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The Role of Technology in Flourishing Small Businesses

Technology has advanced enormously and given us many products such as cryptocurrency, augmented reality, and many other things. 

Every sector has benefitted from this advancement, such as hospitals, institutions, the automobile industry, etc. Significantly, the small businesses have gained a lot from these advancements as they have helped the companies grow in every aspect. 

The birth of the internet has accelerated the growth of technology n the form of virtual communications and cloud computing. 

There have been various web-enabled innovations that have led to business growth by making small business functions easier. 

Today, apart from humans, machines can also talk to each other and communicate efficiently. Due to this, a new web economy is in the making, along with augmented and virtual reality technologies.

Benefits of Technology For Small Businesses

Every day is a new invention in the world of technology. Every day seems to bring a new invention that is customer friendly such as bitcoin. 

There are many more technologies that are helpful n small businesses and have changed the way they work. 

List of Technologies Beneficial For Small Businesses:

Cloud computing: In the past, businesses used bulky hardware, expensive IT servers, and on-site software. With passing time, the technology becomes obsolete and demands an up-gradation. 

Small businesses have moved to new technologies that have provided flexibility in work and have reduced running a business. 

One of the helpful innovations is Cloud Computing, and Gmail and Dropbox are typical examples. They are accessible anytime and anywhere. Any device can be used to access them, such as laptops, mobiles, or tablets.

According to research, almost 3/4th of the businesses are planning to adopt cloud computing technology that will help them in increasing their efficiency. 

1. Specialized Software

Administrative tasks, if done effectively, helps keep the business afloat. Many jobs come under administrative tasks such as paying salaries to staff and suppliers, customer and inventory management, planning meetings or events, scheduling classes, social media monitoring, and many more tasks.  

With the introduction of some specialized software, the businesses will be able to maintain their competitive edge. For example, QuickBooks, i.e., an accounting package, helps business manage their cash flow and finances. 

It is observed that self-employed people waste their 15 days in a year on managing their finances. 

Many businesses may not have the required funds to implement the latest technology. They can borrow short-term loans that require no credit check. These loans will help them make use of the newest technology and flourish in their respective sectors. 

2. Internet of Things

Sensors have become one of the most preferred technologies and have been used in almost every other gadget. They have made the machines SMART. A fridge can tell you the outside temperature. Your house can sense a fire break. 

The machines have become intelligent and respond to every function. Small businesses can make use of it and grow exponentially. A small business uses other software for reducing energy usage, monitoring stock levels, and waste reduction.

Health and wellness industry is not far behind in using these technologies. Many gadgets have been introduced to those sense things and alert you on the same. 

Many fitness bands have helped people in keeping fit. For example, you wear wrist health bands, and it counts your footsteps and enables you to achieve goals.  

3. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence has seen exponential growth in recent years. As compared to the past, computers have become more competent and can reach conclusions without human interference.    

Nowadays, we can see the use of AI in almost every gadget. While shopping through a shopping app, the app shows you results based on your past searches and interests. It works on the rule of what users like and buy.

4. Virtual and Augmented Reality

Virtual reality has transformed the world around us. It is changing how things function, so these technologies have progressed to the human breed faster. They are used in gaming, communication, digital meetings, and many other areas.

5. Automation

Machines have freed humans for more creative work and made them use their time to make more inventions. The computers can do the mundane jobs of humans and still not complain.  

Small businesses have to adapt to this new technology to sustain themselves in this dynamic world. This will make these businesses work in a future-proof strategy. 

Small-business owners need to pave the way for this futuristic technology by working on the required infrastructure that will give them the power to adapt and work on new technology. 

Communication around the world has seen a drastic change and the way businesses work. There are many types of communication, out of which some of them may not be of use. 

These technologies help in extracting the essential conversations and keep aside the routine and transactional ones.


Many small businesses are still reluctant to adopt new technology. They may be facing few issues in its implementation, but the right approach is to address the problems and focus on using the latest technology. 

The growth of these businesses needs to adopt the latest technology and walk ahead of their counterparts. 

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