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Are You Preparing for GATE 2022? These E-learning Apps Might Help You

The Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) is considered one of the most competitive exams in India. The nationwide examination is conducted jointly every year by the Indian Institute of Science (IISc) Bangalore and seven Indian Institute of Technology (IITs) mainly, IIT Delhi, Bombay, Kharagpur, Roorkee, Kanpur, Guwahati, and Madras. 

The GATE exam is organized to ascertain the eligibility of engineering graduates in different branches Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Computer Science and Information Technology, Electrical Engineering, Electronics and Communication Engineering, and more for admission to Masters and Doctoral programs in top engineering institutes of India.

The GATE 2022 is one of the most awaited upcoming exams for engineering graduates. Cracking this exam is not easy and without proper guidance and study resources, it will become utterly difficult to crack the upcoming GATE exam. With a colossal amount of study content and numerous E-learning portals and apps available online, it is difficult to find the best study resources.

On that note, let’s talk about some of the top E-learning apps available online that can help you ace the upcoming GATE 2022 exam.


The Testbook app is one of the most favorite choices of students preparing for any government exam including GATE. It offers a number of live coaching courses to students studying for GATE 2022 ME, CS, CE, and EC exams.

Apart from life coaching, one of the major reasons behind Testbook’s popularity among government exam aspirants is its large repository of online test series, quizzes, previous years papers, and practice sets for more than 300 plus major exams. 

The Testbook online test series for GATE ME, CE, CS, and EC comprises 600 plus mock tests divided into four sections i.e., Subject tests, Chapter tests, Full tests, and Previous year’s GATE papers. This along with quizzes and practice sets lets students practice any many questions as possible in each subject and topic to get a good grip on them without coming across any repetitive questions.

The GATE 2022 lives coaching courses include live classes from expert mentors, Study notes in PDF form, mock tests, practice questions, and more assisting students in their overall GATE preparation. 


Another fantastic exam preparation app for GATE aspirants is Gradeup. The Gradeup offers live coaching courses for GATE Civil Engineering aspirants which includes live classes, recorded lectures, Chapter wise study notes, weekly tests, quizzes, and more. 

The interactive live classes are conducted by expert mentors who have guided thousands of students to score better in the exam. Furthermore, the GATE CE online course includes 3200 plus practice questions, 40 plus weekly tests, and 40 plus mock tests which are designed to test the in-depth knowledge of students. 

By attempting these questions and tests, students can assess their level of preparation, improve their problem-solving skills, and with consistent practice can enhance their speed and accuracy which will make them more efficient in the exam. 

Besides live coaching courses, Gradeup also offers GATE CE test series which students can attempt regularly. All mock tests present in the GATE CE test series are updated to align with the latest GATE 2022 exam pattern and include detailed solutions, scientific calculator, All India Ranking, thorough performance summary, and more. This not only allows students to get insights into their mistakes, strengths, and weaknesses but also lets them know where they stand in the crowd.


By downloading the Unacademy learning app and getting the Unacademy plus subscription, students can access 10900 plus structured GATE and ESE courses (live and recorded) and test series. 

Apart from this, Unadacademy offers free daily live classes and mock tests for students to learn from India’s top educators and attempt test series to analyze their level of preparation. 

All GATE courses include live and recorded classes, study notes, doubt clearing sessions, and more. Students can chat with the educators, engage in a discussion or ask their doubts during the live classes. Students can compete with others and can analyze their performance through live polls, tests and quizzes.

Also, Unacademy lets students enroll in any number of courses that fit their schedule with personalized scheduling without missing any live classes with its regular reminders. 

Lastly, students can download recorded lectures and study notes to go through them offline on their smartphones as per their convenience.

Made Easy

One of India’s Pioneer and well-reputed institutes for GATE and ESE exam preparation, Made Easy, apart from its classroom programs, offers live-online GATE courses, Postal courses, test series, and other online study material for GATE CSE, ME, EE, CE exam preparation. 

Furthermore, students can download the Made Easy app from the Google play store and can access all GATE live classes and courses on it. The simple user interface of Made Easy app not only saves student’s time but also prevents any confusion.


Another leading exam preparation app for school-going students and for the ones preparing for major competitive exams such as GATE. EduRev website and app offers online GATE study notes, quizzes, test series, previous years GATE papers, question banks, and more.

Apart from this, the app offers paid test series for students to boost their preparation through practice and expert guidance from top teachers and publishers. To access all the aforementioned online study content, students can download the EduRev app for free from the google play store.

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