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Using digital Marketing to Boost Instagram Followers

In 2021, Digital Marketing is an essential part of SEO strategy for businesses. Many eCommerce stores rely on social media to Boost Instagram Followers and increase traffic. Without social media marketing and appealing website design, online stores will find it hard to generate traffic and grow their store. Instagram is the most popular social media platform in the world making it excellent source for traffic.

Creating posts that resonate with users and increase user engagement will allow you to create your own brand. Use these tips to promote your posts and create your identity and Boost Instagram Followers.

1) Gold-plated Profile

It all starts with eye catching Instagram profile.  Make sure your profile is attractive and talks about your niche. If you are a sports store then post photos of sporty things. The customer should know what to expect from your business and its services when they look at Instagram page. The different kinds of posts that you could use on your page include people working out, people in sports gear, work out gear and motivational quotes. Use different photo editing techniques like filters to enhance your posts.

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2) #Hashtags Everywhere

Data shows that images with 11 or more hashtags perform the best. Make sure to use hashtags that are popular, at the same make sure not to over use it. This allows your posts the chance to get noticed by Instagram users and Boost Instagram Followers. If you are not sure, search for another account similar to yours and find hashtags on their posts. Apps like Focalmark (available on the app store) will generate useful hashtags for your posts. Remember to post your hashtags in comment section and not inside the post which can look unprofessional.

3) Engagement, Engagement and Engagement

Engagement, instagram

When it comes to social media and digital marketing, get as much engagement as possible. The more engagement the post gets, the more likely Instagram will display the post to wider audiences. Every hashtag has 9 photos at the top of its feed which are the most popular posts for the hashtag. With higher engagement, your post has the chance to make it to the top of the category and going to be seen by thousands of audiences.

Other ways to increase engagement is to reply to as many comments as possible. When you reply to comments on your photo you signal to Instagram algorithm that people are engaged. Insights by Instagram allow you to see the engagement of your posts

4) Tag Location

Instagram Tag Location

Post with location tags get 79% more engagement. People who are browsing in your location might come across your posts. This gives your post an advantage within your area over other similar posts. 

5) Posting Schedule

Many brands have professional staff posting multiple times in a day. As a small business owner to have an impact on your audience post twice a day or more. Make sure to keep the post content consistent with your brand and other posts. Maintain the quality of your posts and keep the posting schedule consistent. There are different times of the day that work for different types of posts. You can use Facebook analytics to find the best time of the day for posting and maximum engagement.

6) Instagram Stories

Stories appear on the Instagram explore page and in stories for different locations and hashtags. People who don’t follow you can still find your stories and watch them. If they like what they see, they might comment and increase engagement. Better yet they could also start following your profile. In order for your story to appear in a public feed, make sure to add a hashtag and public location. Stories are excellent with events, concerts and holidays because that’s when people are most invested in keeping up with what’s happening in real time.

7) Awesome Captions

Another way to catch someone’s attention is use a clever caption. Is your caption witty? Funny? Increase the personality of your online business with captions. Captions catch attention and should be used to advantage of your post. This is an easy way to increase engagement of your posts. In your captions, ask your followers some questions, share their thoughts about your products, talk about their experience or a call to action. This gives an opportunity for a follower to engage.

8) Share Posts

Promote other channels

Share the posts of accounts that are similar to yours. This is a natural way to engage with other people in your niche. This can get your business and its posts noticed by others and their followers. Find accounts that post pictures that are relevant to yours and follow them and interact with their content. This draws attention to your account. Instagram algorithm with then associate your account with other accounts. When somebody follows a similar account to yours, Instagram might show your account with suggestions.

9) Profile Promotion

Promote your Instagram page on your website and other social media platforms. Create a blog and use your posts on your blog. Attach a link to your Instagram in your email or digital signature. This will increase your organic traffic.

10) Paid Ads

Paid Ads

Paid ads allow you to target a group of audiences based on age and interests. Targeting audiences with paid ads will allow to find new followers. Get started by creating a Facebook ads account. Then you can integrate Instagram to the ads account. You can setup the goal of your campaign as profile visits. Finally share the Instagram post and hit the promote button. Your posts will then appear inside the feed of your targeted audiences only difference being the posts will have the word “sponsored” above the image.

In conclusion, these tips will enhance your digital marketing strategy and help you create your own brand on Instagram. Instagram has over 1 billion users and with this kind of exposure you can generate sizeable amount of traffic to your profile and promotion of your store. At the end of the day this will translate in to more sales and greater revenue.

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