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6 Best Live Streaming Apps And Platforms For You

Are you Looking to engage your audience more authentically? Why not trying live streaming apps?

With the abundance of live broadcast applications, there is no reason to resist this trend. Most major social media sites now provide users with streaming capabilities in some form. Live streaming enables creators to generate revenue through advertisements, subscription programs, and other monetization techniques.

What are the best live streaming apps?

Read our comprehensive analysis of the top live streaming apps. You’ll learn which features to prioritize and which app is ideal for going live.

What Exactly Are Live Streaming Apps?

Live streaming apps provide viewers with access to public officials, industry experts,social media influencers, and other content producers. These applications connect creators with their audiences and enable them to monetize their live streams through advertisements, partnerships, and other means.

Our list of video streaming platforms includes many of the most popular social sharing sites. Continue reading to discover which social platforms provide creators with the finest streaming features.

How Can Live Streaming apps or Software Be Used?

Social streaming software facilitates the distribution of content to an audience. The best live streaming applications allow you to broadcast instantaneously with a few taps on your phone or mouse clicks on your computer. Each platform operates differently, but in most cases, all you need to do to reach your audience is launch the application and begin broadcasting.

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Who use Live Streaming Apps?

Diverse content creators and experts use live streaming platforms to generate revenue and interact with their audience. Numerous major brands have a presence on streaming sites, and some professionals earn their entire living through monetization efforts on social sharing platforms. Here are some of the most prevalent applications of live streaming platforms.

Companies and Brands

Businesses and brands use streaming services to promote their products and raise brand awareness. Streaming platforms provide a unique opportunity for brands and businesses to interact with consumers and better comprehend their target audiences.

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Trainers and Speakers

Professional speakers, life coaches, online trainers, and other subject matter experts use streaming platforms to advertise and distribute content and services. Some subject-matter specialists have utilized streaming services to launch a podcast and generate income through podcasting. Personal trainers and life coaches can earn money through monetizing their broadcasts on streaming platforms.


Mobile broadcasting capabilities are crucial for influencers who need to live stream while on the move. Influencers on social media use streaming platforms to rapidly distribute their content and interact with their followers and subscribers. These live streamers use streaming applications to quickly reach national and international audiences.

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Gamers utilize live streaming platforms to stream gaming sessions and interact with other gamers to share insights and strategies. Twitch is a well-known broadcasting platform and online community for gaming-related content creators.

7 Essential Features of Live Streaming Apps

The capabilities and restrictions of a streaming service can have a significant impact on how your audience accesses your content. Perform due diligence and investigate the features of each streaming platform you are contemplating for your content. Below is a list of the seven most important features to consider when evaluating streaming applications.

1. The Adaptive Bitrate Streaming Technique

Adaptive bitrate streaming provides viewers with a seamless streaming experience regardless of the quality of their Internet connection. Those with weak internet connections may experience distracting buffering while viewing your content. Some viewers will abandon your content if it frequently buffers.

Adaptive bitrate streaming platforms perform a real-time analysis of a viewer’s connection and system resources in order to provide them with the highest quality streaming experience feasible. Those with stronger connections receive content of higher quality, while those with weaker connections can still view your content without delay.

2. Multi-Bitrate Streaming

The finest live streaming platforms use automatic transcoding so that your content can be streamed from a variety of HTML5 devices with varying connection speeds. During multi-bitrate streaming, multiple variants of your content are generated from your video files for adaptive bitrate streaming. This is an essential feature if you lack extensive technical knowledge or experience with transcoding.

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3. HTML5 Video Player

Ensure that the streaming platform you select supports HTML5 video players. This player has supplanted Adobe Flash Player as the de facto standard video player on all devices. The HTML5 video player is the most customizable player on the market and is compatible with nearly all devices and operating systems. Live stream platforms that utilize the HTML5 video player make your content viewable on any browser, device, or bandwidth.

4. HLS Streaming Video

HLS video streaming governs how your system delivers content to the devices of your viewers. HLS protocol, or HTTP Live streaming, is the system used to transmit your visual and audio media over the internet. It collaborates with the HTML5 video player to offer viewers a seamless live stream experience. HLS video streaming makes use of coding to rapidly deliver your content to users in the highest possible quality.

5. RTMP Ingest

Verify that the streaming application you’re considering supports RTMP technology. Before you can stream your video files online, you must encode them using RTMP technology, which is presently the most efficient method. RTMP technology facilitates the transfer of large files over the internet with minimal latency to provide viewers with a dependable streaming experience.

6. M3U8 Links

The stream contains a m3u8 link with a security token whenever your content is accessed through an HTML5 video client. These security tokens communicate with the servers of your streaming application to ensure that the security measures you’ve implemented for your content, such as password protection and age restrictions, are adhered to. Protecting your content is essential if live broadcasting is your source of income.

7. Support for Mobile Broadcasting

Do you require streaming while traveling? As a result of technological advancements, smartphones are now an affordable webcam option for streaming video content. The finest live streaming platforms include a mobile application for streaming from anywhere. You have more freedom to create content with mobile streaming capabilities, and you can begin streaming instantaneously whenever the mood strikes.

What is the top live streaming apps?

The best live streaming application for you will depend on your budget, your need for mobile streaming capabilities, and your desire to monetize your content. Each streaming service has its own guidelines and restrictions for monetizing content. If you intend to monetize, ensure you have a thorough comprehension of how you will be compensated for your content before choosing the best streaming service for you.

Certain niches or forms of content are better suited for specific live streaming applications. Determine the best live streaming apps for your niche by determining which streaming platforms your audience utilizes to observe your content.

How to Choose Live Streaming Apps?

If, after comparing the features listed in the preceding section, you still can’t determine which live streaming app to use, consider the following five questions.

  • How many people stream content using this app?
  • Is it simple to live transmit content with the app?
  • Can I profit from my content as I see fit?
  • Is this the top application for my market?

Does the platform offer captioning and other options for accessibility?

Ensure that the platform you select is user-friendly and accessible to users seeking this type of content.

Best Live Streaming Appls and Softwares

Our choices for the top live streaming platforms and applications are based on cost, usability, and popularity. We’ve compiled a list of video streaming platforms and applications with exceptional features and the ability to broadcast from desktops, smartphones, and tablets.

Best Computer Live Streaming Apps

Professional gamers, life coaches, and other streamers rely on streaming platforms to distribute the streaming content they produce on their computers to their audiences. These are our recommendations for the finest live streaming platforms for computer-based content creators.

1. UStream

IBM developed UStream, which provides cloud storage for your video content and live-streaming capabilities. The platform enables creators to interact with viewers through features such as chat and immediate polling, and is widely utilized in the entertainment and technology industries.

Plans range in price from $99/month to $999/month.

Monetization Available? Yes

Key features:

  • Integrates effortlessly with Facebook and Twitter feeds.
  • The platform promotes live stream events through targeted email communications.
  • Record and save videos for future use in broadcasts.

Best Live Streaming apps for Mobiles

Mobile broadcasting is crucial for social media influencers and other creators who rely on streaming apps to communicate with their followers in real time. These mobile live-streaming applications have features that mobile live-streamers appreciate.

Instagram Live

Instagram live integrates with Facebook, allowing users to simultaneously post content to numerous social sharing sites. Utilizing the Instagram app for live streaming makes mobile broadcasting simple. Instagram enables followers who miss your live broadcasts to view your content via Instagram Stories.

Price: Zero

Monetization Available? Yes

Compatible with Android and iOS devices

Key features:

  • Utilize cross-platform publishing to simultaneously share content on Facebook
  • Using live chat commenting features, engage with your audience.
  • Use Instagram’s mobile application to go live fast from any location.


TikTok is a fantastic method to reach viewers if your content is geared toward a younger demographic. If you have at least 1,000 followers and are over the age of 16, you can use TikTok’s exclusive live streaming feature. Sometimes, the platform’s stringent community standards make it difficult to approve content.

Price: Zero

Monetization Available? Yes

Compatible with Android and iOS devices

Key features:

  • The suggestion algorithm on TikTok broadcasts your live feeds to users who do not already follow you.
  • Profit from presents received from viewers during live broadcasts.
  • A variety of filters, effects, and frames that can be applied to live broadcasts.

Top-Rated Live Streaming Apps for Every Console

If you create content both at your workstation and on the go, utilize a streaming platform that allows you to stream from anywhere. The finest live streaming platforms are accessible from desktop computers and mobile devices such as iPhones and iPads. Check out our recommendations for the finest streaming platforms for all console types.

Facebook Live

Facebook Live is accessible to all Facebook users, making it an excellent choice for creators seeking to reach a large audience. Using the Facebook app, you can live stream from any desktop or mobile device. If you already have a Facebook page, you will have a pre-existing audience that will be notified whenever you post new content.

Price: Zero

Monetization Available? Yes

Key features:

  • Automatic archiving and posting of live broadcasts
  • Schedule live events up to seven days in advance of your broadcast.
  • Followers are notified of your live streaming broadcasts.

YouTube Live

Every day, billions of individuals use YouTube to stream content. If you have more than 1,000 subscribers on YouTube, you will have access to the live stream features to communicate with your audience. The platform offers numerous content monetization options and additional content security.

Price: Zero

Monetization Available? Yes

Key features:

  • Utilize the YouTube mobile app for live mobile broadcasting
  • You can record your stream and schedule it to go live at a later time.
  • There are numerous monetization opportunities.

How live streaming apps generate revenue

Through advertising, affiliate marketing, and other monetization strategies, live streaming apps enable content creators to generate revenue. We will explain how you may leverage streaming platforms to generate revenue from your content.


One of the most conventional methods to monetize your content is by running advertisements before and during your live stream. Pre-roll advertisements appear before your content, while mid-roll advertisements play during your stream. You earn money based on the total number of viewers who view your advertisements. When used effectively, each form of in-stream advertisement can generate significant revenue. For creators with a large following and numerous monthly active users, this can be a lucrative option.


Streaming content can be monetized through a subscription model in a couple of ways:

Paid Access to Streaming Content

A subscription model may be structured so that subscribers must pay a monthly charge to access your streaming content. Upon becoming paid subscribers, this model grants viewers access to all of your streaming and VOD content. Over-the-top (OTT) streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Video, and SlingTV operate in this manner. After subscribing, you have access to all movies, television programs, and live television features available on the streaming platform.

Paid Memberships for Premium Features

If you choose this subscription model, users will have unrestricted access to your content, but must pay a monthly fee for premium features. These features may include access to live conversation during live broadcasts, exclusive content, or advanced access to content before it goes live.

Partner Programs

A sponsorship via an affiliate program is a fantastic method to connect with and profit from your audience. During live video broadcasts, partner programs ask you to share a custom link to a promoted product or service with your viewers. Every time one of your viewers selects a link and makes a purchase, you receive a commission. Social media platforms have rules regarding sponsorships through affiliates; therefore, ensure that the live streaming app you select is compatible with any partner programs you’re currently involved with or intend to pursue.

Pay-Per-View Model

This model is optimal for established creators with a following who are confident that their viewers will be prepared to pay to watch their live stream. As the term suggests, viewers must pay each time they wish to observe your live broadcast. You will only be able to generate revenue in this manner if your content is so compelling and unique that viewers are willing to pay to access it.

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