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Why A BigCommerce SEO Agency is Necessary for Long-Term Success

Whether you are new to eCommerce or a seasoned veteran of selling products online, you are likely aware of its importance to pay attention to your marketing. Despite the complexities of digital marketing, there’s no way to get around the fact that you need to find a way to promote your website.

A BigCommerce SEO Agency is your best course of action if you are interested in long-term growth for your BigCommerce store. Below you will find some important information on the services you can expect from such an agency and why success is so hard to come by without the help of professionals in this space.

The Difficulties of Getting Noticed in eCommerce

Even if you are on a great platform like BigCommerce, nothing guarantees that you will get noticed in the search engines. The opposite is true. If you don’t take the right steps with your marketing, you will encounter hurdle after hurdle, and your sales will reflect as much.

Here are some of the common issues that a BigCommerce SEO agency can help you overcome:

● Low traffic numbers, unqualified traffic that quickly bounces from your website.

● Poor brand awareness.

● Unoptimized site speeds.

● Unhelpful category and product descriptions.

● Incorrect keywords being targeted.

● Poor backlink profile.

This small sampling sheds some light on how these agencies perform several different tasks that support long-term growth. Without this level of marketing foresight, your online store won’t weather the changes that frequently occur in the market nor the various changes that Google often implements that can shift rankings.

It’s certainly becoming harder every passing week to rank well on Google. It’s even more difficult to formulate a long-term strategy that will help to ensure that your business is thriving several years from now. Does your current marketing plan take these kinds of things into account?

BigCommerce as a platform can only do so much. Despite all of the great features that the eCommerce giant offers, the truth is that an actual digital marketer must implement most SEO tasks and not through any special plugin. This means that if you aren’t addressing all of these important SEO issues yourself, there’s a good chance that you are only holding your business back from what it can truly become.

Don’t you want to see your business succeed and grow to become a dominant force in your industry? Exactly.

The Choice is Clear for BigCommerce Merchants

Suppose you intend to build an eCommerce store that can weather the times and prosper despite an ever-shifting market and higher than ever user expectations. In that case, you need the assistance of a skilled BigCommerce SEO agency that can implement a thorough marketing strategy on your behalf.

The agency you are going to want to look at is 1Digital®, of course. We’ve looked at several other agencies in this space, and none come close to the reliability and consistency. They have an incredible reputation and are BigCommerce Elite, so they have extensive experience working with BigCommerce store merchants just like you.

In terms of search engine optimizations and marketing for eCommerce in general, you need an effective plan in the future. One that takes everything into account, from content creation to keyword research and everything in between. This also means that the eCommerce SEO company you select has to have a strong knowledge of design and development to make certain changes to your website when needed. They also have to understand backlinks and generate strong ones that boost your website’s domain authority over time.

This is how you slowly build a long-term strategy that results in success for eCommerce websites. You can’t rely on shortcuts when it comes to eCommerce marketing; if you want to build a business that will stand up against the competition, contact the experts at 1Digital® today.

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