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Top US Bitcoin Exchanges You Should Know About 

There might be numerous U.S. Bitcoin exchanges you will encounter if you plan to start trading or invest in the flagship crypto asset. However, you cannot simply choose any crypto exchange as they offer different services, features, fees, and security.

 Therefore, before you use a crypto exchange to buy, sell, or trade Bitcoin, it is essential that you have some basic information regarding your options so you can make the right decision for your funds. 

 In short, finding the best Bitcoin exchange in the U.S.A. can be easier if you are aware of your options. Here are some of the businesses you should know about. 

U.S. Bitcoin Exchanges Includes Binance U.S. 

 Binance is the largest crypto exchange globally and offers Binance U.S. to extend its services to crypto enthusiasts in the United States. Overall, it is one of the best exchanges and provides a low fee to the users compared to its competitors in the market.  

 The binance U.S. currently has more than 80 crypto assets but is likely to increase with time. Despite the low number of digital assets, it is still one of the top exchanges to look for. The binance U.S. is a secure exchange that also uses advanced technologies to ensure the users have a safe and convenient experience of buying, selling, or trading Bitcoin and other supported cryptocurrencies.

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1. Coinbase  

If you are looking for the best U.S. Bitcoin Exchanges, Coinbase can be a suitable option. It is one of the platforms used by a significant number of beginners looking to invest in the flagship cryptocurrency. It is also a commonly used platform for people who aim to deposit or withdraw Bitcoin.

Coinbase is one of the top U.S. Bitcoin exchanges in the market and has approximately 30 million users on a global scale. This exchange also has an advanced and intuitive yet straightforward user interface that makes it easy for crypto investors, experienced and inexperienced alike, to purchase BTC and other crypto assets. Coinbase also offers the convenience to the users to use debit cards, credit cards, or wire transfers to make deposits. 

One of the significant factors of using Coinbase is that it also offers Coinbase Pro, designed for experienced traders. Coinbase Pro offers the advanced trading tools and features that professional crypto traders look for. 

2. Kraken 

Kraken is yet another suitable option for you if you are looking to purchase Bitcoin for the first time. One of the main reasons that put Kraken among the top U.S. Bitcoin exchanges is that it offers excellent customer service to users. 

Customer service is a significant factor to look for in a crypto exchange that you choose, as it can reduce the difficulties and challenges you might face while stepping into the crypto space for the first time. 

Apart from the impressive customer service, Kraken is also among the list of best Bitcoin exchanges in the U.S.A. as it: 

  • Available in most parts of the world 
  • Offers fast bank withdrawals 
  • Charges low fee 
  • Has a good reputation 

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The fee charged by the platform depends on your trading volume for the last 30 days and is between 0-0.36%. If the Kraken exchange seems suitable for you to use and is according to your requirements, you can opt for this exchange. 

3. Gemini 

One of the best U.S. Bitcoin exchanges in the market is the Gemini exchange. Part of the reason why it is a popular exchange is that it was founded in 2015 by the famous Winklevoss Twins. This is, undoubtedly, one of the top crypto exchanges in the United States and is well-known for offering competitively low fees and strict security provided to the traders.  

This exchange ensures that every Bitcoin trader, beginner, and expert alike has a safe and sound crypto trading experience. Being one of the safest crypto exchanges in the market, it uses technologically advanced security systems such as two-factor authentication and more to offer a secure trading platform to users.

It is also a user-friendly platform and charges a fee between 0-1%, which is one of the most affordable fee structures you will come across as a Bitcoin trader. 


Choosing a suitable crypto exchange can be easy and convenient for you if you know about the top U.S. Bitcoin exchanges in the market. Knowing your options can help you compare them and identify which exchange works best for you. Therefore, if you want to step into the crypto space as an investor or trader, then you should know about some of the best BTC exchanges in the U.S.A. mentioned above. 

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