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The Popularity Of Rolex Watches And Why Should You Have One

Accessories have become a part of the physique of different types of people. It adds up to whatever people decide to put on as they go through their day. More than the aesthetic effect, some accessories serve other significant purposes as well. You take your time with you wherever you go as you wear your wristwatch and what makes wearing it even more fulfilling is the way it blends with you and with whatever you do.

Through usual perspectives, watches may look similar, but no timepiece is the same as another. With the number of details in a watch to its varying accuracy on different occasions, there is so much more than the physical appearance of these watches. Rolex is a well-known brand of watches for introducing different types of watches that could fit the endeavors of those who would wear them. Throughout the years since its foundation, Rolex constantly offered watches that capture people’s interests, both young and old.

History of Rolex

In 1905, Hans Windsor introduced Rolex to the world with professional sports watches like Submariner for divers and marine activities and Daytona for driving or racing activities. Before Rolex ever became the largest watch brand, it began with its first-ever item in the early 1900s. It was at that point forward when that Rolex started gaining attention and demand.

Originally, Rolex designs were only closely similar to that of Royler Oyster Watch, still being manufactured today with consistent popularity. Now, 120 years later, Rolex’s marketing course only continuously progressed as the brand released countless styles and designs. There were luxurious designs respectively for men and women or whichever preference they have.   

Rolex’ Hierarchy of Demand

Of all the designs, including the new models of watches offered by Rolex, four models remained on top of the popularity lane. These models garnered the attention and interest of buyers among the long list of choices under the brand. These high-ranking designs being Explorer II in the fourth spot, Sea-Dweller in the third, GMT Master II is the close second to the Submariner, which has been popular for years.

1. Submariner

The top pick of all the designs of Rolex is the Submariner is part of the sports watch set of the brand. Launched in 2010, this is designed in steel material. Since this is a dive watch, it appropriately serves the purpose of resisting water that could penetrate the outer structure of a usual wristwatch. The movements of the Submariner include a diameter of 28.50 mm, a 288800 BPH frequency, and a clock. It is an analog men’s design that is commonly offered in black color.

2. GMT Master II

The GMT Master II was released in 2005. This design is also known as the Batman watch. This analog watch is stainless steel with 28.50 mm diameter reserve for 50 hours resisting 100m of water.

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3. Sea-Dweller

The Sea-Dweller is mainly purposive of resisting water as much as 3900 m. This design fits deep-sea explorations and has been iconic for the past decade for maintaining this. This watch is much more modified than one can assume. Its casing is of sturdy 904L stainless steel and titanium. A ring lock mechanism and helium escape valve allow it to endure the pressure underwater that can be destructive.

4. Explorer II

Ventures to places that await the curiosity of the adventurous are what the Explorer II is designed for. The casing is 904L steel on the outer structure, making it highly resistant to harsh environments. This design is also adjustable between dry land and underwater. The watch in question can also dive until the 100-meter depth mark. Its movements include an additional 24 hour hand, which is adjustable alongside the hours, minutes, and seconds. It resists up to 100m of water and can run until 48 hours nonstop while accurately showing the exact time and date.

Behind the Luxurious Reputation

The cost of the watches under Rolex often makes people gasp and widen their eyes. The surprisingly expensive designs and items remained in demand despite this, but truthfully, the prices can be reasonable. Not only are the designs pleasing and exquisite, but the materials used to come up with such style and product are also experimentally combined and successfully coordinated as well. The technology and steel paired up to create the watches are unique and maintain the luxurious items inside and outside of purchase. Picking the right watch from an array of various Rolex models is rather difficult. Take for example, these professionals based in Phoenix. AZ who will help you buy a Rolex watch that matches your style.

Aside from manufacture and production, the people behind Rolex also perform research with enough resources to ensure the proper development of the production. Rolex is critically selective in hiring the workers to ensure that only those who could maintain the quality and create exceptional items can have access to the products and processing. With all these, the prices of the item will eventually rise.

Nemesis of Rolex’ Reputation

With the consistent popularity and demand for the items under Rolex, underground markets and illegal stores would inevitably create prototypes to gain as much attention as the original ones have. Some people always fall prey to these fake items made. The huge investment in what could have been useful watches goes down the drain after those ruthless content thieves get what they want. It is important to know how to spot a fake Rolex to avoid being the victim.

Know the serial numbers and reference numbers that could also help you trace back the watch’s origin. The weight, other details, and winding crown are also important.


Not all accessories are inappropriately purchased. Some may seem too costly, but the cost can be significant to its quality, which buyers should always look out for. Grab your Rolex timepiece by checking out The Watch Company online.

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