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What Do I Need To Know Before Installing A Sign?

Having a sign in the establishment is a way to show your brand through visual communication. This type of communication is often the first contact that the consumer has with your company. But do you know what you need to install a sign?

From design to installation techniques, there is a series of cares so that the aesthetic result is good and there is the security of the applied material. Keep reading to find out what they are and make sure everything runs smoothly:

The Role Of Design

Have you ever heard that expression: “It is always the first impression that stays?” It well describes the role of your sign in the consumer’s mind. Visual communication must have a positive impact on your audience.

When defining the layout, it is necessary to take into account some factors, which are listed below:

  1. Size: it is necessary to analyze the available space, the maximum size rules in your region and the spacing between the letters;
  2. Colors: each color has a meaning. If you still don’t have a logo and colors for your brand, you need to define it according to your type of business, your company’s audience and the values ​​you want to convey;
  3. Font:same as a color rule, also choose fonts that allow clear reading of what is written;
  4. Contrast with the background:check the best contrasts to make your logo stand out;
  5. Material type:there are several types of material available (we separate some here in this article). Choose according to the environment, type of business, audience, budget;
  6. Lighting:define if there will be any type of lighting, either to draw more attention or to turn on at night (in the case of outdoors).

The Type Of Sign

The installation process varies depending on the type of sign chosen. We’ve separated some different materials to help you select:

  • Expanded PVC:tough letters, suitable for outdoors and indoors;
  • Acrylic:elegant and resistant, the letters can be used in both environments; indoors and outdoors.
  • MDF:emphasis on cost-effectiveness and finish. Ideal for indoor environments;
  • Stainless steel:suitable for both environments, letters can be used with LED too;
  • Galvanized: in addition to being very resistant, the letters can also be used with LEDs;
  • Lightbox LEDs: letters are for lighting application, which can be indirect or frontal.

The Importance Of Hiring Specialized Signage Companies When Installing A Sign

It may sound simple, but there are specific techniques and security requirements for installing signage. It takes knowledge of the subject to do a good job.

One of the problems of not using specialized companies is that the application of the sign may not be as expected: the logo may be crooked, uneven, poorly positioned in relation to space and even poorly fixed. Regardless of the error, the image of the brand and the establishment will be affected, and there will be a loss of the money invested.

Another point of improper installation that is worth mentioning is security. There are cases of accidents that occurred due to a lack of preventive measures and adequate techniques for the installation.

Installing a sign is fundamental for the brand’s visual identity in the establishment, making it stand out from the rest. This process generates a more significant brand image in the consumer’s memory, a preference for your product, reflecting in the increase in sales.

However, it is necessary to be aware that there must be seriousness when preparing and installing the sign, so, better hire reliable companies for this task.

Now that you understand everything about the installation of signs and know the importance of investing in specialized labor, you can contact SignFreaks. SignFreaks is the best-known signage company in Chicago. The team has all the expertise to realize your signage expectations in no time. So, contact them and find out about solutions they offer for your business!

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