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Pinterest Hashtags: Your Key to Grab Massive Pinterest Followers

One of the leading Social Media Platforms, Pinterest revolves mainly around visual content. You must generate good, regular, organized content to stand tall in the crowd. Your content is in the form of published Pins on a specific Board to gather a massive following for your account. 

Pins and Boards hold the central pillar of this great empire. But, if you are not using Hashtags (#) to increase your reach, you are undoubtedly missing out on one of the great and free opportunities offered by Pinterest. 

How do Pinterest Hashtags work?

Hashtags were introduced to categorize the content. For example, #PersianCat will show you all posts on Pinterest about Persian Cats. Thus, you save much time by visiting all those posts in one place. 

Hashtags work on the same line on all of the platforms. So if you are not using Hashtags on Pinterest, you are wasting a chance to showcase your content in front of a potential audience. 

When you click on any of the Hashtags, you are presented with all the images, videos, GIFs, and stories related to that search. If you want to download Pinterest videos, you must resort to another option, as Pinterest does not allow it.  

Advantages of using Hashtags

Just like Facebook and Instagram hashtags, Pinterest Hashtags are used to grab the attention of people who are looking for content like yours. Your Pinterest Hashtags will work as an Audience Magnet for pulling like-minded people towards you.

I will mention four significant advantages of using Hashtags on your account.

1. Content Organization

You can organize your content from a specific niche into a Hash Tag, thus allowing your followers to navigate your content more quickly. 

2. Connect with your audience

When your audience gets all that he was promised in the Description and Hashtags, there is a high chance that he will give you a follow back to return to your account.

3. Drive Traffic to your Blogs/Business

Using relevant Tags, you can gather a massive following and then drive it towards your website or your Business

4. Become a Brand

If you want to promote your brand, I suggest using a Branded Hash Tag with each Pin. Anybody clicking on your Branded Hash Tag will get everything you have to offer. 

How to use Pinterest Hashtags

First of all, you should not overdo this strategy. It should not be giving a Spammy look. Use only those Pinterest Hashtags that are relevant to your content. Moreover, use them in a controlled fashion. Just don’t bombard yourself with everything you have. Generally, marketers recommend 2-8 Hashtags with a single post.

Use Trendy Pinterest Hashtags. For example, if you are posting about Chocolate cake, try adding #Recipes as well. It will enhance your reach tremendously.

Whenever you are writing a description about your Pin, add a couple of Hashtags at the end. You can add anywhere you like. However, I will not recommend adding them at the start or middle of the description as it does not give a neat look to your description.

Use Hashtags without a space in between—for example, #Thisismypin. However, if you want to make it easily understandable for your audience, you should use Capital letters in between #ThisIsMyPin. 

You should add the Hashtags in the comments as well.

Always add Hashtags to your freshly published content—no need to waste time updating your old Pins and comments.

Furthermore, your Boards (Board Name and Description) and your Bio or Profile name are not clickable. Therefore, you should not be using Hashtags there. 

Mix up your Pinterest Hashtags, and Never keep a specific set of Hashtags on your every post. Instead, think for a couple of minutes, create relevant Hash Tags and then use them sensibly. If you have a couple of Pins related to a specific niche, then mix those hashtags to reap the maximum benefits out of your effort.


Working on Pinterest and not using it optimally will lead you to lag behind your competitors. To shine out and rise amongst the commoners, you should utilize all the weapons in your arsenal. Hash Tags give you a definite edge over those who don’t use them. Therefore, make good use of Hash Tags and find your account gaining massive traffic growth.

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