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What Should You Know About CPS Test?

How fast can you click the mouse? The CPS test measures how many clicks your fingers make in a second. It’s not just for fun – it also tells us how quickly we are tapping our hands on mouse or keyboards, rolling dice or pressing buttons! 

What Is the CPS Test and How Do I Take It?

To play the CPS test, all you need to do is visit the Clicks Test site “click here and start playing” grey box. The clock will begin with your first click, so make sure that both hands are warmed up before starting! Once time’s up, it’ll display how well prepared they were during testing—whether or not this puts their career prospects insight for when we’re finally done preparing people forever after 

Anyone can play this game at any age group; if there were ever a reason why more than just high school students should give these tests another shot (and get those scores!), I would think back again about our company wanting some interns around as recruiters.

The score you get in your browser reflects how many clicks it takes to complete a minute of gaming. While this isn’t the only stat that should concern gamers, it is an important one because if someone else has higher click per second (CPS) times than themselves, then they will have better chances at breaking world records for fastest clicking speed titleholder- which just might come as no surprise considering players compete with each other on who can be faster Click Per Second!

How Do We Calculate Player Rankings?

The CPS test game does not have any official levels, although it may be found on many other websites. But you’re lucky as our team believes in giving players a fun, memorable experience – which is why they designed four custom levels! These tremendous obstacles range from the Turtle level (easy) to Cheetah difficulty: this means there’s something for everyone at your next try-out session with us.

  • Turtle: In this click-per second game, being a turtle means scoring 0 or 5 clicks per second. 
  • Octopus: The next level is the octopus. You can get this if your cps scores are higher than 5.
  • Rabbit: The rabbit’s foot symbolises luck because it can achieve an incredible click-to-site rate. If you want to be lucky in gaming, invest your money into buying some bunny feet!
  • Cheetah: Fastest animal on land. So, if you achieve a score above ten cps (new record: 19), then we’ll admit that your fingers can snap just like theirs do and hail to King of Clickers with us!

How Can You Increase Your Clicking Speed?

The only way to improve your clicks per second is to practice and build endurance. Some players can register unreliable scores up in the air as far as accuracy goes but with time. They will become more reliable depending on how much effort has been put into honing this skill since it takes a while for most people’s fingers to adjust from being used just pressing buttons all day long without any exercises or other physical activity, which leads me back around again asking myself “how do I improve Click Speed Test?”. 

It would be best to start slow so no injuries occur when trying new techniques like triple tapping instead of double-clicking because there isn’t enough strength behind those weaker two-finger taps.

Abnormal CPS Test Scores

Many online gamers boast unnatural CPS scores, which is hard to believe and frankly impossible for any human. Most players use auto-clicking software to boost their scores; we don’t see the point in doing this because it takes away from what would otherwise be an enjoyable game experience! The best way to enjoy games like clicks per second is by paying attention while playing with friends or family members instead of using programs that will help you achieve higher counts than usual.


If you’re looking for a fun and competitive way to measure your mouse-clicking ability, the CPS Test is an excellent option. With this test, you can see how many clicks per second (CPS) your fingers are capable of making in a given amount of time. Each click counts as one point, which means that if you make five clicks per second, it would be worth 25 points! The best part about the CPS Test is that it measures both hands independently, so there’s no need to worry about having a “left-handed advantage” over right-handed people like other tests may offer.

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