However, visiting every city we know about is all but impossible. With apps like 360Cities, students can visit distant cities such as Tokyo, Rome, or any other place. Just as affordable ghostwriting services facilitate the writing process, virtual reality apps such as 360Cities make it easier for students to learn about different cultures. This VR solution makes it easier and more affordable to “take” an entire class for a visit to another continent.

This app provides an immersive learning experience. It takes students on a virtual tour around the world without leaving the classroom. This is also a safe alternative to real-life field trips, so it’s highly beneficial for teachers who lead young students.

TimeLooper for visits to history

This VR software allows teachers and students to travel back to a specific place and time in history. It’s a perfect history class aid for teachers who wish to show their class how it looked like living at a particular point in time. TimeLooper lets users experience historical events such as the Great Fire of London. World War II, and other important moments in history. It’s a perfect way to showcase the everyday life of an era to help students understand the social or political relations of the time.

For many students, history can seem abstract, so this clever piece of software allows kids to interact with their history lessons. Talking about medieval times is one thing while visiting 14th century London brings a whole new dimension.

SimX for medical training

This is one of the most advanced VR learning platforms on our list. SimX is a learning platform that provides a fully immersive, customizable medical training experience and gives the user the ability to examine and treat patients just like in real life. The program allows interaction with the environment. Students can talk to patients and use medical equipment and tools like in real life. SimX and similar software solutions create a safe learning environment for students and teachers.

This simulation makes it easier to learn about human anatomy, especially for students who are not comfortable around cadavers. Treating highly infectious diseases in a safe environment equips future doctors with the experience they can use in real life.

ClassVR for an enhanced learning experience

This is a learning system that allows teachers to enhance the learning experience of every subject. ClassVR lets teachers plan every lesson and maintain control of the content that students can access. This learning platform makes it easy for students to learn about abstract topics. They can visit remote places or safely practice within a virtual science lab. This technology advancement aims to engage students with those subjects that are difficult to understand without first-hand experience. Students can visit erupting volcanoes, swim with sharks, or run scientific experiments—all under the supervision of their teacher.

ClassVR allows teachers to turn every class into a virtual reality experience and thus bring new value to every lecture. Additional tools and features make tracking student progress much more accessible, which helps teachers plan and execute their future lessons.


The advent of virtual reality shifted the scales in multiple industries, including education sector. Teachers nowadays have tools that let them create personalized, engaging, and immersive learning experiences for their students. Moreover, the students can experience their lessons and learn in a safer environment, even if they are not physically present in the classroom.

Military academies benefit the most from VR technology since it allows cost-effective and safe training processes. However, this technology can find its use in all aspects of learning which is why VR tools and apps are growing in popularity among teachers and students everywhere.

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Marta D. Carroll is a freelance content writer engaged with several online publishers. As a writer, Marta aims to deliver practical pieces of information that the audience can relate to. Her work is based on deep research and relevant sources of information.

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