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The Benefits of Label and Artwork Management Software

In the last 10 years, the growth of technology is more than the growth previous 100 years before that. Technology influenced every business for good. In this blog, we have mentioned the influence of technology in label and artwork approval decisions. 

Advancement in technology has been a great help to everyone; things became way more manageable. Any information we need and any help we need can be obtained easily, develop AI systems, robots, Fitbit’s for monitoring health, and much more. Labelling is an organized process that requires serious attention as no single point can be missed as that will only result in product recalls. And that’s why brands needed some innovative packaging labelling and artwork management practices to make sure the number of errors can be reduced. 

Artwork Meets The Internet Thing

Internet is one of the best things created up to now as it is opening so many portals for any individual to learn and changes the scenario related to their respective business. It is filled with enormous knowledge which can help you build and grow your business. It is the same for all the manufacturers as it allows them to communicate and connect. The Internet provides the passage through which we can monitor and manage devices and can look for an enormous solution even for the labelling processes.

A few years back, the barcode could store a limited amount of information, but now much more information can be stored in the form of a barcode, for example, the weight of the product, temperature, locations, and much more. Labelling helps connect information through multiple devices and provides it to consumers to present transparency of the whole process. 

Blockchain Transforming The Supply Chain

In the last few years, the involvement of blockchain in supply chain management has increased a lot. Blockchain has the feature that can track and record a transaction that happens between two collaborators. It is an open, distributed ledger that shows clear transparency, as in showing the whole journey of the package going from one place to another.

Whenever the product is handed from one point to another (like from warehouse to delivery trucks to retailers to shop owners), this complete handing over the information will be documented and stored. Through this, any person can see from where and how this product has progressed. This technology is mainly in use because it shows transparency and can reduce the number of delays, errors occurring, etc. It increases the efficiency of the whole process and provides more security. 

Artwork Management Software

Many software and programs are designed to make this process much more manageable for labelling and packaging work. One of such options is artwork management software; there are so many variations available in the market which can help your business so much. If we talk about its features, most of such software have these standard features: –

  1. It provides a platform to the different teams and stakeholders to actively share the important files and discuss the projects. These shared files will be shared on a cloud database that anyone around the world can access by simply logging with their professional email id.
  2. This software can let you generate a list of tasks that will be automatically assigned to the selected personal ad it will also track their progress. This can also create alerts and reminders in case the individual is missing its deadlines.
  3. It can increase the speed of approvals needs on every project as all the individuals will be able to access all the information and post their reviews and suggestions on the platform itself.

There are many options for such software, and they provide unique features. But the motive for all these features is to provide a better user experience in the management of the ongoing project. 


For the last few years, barcodes have replaced manually writing and storing information on other devices. A barcode is an image of parallelly arranged black and white lines, generally read by a barcode scanner. It is attached to the product, and it contains important information related to the product, such as its unique identification number, tracking history, warehouse tracking, and much more.

Almost every smartphone covers the feature of barcode scanning as whenever the person is buying some products, they can scan the barcode to get additional information like nutritional value. Even though the product description also includes such information, scanning barcodes is faster and more fun. This generates curiosity in consumers, and they try using it and end up getting aware of all the essential information about the product. 

Wrapping It Up

Artwork management software has made the process of labelling and artwork approvals much easier. Due to its modern feature were discussing and communication between users became more convenient, cloud-based data storage, which allows access from any part of the world, list formation, and distributing tasks, is helping the brands in getting more efficiency.

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