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Facts about App Developers and Reasons You Should Hire One

It’s no secret that developing an app for operating systems such as Android, iOS, or Windows takes time and resources. But what’s even more important, it takes qualified app developers to build a scalable end product. Considering that smartphone users spend over 89% of their time on apps, it’s worth knowing how software developers think, why they’re so scarce, and reasons to hire one for your business.

What to Consider For When Trying to Hire an App Developer

It’s natural to want to hire the best on the market, but companies should check soft skills first before looking at technical skills. For example, communication and team spirit are essential traits every app developer should have. Although coding expertise does matter, it is equally important to work with a team player. Sharing information, asking questions, and being open to receiving and giving feedback is sometimes even more important. Always look for a problem-solver who is not afraid to take a risk. Following an in-depth analysis of a candidate’s soft skills, feel free to ask about experience, past projects, favorite programming languages, and successful apps live in the app store.

 App Developers are Humans, too.

Although app developers are perfectionists, they do make mistakes. And that’s ok. Rather than aim at hiring someone with a flawless resume, it pays to look beyond the technical background. The business world is complicated enough, so when it’s time to have an application built, the best advice would be to collaborate with someone interested in your business field. For example, if your chosen candidate’s hobby is gaming, the chances are that an app developer who’s also a gamer will be more motivated to work with passion and determination.

Previous Experience with Mobile App Development

Experience in developing mobile apps is important because you need someone familiar with the lifecycle process of developing an application. Also, it should be a good idea to decide on the operating system you want your app to be built on – iOS or Android. You can hire an mobile app developer who can do both, but consider that outstanding experience comes at a high price. Check for expertise that your business needs before making a final decision, and make sure to do a test assignment beforehand. This way, you’ll know whether or not your chosen candidate has the hands-on experience, too, and not just the theoretical part.

Not all App Developers care About Getting Paid For High Amount

When it comes to financial incentives, research says that app developers charge anywhere between $50 and $200 per hour, depending on location and experience. However, 15 years of experience doesn’t necessarily mean an app developer will charge a fortune. Some of the best out there care about non-financial incentives, too, such as work-life balance, a flexible work schedule, or training. Before making an offer, have a discussion and figure out the main drivers of your app developer.

Commitment & team spirit – two main characteristics of an excellent app developer 

A committed app developer is someone passionate about the industry as a whole, not just motivated by a competitive salary package. Someone with 5 years of experience but with extreme determination to do great work is a lot better than a developer with 20 years of experience and no passion at all. Determination, commitment, and team spirit-matter because all of them indicate that you’ve hired someone who likes your business and wants you to succeed.

Now that you have some idea of the kind of people app developers are do a proper search before making a final hire. Although the competition is fierce and companies are battling to get the best, don’t forget that sometimes it’s better to look beyond technical expertise. There are many app developers in Houston from where you can choose. The more you can acknowledge that soft skills matter, the better chances you have to hire top talent for your business application.

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