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Top 10 Best Blood Tracking Lights For Hunting

When it comes to hunting, it is advisable to have the best blood tracking lights. It is one of the many tools that professional and experienced hunters usually rely on. For users to make the best decision, we have considered the ten best options of these times.

Of course, the final choice may be a bit overwhelming for some novice hunters. However, the choice procedure will be much easier as you read on. We not only analyzed the best options but also considered the most important aspects of each light.

In this way, it will not be difficult to find the fundamental tool that can complement any hunter. Many hunters who wish to continue learning and gaining more experience will easily incorporate a blood tracking light.

From this point on, the results in every hunting session will be much more productive. So, let’s take a look at each of the blood tracking lights available to you.

1. Primos Hunting Blood Tracking Light

Engaging in hunting professionally requires some high-quality implements. So this blood tracking light can present some obvious advantages. Considering these advantages allows any user to count on better performance in every hunting season.

Lighting Quality

Excellent features have been incorporated into this tool to make up a professional quality light. This has required the implementation of great blood-tracking technology. In particular, this technology features CREE XM LED illumination. In such a way that people will be able to count on an illumination power of 600 lumens.

This power can be more than enough to make the blood fully visible in different terrains. Simultaneously, hunting can be carried out ideally both in the daytime and in absolute darkness. To obtain a higher level of versatility, this tool also provides two different modes of use. Here users can choose low illumination or intense HD light.

User-friendly design

To improve the quality of use of this tool, a design has been implemented that is very comfortable to use at all times. To implement a transport and one are much more comfortable has opted for a flat handle design. In the middle of the night or the pursuit of prey, this light will greatly facilitate the whole situation.

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Additional accessories

Of course, hunters will have the ability to get the right performance for every need. However, this option also includes four batteries and a holster with belt straps. These simple accessories can be very important to have the light at hand at all times. Any type of professional or amateur hunter will feel better off with this tool.


  • Two modes of use
  • Comfortable and easy to use design
  • Includes batteries and belt holster


  • Intermediate lifespan

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2. Vastfire Blood Tracker Light

On some occasions, hunters can feel much more benefited when they have an adaptable tool to different situations. Among the most convenient tools, this blood tracking light can also be used for a wide variety of circumstances. So the performance of any hunter can be greatly increased.

High-level functionality

Here, it is necessary to consider that this light’s functionality includes three colors instead of one color. On the one hand, people can obtain excellent blood tracking thanks to the red light that offers high intensity. On the other hand, both red light and green light can also serve as night vision illumination.

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Even ultraviolet light can facilitate visibility at close range. So a hunter can use the same tool for different situations and needs. There is also no need to change different lenses as all these blood tracking lights are incorporated in the same light. In this way, it is possible to obtain a red and green light of 500 lumens.

Excellent distance

This light can illuminate between 50 and 70 yards excellently, using the red light to facilitate the hunter’s task. Using ultraviolet light, it is possible to illuminate up to 20 yards with 50 lumens. Using the green light, it is possible to illuminate up to 100 yards. So this illuminated distance will be sufficient for excellent hunting.

Good burn time

A big difference from other options with this light is that it incorporates a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. It is even a rechargeable battery with a large capacity that can offer excellent usage time.

It also comes with a battery charger and a sturdy frame to store and carry this tool. All these can be available along with an outstanding lifespan.


  • Three built-in LED lights
  • Battery and charger included
  • Long-distance functionality


  • Diffused light using the zoom

3. Rayovac LED Light

Here we can analyze one of the most high-performance and durable blood tracking lights on the market. Of course, this is important to get excellent performance in the middle of a hunting session. When it comes to hunting, this light can incorporate a highly durable structure with a performance that withstands the most intense uses in the same area.

Advanced Functionality

On many occasions, it is unnecessary to have a tool that incorporates red light or ultraviolet light. Among all the options that exist, this light can offer two different modes of use. Each of them can be adapted to the needs of a user who is in the middle of a hunting session. Here, individuals can choose 75 lumens in its low mode.

Specifically, this mode of use may be best suited for those who do not wish to arouse suspicion in the next prey. Of course, a high usage mode is also available that offers up to 180 lumens of power. Overall, the illumination power may be more than enough to detect blood trails in the middle of a hunting session.

High-level durability

Those who enjoy having highly durable tools should seriously consider this light. Simply put, this is a high-performance light that can deliver 100,000 hours of use. At no time do the parts inside this light need to be replaced. Also, the metal structure is excellent for withstanding shock.

Good usage time

Beyond the durability of the structure and the illumination power, the usage time can also be adequate. Here three C-type alkaline batteries are required which are not built-in. Using the low mode of illumination results in 60 hours of use, while the high mode is available for 22 hours of run time. We can even take into consideration that the structure is waterproof.


  • Excellent strength and durability
  • Prolonged usage time
  • Comfortable and secure grip


  • An intermediate amount of lumens

4. Vastfire Light with Battery

Another suitable option that people will be able to get when hunting is this blood tracking light. In this case, it is another one of the tools that can offer a wide variety of functions. It can be an excellent choice for a hunter or an exceptional gift for a family member or friend who is into hunting.

Full Functionality

Here we can see another of the tools that incorporate three different colors that each provide specific functionality. In principle, ultraviolet light is the most chosen and convenient when it comes to tracking blood. In such a way, illumination of up to 30 yards can be obtained to track prey wounded.

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Additionally, the green light is the most commonly used to illuminate up to 50 yards when hunting hogs. This functionality has been incorporated since this animal cannot detect this color.

When it comes to coyote hunting, the red light can offer up to 50 yards of high-level illumination. All of this will be excellent for when it comes to performing any of these hunts.

Optimal Durability

In addition to this unit’s excellent functionality, high-quality materials have also been incorporated into the entire structure. Even the grip handle provides comfortable and easy use throughout the night. Of course, a simple design has also been incorporated, allowing you to switch between the different types of blood tracking lights without much effort.

High-Quality Materials

To withstand shock and heavy use here, an anodized aluminum body has been incorporated. By using a lithium-ion battery, you can get 4 hours of usage time. Along with this light, two lithium-ion batteries, a carrying case, a battery charger, and a pressure switch have been included.


  • Built-in accessories
  • Three lights available
  • Easy and convenient operation


  • Intermediate distance illumination

5. Police Security Extreme Light

Unlike the previous options, there are nowadays blood tracking lights that are even more complete. So, many hunters will have the possibility to enjoy a light and tool of excellent quality. Even in this light, not only a few functions have been incorporated.

Wide variety of colors

Of course, the wide variety of colors is one of the best features that people will use. In principle, the five lighting modes are perfect for different situations. On the one hand, people will be able to use the highlighting mode to have a power of 280 lumens. On the other hand, the low mode offers 129 lumens of power.

Additionally, violet light for blood tracking and red light for optimized night vision have been incorporated. Flash mode is also available here for some specific situations. In total, all these modes of use are incorporated, making this light one of the most versatile on the market. Whether hunting or fishing, this tool is essential.

High-level durability

Another of the most obvious advantages of this light is that high durability and high strength materials have been used. Even the high durability aluminum level allows it to withstand the most intense uses and offers a great lifespan.

Besides, the entire structure of this light is completely waterproof. All these characteristics are enough to obtain an excellent quality of use.

Time of use

To use this light, two AA batteries are required, which are included. In this sense, you can get 5 hours of usage time with the power-saving mode.

People will count on the 280 lumens that illuminate up to 100 meters for 3 hours when it comes to getting maximum illumination. In many cases, this time can be more than enough to be able to complete a hunt.


  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Five lighting modes available
  • Easy and convenient to use structure


  • Only 3 hours of use in maximum mode

6. Bushnell TRKR Light

Among the most convenient options on the market, this light is usually very suitable for beginner hunters. Those hunters who wish to gain some experience in this kind of activity can opt for this tool’s best features. The functions of this light will be more than enough for different modes of use.

Proper operation

During a hunt, different modes of use may be necessary to suit different situations at night. First of all, this light can provide white light with a power of 400 lumens. Compared to other options, power is one of the highest when we analyze today’s blood tracking lights. However, other modes of use have been incorporated here as well.

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Of course, violet light has been incorporated to offer proper and efficient blood tracing. Here the results can be excellent, and we take into consideration the maximum power of this light. So also, red light has been incorporated to optimize night vision. Some animals cannot detect the red light.

Excellent level of resistance

In this case, it is a structure that is completely resistant to impacts up to one meter. In addition to this, the structure has good resistance to weathering. As if that were not enough, this light features aircraft-grade aluminum, so its resistance can be understood at a high level. Undoubtedly this will allow this light to deteriorate quickly.

Time of use

To use this light, two AA batteries are required. Especially the white light can be used for 2 hours and 15 minutes. The red light can be used for 5 hours and 45 minutes. The blue or violet blood-tracing light is available for 5 hours. So the overall usage time is acceptable.


  • Three modes of use
  • Excellent maximum power
  • Heavy-duty structure


  • Short usage time with white light

7. Police Security Lights

As we continue to investigate the high-quality options, we can notice this lighting tool that is not only useful for blood tracing. They are blood tracking lights that can present an excellent use of up to 100 meters. Along with that, the rest of its features manage to adapt excellently to the hunt’s different moments.

High-level performance

Once again, we can appreciate a fully compatible light with each of the important moments of hunting. In particular, this light can provide five high-level usage modes. Here the first one incorporates an intense light that can offer up to 280 lumens. In the same vein, low lighting mode is also incorporated not to arouse suspicion to a prey.

Beyond that, the flash lighting mode offers just the right amount of illumination. Of course, violet light for blood tracing and red light for night vision have also been incorporated. This whole set of blood tracking lights is available in excellent power to spot all kinds of prey in no time.

Design and structure

One of the most obvious features we can notice is that this light structure features a camouflage design. All those hunters who attach great importance to camouflage will complement their implements using this tool.

Along with that, high-grade aluminum has also been incorporated for a structure of excellent durability. It is also a light that is completely waterproof.

Usage time

Among the wide variety of features of this light, we can mention that it is a very comfortable tool due to its design. By incorporating two AA-type batteries, you can get 5 hours of use using the power-saving mode. When using the maximum illumination power, you get only 3 hours of use.


  • Five usage modes available
  • Heavy-duty structure
  • Waterproof light


  • Limited usage time

8. Blue LED Headlamp Light

On many occasions, hunting enthusiasts and experts may prefer tools that offer hands-free design. This way, tracking prey can be much easier as there is no need to have a light in hand. For this purpose, people have the choice of this headlight that incorporates blood tracking light.

Full functionality

Those people who were only claiming to get a tool for blood tracking will be able to count on this light. In this case, three different modes of use are incorporated using the same blue led light. In particular, these light modes are strobe, high light, and low light. Even the son setting allows adapting this designation according to the needs of each moment.

Besides, the design of this light allows it to be worn on the head for hands-free use. So a hunter will keep a gun in his hands while he is using this light on his head. However, this same light can also be used for map reading, inspection equipment, fishing, and other similar activities.

Excellent durability

Materials of excellent quality and strength have been used to manufacture this tool. An anodized aircraft aluminum housing has been incorporated to increase durability and strength to a high level. Thus, this is a light that is highly resistant and solid in all kinds of situations.

Optimal additional features

Although it is not a submersible tool, the whole structure is completely waterproof. So this means that this is a light that can be used in the rain without any inconvenience. Along with this, it requires three AAA batteries to get proper use for a few hours. We can even consider that the light can be rotated 90 degrees to find the ideal use.


  • Waterproof light
  • Three modes of use
  • Heavy-duty structure


  • Blue color only

9. Single Mode Light

Among the most convenient options out, this light can provide the precise performance that hunters are expecting. Here it is simply a light that incorporates blue light with an excellent mode of use. In such a way, people will be able to opt for this blue light to optimize any kind of hunting.

Excellent performance

To avoid confusing operations in other tools, this light incorporates only one mode of use. When it comes to blood tracing, an emergency, or other night activities, this blue light can be the most suitable. Even incorporating a single mode of use and a single color of illumination gives a much more accurate result.

Additionally, this light also can incorporate zoom when using the blue light. This light can be excellent for long-distance and close range but large areas. In many situations, this blue light can be very efficient thanks to the excellent illumination power, which includes 200 lumens.

Durability and resistance

To build this light, high-quality aluminum alloy has been used. At the same time, the lifespan of this light can reach 10,000 of usage. In general, you can always get an illumination of up to 150 yards using this light. This is not a submersible light, although a fully waterproof structure has been incorporated.

Additional features

Batteries are not included here, although one lithium-ion battery or three AAA batteries will suffice. The structure is very easy to use, and a grip handle with a rough surface has been incorporated. Especially this rough surface is prepared to be able to avoid slippery use of this light during rain.


  • Fully waterproof light
  • Efficient mode of use
  • Highly durable and sturdy structure


  • No batteries included

10. DonLaz GameTracker

In a great number of opportunities, hunters decide to go out in a group to enjoy this activity. To avoid purchasing two blood tracking lights separately, here is a set of two lights with excellent features. So this could be an excellent choice for both amateur hunters and beginner hunters who have a lot of experience in the area.

Complete functionality

Using each of these blood tracking lights, you can get excellent blood tracking capabilities. In particular, each of these lights has an excellent power level to suit all types of dark environments. At the same time, it is one of the preferred choices for those who want to enjoy hunting with different weapons.

Of course, the simple and proper operation prevents amateurs from being confused by using some blood tracking lights. This time it is a light that only incorporates a blue light for proper blood tracking. In turn, this unit’s power will be more than enough when it comes to chasing prey in the darkest places of any natural environment.

The durability of the structure

When it comes to incorporating high quality, high strength structure, the aircraft aluminum alloy is well suited. This allows obtaining a great resistance in the lantern without increasing too much the total weight. From there, you will be able to obtain a light that manages to withstand intense and prolonged use over several hunting sessions.

Additional features

To use each of these blood tracking lights, you will need some AA-type batteries not incorporated. Nevertheless, a regular use time of excellent functionality can be obtained thanks to each of these units’ power. Lastly, the rough surface of each of these lights prevents slippery operations on rainy or wet days.


  • Highly durable construction
  • Two lights included
  • Excellent power level


  • No batteries included

Buying Considerations

To make a much more accurate and appropriate decision, we must analyze each blood-tracking light’s fundamental aspects. Of course, the different options that are available on the market do not provide the same functionality. Considering the following aspects is important for all types of users.

Number of colors

Here the number of colors can make a difference as each color is very useful for specific functionality. As we have noted, blue light or violet light is the most used in indicated when it comes to blood tracing. In all types of situations, each of these blood tracking lights can adequately highlight blood traces on the ground.

However, other colors can also be incorporated, such as green light. In this case, the green light can be very suitable to optimize the night vision obtained by any person. Also, green light can be very suitable for hunting certain animals that cannot perceive the green light spectrum.

Additionally, red light can also offer similar functionality to green light. In this case, red light cannot be seen by some animals, such as coyotes. Therefore, red light can illuminate the environment during the hunt for coyotes without alerting the prey beforehand.

Finally, white light is usually incorporated as part of the functionality along with the other colors. Each of these colors can be present with a certain mode of use.

Amount of brightness

The amount of brightness that each light can offer depends on the output lumens’ power in concrete words. As the number of lumens of each light is higher, the power is also higher. So in many situations, it is very convenient to have a light that can offer 200 lumens and maximum brightness output.

However, it is also necessary to consider that a high lumen level in the light means shorter usage time and higher power consumption. Also, different colors require different amounts of lumens. This means that white light is the color that requires the most lumens compared to red, green, or blue.

Illumination distance

Another aspect that is fundamental when choosing a light is the range of illumination that can be obtained. On the one hand, some blood tracking lights only can illuminate a few yards. In other cases, we can find blood tracking lights that offer an illumination range of up to 100 yards or up to 100 meters.

As is often the case with the number of lumens, each of the colors included in light offers a different illumination distance. Of course, having a light that provides an excellent illumination range is much more suitable for hunting. Illuminating a larger area of the hunting ground can make reaching prey much easier.


Lifespan is another key aspect to consider before choosing an ultimate light. There may be blood tracking lights that provide a lifespan of up to 100,000 hours of use time in some cases. In general, the most convenient options may also offer a lifespan that incorporates 10,000 hours of use time.

Relying on a light that does not provide this usage life could be an inadequate option. For this, it is highly recommended to have a light that incorporates a structure of excellent durability.

Structure and waterproofing

Of course, blood tracking lights are not all manufactured to achieve the same strength and durability of the structure. Among the best options, it is possible to find lights that feature aluminum alloy. In some cases, the aluminum alloy is aircraft grade. So this means that it is the same aluminum alloy used in aircraft.

So it is easy to see that light with this type of structure can be less weak in certain situations. During a hunt, the hunter’s mobility can be very important. A light could fall and break if it does not have the necessary durability in the middle of the night.

Additionally, a good waterproofing level allows light to be used without any inconvenience in the middle of the rain. While most blood tracking lights are not submersible, a good waterproofing level prevents light from being damaged by rain or high humidity. So this is another important feature for a rugged light.

Additional features

We can incorporate a rough grip handle among the additional features that prevent the light from slipping out of sweaty hands or wet hands. In the same vein, some blood tracking lights may offer hands-free operation when used on the head. Some hunters may prefer this type of light as it provides greater freedom of movement at all times.


What color light is best for blood tracking?

Most of the time, experts agree that there are two main colors of led lights for blood tracing. Both blue light and red light can be very suitable to track blood at night or in very dark conditions.

Many people often use white light for these types of searches during a hunting session. However, white light is not the most suitable option for standing out from the blood in an obvious way.

On the other hand, white light is only suitable for incorporating some regular lighting into any site. Among all the options, blue light or ultraviolet light is the most chosen option for finding traces of blood easily and quickly.

On the other hand, red light can also be very suitable for blood tracing, although it does not give the same results as blue light or violet light. In any case, red light can be very suitable to prevent some prey from noticing the hunter’s presence. In particular, this is because some animals are unable to perceive red light.

Do blood tracking lights work?

At night, the blood tracking light is one of the most used tools to find prey more easily. This type of blue light or violet light allows blood to stand out on the ground or anywhere. So professional hunters always use this kind of tool in order not to lose time during the hunt.

However, it is also a very convenient tool for other activities or even used during the day. Many people prefer to use a blood tracking light for fishing or different industrial activities. Beyond this light’s specific functioning, it is certainly a widely used option in various circumstances.

Will a blacklight show blood?

On most occasions, a blacklight can be very suitable to be able to remove different organic fluids. Anyway, among all the functionalities obtained, blood tracing is not very suitable with a blacklight. Here people who decide to use a black light to illuminate the blood will not obtain adequate results.

Specifically, by applying the black light on the blood, only black blood can be obtained. To make it traceable blood, some luminol must be incorporated. Exactly in this way, people can visualize the blood in an obvious way. Of course, this is very impractical when it comes to a hunting session. So it is necessary to avoid black light for blood tracing.

What does blood look like under UV light?

The moment a person decides to apply visible blue light or ultraviolet light on blood, he/she will be able to notice some remarkable features. First of all, it is necessary to consider that this type of liquid does not emit any fluorescence type.

Therefore, one will not be able to visualize the blood in the same way that one can visualize any other organic fluid with black light. Instead, people will notice spots of liquid on the ground of a different color than the rest of the objects around them.

So, while you can’t count on a fluorescent appearance, the fact is that the blood will present a very obvious and noticeable appearance. Thus, when hunters can see the bloodstains highlighted on the ground, they can more easily find prey.

What color light does not spook deer?

Sometimes, animals fail to perceive the full spectrum of illumination as humans do. In this case, deer are much less able to detect green and red colors. That is why there are several blood tracking lights available here that also incorporate these illumination colors.

So, deer will only notice only some gray colors that do not scare them too much. Having a blood trail light that incorporates these colors can be a better and more complete option.

How can you tell where you hit a deer by blood?

When hunters have shot a deer, it is possible to analyze the color of the blood to tell the location of the hit. Blood that is mixed with a brown or green color means an impact on the intestinal area.

On the other hand, the hit could have been in a paw or the heart when the blood is bright red. Finally, the impact could have been in the liver when we notice that the blood is dark red.

Final Words

Once the hunter finds the best blood tracking light, he will have the possibility to get better results in every hunting session. Of course, any hunter has a set of tools that allow him to improve his skills during a hunt for different animals.

All that is needed is an excellent light that can adapt to each hunter’s needs and abilities. In any case, amateur hunters should have a light that is adapted to their level of experience. This way, different hunters will be able to find the tool they need.

Even a blood tracing light is one of the fundamental tools for those hunters who want to become real experts. So, after making a complete and proper analysis, it will be much easier to make an accurate decision. Any hunting night will be much more suitable for the hunter’s new skills using blood tracking lights.

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