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The Best VoIP Solutions in The Australia

Do you know that using new communication channels over phones like VoIP solutions can help you reduce your business’s operating cost? You can save as much as 70% of the cost without compromising the features of traditional phone systems. 

The best part about VoIP solutions is that you can make calls through an app and easily manage your staff even when they are working remotely. 

Get ready to manage everything remotely within a single mouse click. 

Making a switch from the regular PSTN phone to the virtual world of VoIP may seem a daunting task. But by choosing the right VoIP solution provider, you can easily embrace the new technology of VoIP.

The increase in the availability of high-speed internet and improvement in existing services has facilitated the demand for VoIP services from businesses. 

Many Australian companies are offering VoIP. Thus, the potential customers find making choices for the best VoIP quite complicated. 

As per research by the firm Market Clarity, more than 300 VoIP service providers in Australia. Thus, you can be spoilt by the number of choices available to you. Most companies offer the option of purchasing the necessary hardware from them or purchasing it from a retail store. 

There are varieties of options available in the market. Thus, it is important to look around before you make the final purchase. 

Before we look at the best VoIP solutions in Australia, let’s check the requirement to get VoIP for your home or your business:

What are the requirements to get VoIP Solutions for your home or business?

Following are the major requirement to get a VoIP connection:

1. Network Bandwidth

You will need a reliable internet connection like DSL, cable, and fibre from an ISP. The standard bandwidth required for VoIP is 100 Kbps per device. Depending upon the type of data, you will need more bandwidth than the standard.

2. Phones & Devices

Another major requirement is that you need to have the right devices in place. You need to have a SIP phone, a softphone, or an Analog telephone adaptor to complete calls over VoIP. 

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Comparison of VoIP Solutions in Australia (Providers) who offer IP Telephony Call Solutions

1. Ace Communication

This is an Australian company that focuses on small and medium-sized businesses. Unlike all other providers, the company offers a personalized approach towards VoIP needs, and customers are at the forefront of everything that the company does. 

  • Ace VOIP helps to deliver cost-saving benefits by using reduced line rentals as well as call costs.
  • You will also receive ongoing service support from Ace VoIP.
  • The Ace VoIP SIP Trunk plan will allow you to make and receive multiple calls via a single VoIP service. Thus, you will be able to eliminate costly PSTN and ISDN lines. 

Ace Communications benefits

  • Local Australian Support 24*7
  • No Hidden Payment Fees
  • High-Quality Service
  • Helpful Customer Support
  • Crystal clear call quality
  • High-Quality services

2. FaktorTel

FaktorTel offers high-quality services, reliability, and technology, all at the right price for your business, and offers business-grade VoIP to small, medium, and large businesses as well as government agencies. The company will offer your different BizVoIP plans backed by a robust network, superior uptimes, and services by an expert team. 

You won’t need more than a few minutes to switch to FaktorTel and save almost 50% on phone bills. 

The voice call platform of FaktorTel is compatible with all major SIP-based PBX platforms available in the market. This means your business can get the benefit from’s great service no matter what phone system you are using concurrently using benefits.

FaktorTel Benefits

  • Local Australian Support 24*7
  •  Expert support
  • No Hidden Payment fee
  •  Crystal clear call quality
  • High-Quality services
  •  Set up in no time
  • Helpful customer support
  •  Unlimited technical support
  • The number of VoIP lines is 4
  • The number of VoIP lines is 1
  • Local and national calls at 10c anytime
  •  Local and national calls are free
  • International call at 1.9 c per minute
  •  Mobile calls are free
  • The monthly plan fee is $49.55
  • The monthly plan is $55

Thus, you can check all these features of these VoIP Solution providers before making the final choice. Your final choice should depend on the monthly plans, call facility, and customer support service offered.

Comparison of VoIP Solutions who offer cloud-based VoIP with free SIP Server


If you want to reduce call costs and improve efficiency with a cloud-based VoIP solution in Australia, the use of AVOXI VoIP solutions in Australia can be one of the best options. Virtual business numbers by AVOXI include more than 2- VoIP features like a virtual attendant, voicemail-to-email, call logging, and many more at no additional cost. 

No other business number provider can offer you easy and affordable VoIP like AVOXI. 

2. SipCity

SipCity offers the best Cloud-based VoIP for your business. SipCity also manages all areas of cloud communication for your business. The VoIP plans by SipCity are quite simple, even if your business needs are complex. SipCity is excited about your decision to ditch landlines and move towards the VoIP system. Choosing SipCity may mean that you are now entering a new realm of telecommunication.

  • AVOXI benefits
  •  Sipcity Benefits
  • Global cloud telephony
  •  Virtual receptionist
  • Automatic call routing
  •  Call queue facility
  • SIP server to get cloud PBX features
  •  Checking and monitoring of call records
  • Quality monitoring features are included
  •  Caller privacy feature
  • CRM integration
  •  SIP server
  • The minimum price is $19.99 per user per month
  • The minimum price is $25 per month

Checking all these features by VoIP solution providers can help you in making a wise decision.

Internet Service Providers That Offer VoIP Packages

1. VoIP line

VoipLine has offered VoIP solutions to more than 2500 businesses all over Australia. All systems and equipment for communication offered by VoipLine are Redundant, and the team closely monitors uptime. You can also get tailor-made VoIP solutions, especially for your business, by VoipLine. You will receive high-quality equipment that can complement your cloud-based voice services. You will receive IP Phones, DECT cordless phones, and Microsoft-certified headsets to get wireless coverage in the office.

2. 8X8 VoIP

Whether you want to call, chat, meet, or improve your business’s overall working capability, 8X8 VoIP can be a great choice for you. Products are offered as per your business needs. From video conference tools and techniques to SIP trunking, you will get all solutions at 8X8 VoIP.

With unlimited choices available in terms of VoIP service solutions, choosing the best service provider can be a challenging task. The world of VoIP is growing big. Thus, you need to check your requirement before choosing the best VoIP solution provider. There are lots of features that come up with different VoIP solutions. Thus, check the features as per the requirement of the business. Once you have features in your mind, you can check the prices offered by different service providers. 


From our end, all VoIP solutions provided above are great. But, if you ask a single name, 8X8 is the most reliable solution provider. This is because the company has a global network, and they come up with the patented technology in terms of AI and analytics that can be relied upon.  

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