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What Would Be The Pass Rate For PMP Exam?

Before we get into the PMP Exam passing rate (Project Management Professional) details, let’s have a brief definition of what PMP is. PMP is considered one of the most important and valuable certifications for the project management profession. It is regarded as an industry-acknowledged certification for people who would be occupied in the project management field. PMP certification might afford you a more excellent salary than those who are without the PMP certification. All thanks to the PMP certification, you would be able to understand and interconnect the international language of project management with the other professionals. 

Various Aspects of the PMP Exam Passing Rate:

Before responding to the question about the features of the PMP passing rate, one thing you are required to be kept in mind: PMI wouldn’t be including much information regarding the PMP exam[<a href= “https://cciedump.spoto.net/pmp-answers-questions.php”>spoto exam here</a>] pass rate. PMI doesn’t disclose any data or information on the PMP exam passing rate for attempting the exam for the first time or attempt. You could only make conversant guesses from the indicators of PMP training organizations as well as study groups.

What is the Passing Score?

 The analysis of sound psychometric would determine the PMP passing score for all PMI credential examinations. PMI utilizes the subject matter experts -project professionals from across the world and many different disciplines- to determine how many questions you are required to answer correctly to clear the exam. Each scored question in the exam is considered to be quite worthy of one point; as well as your final score would be calculated by totalling the points that you would have earned on the exam. The number of questions you would be answering places you within one of the report’s performance rating categories you would be observed. In short, there would be no exact official answer which would be related to PMP passing score from PMI. 

History of PMP Exam Passing Rate

1. PMBOK Guide, 3rd Edition, would have been introduced in 2004. In July 2005, the PMP exam would have changed to be aligned with the 3rd Edition of the PMBOK Guide. PMI would have augmented the passing percentage to a confounding 81% during a similar period. With the PMP exam passing rate augmentation, the percentage of contenders clearing the exam in the first attempt intensely decreased. PMI would have reacted quickly and dropped the PMP exam passing rate to a much more reachable 61% in December 2005.

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2. Until 2006, the PMP (Project Management Professional) Handbook would have quantified 61% as the PMP exam passing rate, but subsequently, PMI would have stopped revealing the exact PMP exam passing rate, even though they would have continued to provide the domain-wise percentage on the reports of the score.

3. The following big change which would have occurred was at the end of 2007. This was when PMI would have changed the diagnostic results obtainable in the PMP exam score reports. Instead of percentages relevant to the domains, PMI started utilizing global best practices in examination administration by using aptitude levels. So now PMI offers aptitude levels such as Below Proficient, Moderately Proficient, and Proficient by domain, instead of a numerical PMP exam passing rate percentage scored in all fields.

When do you know the Project Management Professional Examination Report?

For the Computer-Based Test, you would know the result once you would have completed the exam. The Pearson VUE test centre where you would be taking the exam would be providing you with an “official” sealed copy (computer print-out) of your test result. Moreover, important investigative information on your presentation would be provided for each domain to the inclusive fail or pass status.

For the Paper-Based Test, You won’t be able to receive the exam report on the exam day. It is going to take six or eight weeks before you obtain the result. You would be able to access your exam report on the online certification system roughly after six to eight weeks of closing the exam.

The information revealed in the PMP Exam Score Report

The PMP Exam Score Report contains:

  • Overall Test Result: Pass or Fail.
  • The performance information domain-wise :
    • Proficient
    • Moderately Proficient
    • Below Proficient

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How could you analyze the overall pass result, which would be based on proficiency levels?

There would be no clear information regarding what combination of proficiency levels could lead to an overall pass result. However, we could derive the below observations, which are based on analysis of numerous test result reports:

  • When you obtain proficiency in five domains, there would be no doubt you would have reached the PMP exam pass rate.
  • If you were obtaining moderately proficient in all domains, you might have reached the passing rate of the PMP exam.
  • When you would be obtaining proficiency in three domains and below proficiency in two domains, it is considered to be a big probability that you would be passing the exam.
  • When you would be procuring moderately proficient in four domains as well as below proficient in one domain, then most undoubtedly that you would be able to pass.
  • If you would be obtaining the below proficient in three domains, regardless of your result in the other three domains, the most likely outcome would be that you wouldn’t be able to reach the passing rate of the PMP exam.
  • When you would be obtaining moderately proficient in three domains and below proficient in two domains, it is considered to be very likely that you would be failing the exam.
  • If you would be obtaining below proficient in more than three domains, you won’t reach the PMP exam pass rate most likely.

Now that we have cleared all of your doubts regarding the passing rate of the PMP Exam, you must be willing to give the exam, and if so, you would be able to do it with the help of the SPOTO PMP Exam Dumps. SPOTO PMP Exam Dumps are crafted by experts having over 18 years of experience and hence are reliable.

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