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Things to Know Before Taking out a Mortgage

The stipulation of a mortgage is an essential and sensitive point in a person’s or a company’s life; from the bank’s choice to the type of mortgage, many considerations must be taken. Therefore, it is important to know your rights and have transparent information before you decide. Consequently, we have tried to present some essential information to make a mortgage awareness.

10 Things to Consider Before Applying for a Mortgage

  1. Choose the rate that best suits your personal, financial, and family needs. The initial assessment concerns the selection of the fixed or variable rate. The fixed-rate is normally slightly more, but you may know the amount in advance without any surprises. However, the variable speed, which is usually cheaper, endures rate variations and is not fully predictable. The rates are nowadays very attractive, but it is important to bear in mind that the payment amount could increase dramatically over the years when you select a variable rate. However, other options enable the economic convenience of the variable rate to be combined with the security and stability of fixed rates, such as the mixed rate or the establishment of a CAP.
  2. Choose the length that best meets your requirements. The duration can extend from 5 to 30 years and be selected according to the amount of loan requested; some banks also have lengths up to 40, 50 years.
  3. Compare many quotations, even across various rates, by comparing expenses between a constant and a variable. For example, certain internet speed calculators can offer quotes amongst several banks concurrently on an easy freeway.
  4. Check LTV. Check LTV. The term value loan shows the relation of the cash requested in the bank to the worth of the residence. Currently, banks can issue LTV loans of up to 80%, i.e., loans covering up to 80% of the property value. Thus, there is no scarcity of banks able to supply up to 100% of mortgages on the market.
  5. Collect documents. Collect documents. The preparatory stages of the loan are, as is widely known, how banks study and assess the relevant paperwork. This is an important stage because the credit institution chosen to give the loan will depend precisely on this evaluation. The collection of the paperwork essential to secure the bank loan is, therefore, an activity that must be carried out with attention. It will also enable us to calculate our true budget.
  6. Make the math fine. Another thing to be careful about before a mortgage is signed is the bills. By gathering revenue records, the sustainable expense margin can be defined with due confidence to repay the installment. It is generally recommended that a maximum sum not exceeding 30 percent of the payment-income ratio be requested.
  7. Check the expenses of the loan and ask the initial costs for the exact amount. The prices of the investigation consist of the opening costs of the file and the relevant formalities. It is generally advisable to ask how much their costs are, as they vary significantly between banks.
  8. Request the depreciation schedule. The amortization plan shows the amount of each installment over the lifetime of the loan. It is a record that is surely useful even in the long run to know the situation.
  9. Can you reimburse it early? You can return your mortgage loan totally or partially at any moment before maturity. But the bank loses, which is why it charges you a re-employment benefit so often. This is limited by law, and the amount reimbursed shall be three months’ interest. Also, please keep in mind that if you repay your loan early, if you still have a right, you will probably lose a tax advantage (housing bonus or housing check).
  10. Finally, note that a citizen may renegotiate the loan with a bank or subject the debt to a bank. The penalties or expenses of the subrogation cannot be applied.

You can use Kreditbee, India’s quickest personal loan platform, once you have comprehended all the necessary facts about mortgages. In addition, you can get free creditable points using the active and current creditable voucher code, which you may utilize in the application for the next loan.


With these 10 points, we realize that we have not solved all the issues a person asks before signing a hypothecary, but we hope with your comments to enhance this manual more and more to adapt it to the demands of citizens and companies.

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