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12 Great Tech Products to Promote Your Tech Company

Tech companies must continually reinvent their products and services to stay relevant to the changing landscape of the tech world. So when it comes to promo products, they have to come up with something that is both innovative and functional.

If you are a rookie tech company who want to launch its promo products but do not want to the old promotional methods (distributing caps with custom embroidered patches or t-shirts with your logo printed), here are some of the best examples for your inspiration:

1. Power Bank

A power bank is easily the best pick for a promo product more people in the world have smartphones today than in the past. According to a survey by Statista, there were 2.1 billion global smartphone users in 2016. With such a significant audience on the go, a power bank can be the best promo product to spread the word about your business.

Apart from charging a smartphone, a power bank can power up other portable devices, such as an iPod and mobile gaming devices. In other words, a power bank with a logo of your company is as good an investment to promote your tech company as a T-shirt with custom patches of your business.

2. USB Flash Drive

The convenience of USB devices has made it significantly more accessible for people to move their valuable data from one device to another device. Flash drives also look extremely fantastic when people wear them over a shirt using a lanyard.

Therefore, you can also give them a lanyard with custom name patches of your brand to hold the USB. So while they are doing their business, they will be doing free promotion of your brand.

3. Selfie Stick

Since more people have access to mobile cameras today, you have more opportunities to hook your target audience and engage them in your brand. And a selfie stick can be an excellent product to reach those people. You can give selfie sticks to your customers and employees with your company’s name at the back. So every time they take out the stick to click pictures, they will be advertising your company.

4. Bluetooth Speaker

A Bluetooth speaker frees people from the hassles of juggling their phone and music player. A Bluetooth speaker connects with people’s phones and plays their favorite numbers, and they don’t have to stop their favorite song from receiving a call.

A Bluetooth speaker with your company’s logo can make a substantial impact on your target audience and help you reach out to an immense pool of audience since a lot of people love music.

5. Virtual Reality Headset

Watching people wearing Virtual Reality (VR) headsets is common today. Nowadays, people use this wearable technology to play games, watch movies, or use smartphones. It is a multipurpose device that offers many doses of entertainment in a virtual environment.

By giving away this device, you can attract a vast population of people who use tech products to get some fun.

6. Cord Holder

No one likes a desk that is messed up with too many entangled wires and cords. To relieve your target audience from the hassles of untangling the wires, you can gift them a cardholder so that they can keep the wires in place and organize their work area. A cord holder with a logo of your company will catch the eyes of people who use your technology products as well as the people who share their space.

7. Remote Controlled Power Outlet

The remotely controlled power outlet is another technology product your target audience will want to own. It is a blessing for your customers and employees who frequently recharge their devices.

The best thing about a remote-controlled outlet is that the users don’t have to leave their space, and they can switch their devices on and off from the comfort of their space. Since a power outlet is visible in a home, people can see your logo on the device and engage with your business.

8. Webcam Protector

Webcam protector is another excellent way to make your logo visible in the eyes of tech enthusiasts. This webcam protector protects your device camera against scratch, dirt, and stains. It comes with a strong adhesive that sticks to your computer, just like custom Velcro patches stick to a piece of clothing. You can slide it open and close before and after using your webcam.

9. Device Stand

It is common to see people fumbling their devices or forgetting them in their homes and workplace. This device stand will be a productive promo product item to secure the valuable devices of your employees and customers so they don’t have to waste their time locating their smartphone or music player. With your company’s logo on the device stand, you will constantly remind them about your brand.

10. Smartphone Sanitizer

Your smartphone has more germs than a toilet seat. This is what a story on Time Magazine reveals. The majority of bacteria on mobile phones are carried through our hands, and we pass on these germs to other people who come into contact with us.

This smartphone sanitiser cleanses the bacteria on the surface of your smartphone and keeps your smartphone clean and dirt-free. By giving away this product to your target audience, you not only promote your company, but you will also come across as a health-conscious business.

11. Fitness Tracker Watch

A fitness tracker watch is another fantastic promo product to help your target audience keep an eye on their health. A fitness tracker watch can display the different vital signs of your body, which means your employees and customers will be able to check their fitness status and make changes to their diet and exercise regimen accordingly.

Besides, a fitness tracker watch makes a good fashion possession that your audience can flaunt in a social gathering.

12. Earbuds Case

People hate it when their earbuds get entangled in the hotchpotch of cords on their workstations. With this promo product, they will be relieved from the irritating job of untangling the cord. This excellent product contains the entire earbud. There is no way it can twist on other cords or wires.

Using promo products to advertise a technology brand calls for some creative ideas. These are some of the best promo products you can consider to promote your tech company.

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