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Why Internet Speed Drops All of a Sudden at Night?

Let us try and break down one of the most common issues that many internet users around the globe face. The question that we all want to be answered, “Why does my internet speed drop all of a sudden at night?”. This question has been throttled from one place to another for so long, and finally, someone has decided to take matters into their own hands to provide the exact reasons why internet speeds see a dip late in the night.

One of the most immediate remedies to figure out a fix for this issue is to call your internet service provider’s customer care service. Since Spectrum is one of the country’s biggest internet service providers concerning availability, the chances are that you would need to call up the Spectrum Customer Service representative on their 24/7 available number to figure out the reasons and solutions for your problems.

Unfortunately, having a fast internet connection does not protect you from internet speed dips. You may experience half the speed you would normally get or half the speed you had initially subscribed to. On other occasions, you may see that the upstream connection time hardly works at all. Listed below are the small tips and bits to help you get around or figure out a solution to this issue.

It’s Not Your Connection; It’s Your Wi-Fi

Having a fast internet connection is one thing; however, having a dedicated internet connection is unique. One of the main reasons why your wireless internet speeds tend to downgrade is because of the bandwidth. The bandwidth would often be less than what you were used to receiving simply because of the bad Wi-Fi reception. There are no permanent solutions to this, in all honesty, and you’ll have to make do with a slightly lower internet speed.

However, you should check up with your internet service provider about the speed you have subscribed to or are paying for to then present your issue to the internet service provider’s customer service representative about receiving lower speeds than what you are paying for. Otherwise, if you call up the customer service representative without knowing the subscribed internet speed and the low internet speed is exactly the one you are paying for, it would lead to a very embarrassing moment.

It’s Not Your Connection; It’s Someone Else’s

Get this; you just cannot base your internet speed on what figure you see on the screen after performing a speed test. The speed test does not necessarily mean that this is the internet speed that you will get. A simple example would be that you run or perform a speed test, and the result you get is 30 Mbps downstream. Now this means that the server which is playing host to you also has the responsibility of providing you with the same upstream speed. Hence, you are not the only one that is using the connection.

Some of the world’s biggest sites require huge amounts of bandwidth to run smoothly, and though these requirements can be met on occasions or rather quite frequently, it does not mean that all sites would fall into the range of bandwidth that your internet connection can handle.

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You forgot You Had Something on Download, I.e. Torrents!

If you, like many other individuals and families in the United States, have multiple users and devices all connected to the same source of wireless internet, then, in all honesty, you are bound to have low bandwidth or experience a dip in speed from time to time. This specific issue is made a lot worse when someone in the household has a bandwidth-hogging application like UTorrent or Bit Torrent running in the background of one or maybe even more devices.

The biggest issue with Bit Torrent happens to be the seeding of files. Seeding is referred to as uploading files to an unquantifiable number of people. This tends to take up not only a lot of bandwidth and reduces internet speed overall, but it also tends to cause the device on which the application is installed to slow down partially. This is quite different from downloading as the file that you have given the command to be downloaded will finish as soon as the download is finished or completed, but that happens to be the exact moment when the process of seeding speeds up.

Your Router Isn’t Doing Its Job.

You could say that your router is like a small computer designed to overhaul or manage your internet connection. The issue arises when the router starts demanding a bit too much bandwidth. This is exactly why many internet service providers recommend restarting your router at least once in a couple of weeks.

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