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Why User Interface And User Experience Go Hand to Hand

Technology has infiltrated our lives, so now all of us are looking for new technologies that help save time during activities that we undertake and even offer a lot of conveniences. In simple words, we expect technology to make our lives easier. When browsing websites, we want to have the most pleasant experience of navigating the site smoothly and speedily. The same applies to mobile applications or apps that should help us perform the tasks efficiently with the least effort. We want website designs and mobile applications to be so intuitive that it allows our brains to relax while we enjoy the flavors of technological advancements to the fullest.

No one knows better than the professionals of any UI UX studio the tricks of satisfying users by meeting their expectations with crafty use of User Interface and User experience (UX), which are the pillars of designing websites and mobile applications. The terms UI and UX have become a part of our lexicon, although few people understand its role in creating successful websites and mobile applications. 

In this article, we will try to explain the role of User Interface and UX in web design and mobile applications.

Matching the looks and functionality

Although UI and UX are pretty different, these have close connections and share the common objective of providing the most pleasing experience to users when they browse a website or use any mobile applications. Users want to have the most comfortable experience when interacting with websites or mobile applications by accomplishing tasks in the shortest time. They want to complete their activities in the shortest time successfully and with complete ease without taxing their brains. 

Initially, users focus on the look and feel of the website or mobile application and then gradually shift the focus to the convenience and comfort they derive from it. How quickly and flawlessly users can complete the tasks is a benchmark for UI and UX experts who strive to meet the user expectations to the fullest. From the visual appearance to ease of usability, the total of UI and UX makes the difference between the success and failure of websites and mobile applications.

What is User Interface (UI)?

User Interface comprises various design elements that contribute to the look and feel of any website or mobile application. UI consists of multiple tasks that ensure enjoyable use of a product, right from its presentation to the level of interactivity. Design elements like illustration, animation, infographics and icon design are some examples of UI. Technically speaking, UI is the point of interaction between a digital device and product, as the smartphone’s touch screen. The touchpad of the ATM is another example of UI.  

Designers aim at creating the most intuitive interface for users so that it takes minimal clicks or taps to complete any action successfully. Since everyone wants smooth and speedy tasks, the UI aspect is critical to ensure the best experience (UX), which includes many more things beyond digital design.

From buttons and icons to color schemes and typography and going up to responsive design, the UI designer must take care of everything that promises a great user experience. Users prefer to browse websites that are easy to navigate and give them what they are looking for. 

What is user experience (UX)?

User experience is an aspect of designing websites and mobile applications, including all end-user interactions with the product or website or company and even something more. User experience encompasses all touchpoints of user interactions, whether digital or otherwise, and includes numerous aspects beyond traditional design concepts. UX designers must consider the design aspects and the interaction of users that impacts the experience derived during the exchange. Naturally, UX design focuses on improving the quality of interactions derived from the UI and all other facets contributing to user experience. 

Since user experience has various intangible components, UX designers must consider the cognitive aspects of human interactions to identify the elements to include in the design to achieve a superior user experience.

Although UX is an integral part of digital designs, it does not have any digital elements. Instead, it focuses on users’ psychological and cognitive aspects that designers should identify and address through the procedure.   

Often people find it difficult to distinguish between UI and UX. However, the simplest way of determining is to focus on the tangible aspects of design present in UI but absent in UX. UI are tools that designers use to give a physical appearance to the design and provide suitable interfaces to start interacting with the product, whether a website or mobile application. How users feel about the product and the kind of experience during the interaction comprises user experience. 

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