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Landscape Lighting Ideas: How To Light Up A Garden With Style?

Are you looking for brilliant landscape lighting ideas to light up your garden in style? Here we present you some. Keep reading! 

A well-kept garden is a great added value for any home. Keeping it in perfect condition is challenging, but enjoying an impeccable outdoor space in every detail repays all the efforts. Light is an element that helps to give a well-kept look to every garden.

Lighting the exterior of the house is vital in several ways. First of all, because it allows you to perceive a sense of security at night, both because, with appropriate lighting, there is no risk of accidental falls, they are helpful to dissuade ill-intentioned people from approaching the home.

Adopting differentiated solutions to illuminate the different areas of the garden also allows you to create effects that enhance the architecture of the building.

There are various ideas to apply to illuminate the garden, to be evaluated based on the spaces and different uses. For example, paths, steps, or stairs require different attention than poolside or lawn areas.

In any case, always rely on products designed specifically for use in outdoor environments, made with materials and technologies that make them resistant to atmospheric agents such as rain, frost and wind, UV rays, and shocks. To be impenetrable to moisture, water, and dirt, they must also be watertight. It is also necessary for metals to resist rust and corrosion, particularly for installation near the coast due to the saltiness, which accelerates the oxidation processes.

It can be integrated into a home automation system to manage every aspect, even from a distance, to control all the lighting in the garden.

A specialist landscape lighting designer such as Done Right will provide a detailed project in which the light is correctly distributed throughout the garden and produces decorative light effects. Each lighting project for the outdoors is created based on the garden characteristics and uses different outdoor lamps. Here are some of the possibilities.

1. Illuminate A Garden With LEDs

The LED lights are energy-saving lamps ideal for use in the garden. Installing LED outdoor lamps lets you not worry too much about the electricity bill, even keeping them on for many hours, as they have a meager consumption.

This kind of light is ideal for the garden thanks to the excellent yield and long life; the latter aspect allows you to forget about changing bulbs for a long time.

The use of LED bulbs allows you to choose the desired power and light color, creating varied effects within your green oasis.

There are many LED lamps equipped with solar energy operation; in fact, they are equipped with a solar panel that, during the day, accumulates energy to be used for lighting at night. This, in addition to saving on operating costs, makes it possible to avoid having to carry out the wiring to connect the various devices to the electrical network. Furthermore, the LED garden lamps can be combined with a twilight sensor that allows you to activate an automatic ignition when the natural light is lowered, or proximity sensors turn on a lamp only when a person is in proximity.

2. Outdoor design lamps for the garden

For even more effective landscape lighting, you can focus on design lamps designed for outdoor environments. 

Elements with which to characterize the exteriors of your home that stand out for their contemporary and straightforward lines or that are appreciated for their unique and unconventional style, depending on your preferences.

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Design lamps sometimes stand out for their external appearance, but even more for the high technological level and the lighting effects, they allow to be created.

Design lamps are integrated into the architectural project, giving fascinating light accents to make the garden a unique and refined environment. They are produced in high-quality materials and feature incredibly advanced details. For example, they can be equipped with shields that allow maximum precision in the direction of the light beam and avoid glare.

3. Landscape Lighting With Lights Suspended Between The Trees

Lighting capable of creating a suggestive atmosphere is perfect for brightening up evenings spent in the garden. Installing lamps suspended between the trees in the garden brings a very scenic touch. Decorative lanterns hanging from the branches are a romantic way to light up a garden corner, ideal for setting up an evening picnic on the lawn.

Inside the lanterns, it is possible to insert small battery led lights that simulate the effect of a candle, warm and enveloping.

Another way to insert the lighting between the foliage is through strings of lights and outdoor garlands that produce a delightful and festive effect with a vintage spirit. There are different types of outdoor light chains. The most common are lights incorporated directly into the wire and the cords with various lamp holders to mount the bulbs. This kind of light can have different lighting modes, fixed or intermittent, and can be powered by current or battery, also equipped with a battery charger connected to a solar panel.

4. Lampposts Mark Pace For The Garden

For walkways and passageways, it is helpful to install street lamps or floor lamps that act as orientation lights. This outdoor lamp is suitable for highlighting obstacles such as steps or changes in direction in the path.

The lanterns, or outdoor poles, must be positioned at a distance to guarantee coverage of the entire route, avoiding shaded areas, so the spaces must be calculated based on the beam of light produced.

The garden lamps can have a modern or traditional style to blend well with the context in which they are installed. They produce an ambient light whose effect varies according to the height of the light source. There are also models equipped with an adjustable light that allows you to illuminate in a specific direction. 

Ground fixing can be done using pegs inserted into the ground for laying on lawns or anchors for laying on floors.

5. Landscape Lighting With Ground-Level Spotlights

Finally, another system to illuminate outdoor environments is through the installation of ground-level outdoor spotlights, to be used, for example, to delimit an area of ​​the garden.

These recessed floor lamps produce a minimalist effect, ideal for those looking for a product that fits discreetly into the architecture. They light up without being noticed. They are bright spots that can be inserted in a pavement or the lawn and on which it is possible to walk without risk since they are spotlights marked as walkable and without protrusions concerning the ground.

Use these brilliant landscape lighting ideas and light up your garden in style. If you need professional assistance, contact team Done Right. Done Right is a specialized company known for installing and maintaining landscape lighting all around Florida. If you wish to learn more about them, visit their https://donerightsince1985.com.

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