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The 5 Characteristics of a Successful Outsourced Sales Team for B2B Lead Generation

Sales are hard. Often, you need to convince businesses to buy things that they didn’t even know they needed. To succeed in this, as the b2b lead generation Belkins agency recommends, the members of your sales team need to be passionate, charismatic, and hardworking.

However, creating a sales department within your company is not always the best idea. You will need to find and train the right people. Besides that, you will need to buy expensive hardware and software subscriptions. Long story short, you will need to invest heaps of money and time into an effective in-house sales team.

The alternative is to outsource your sales. Professional teams specializing in sales are far more experienced and will generate more business leads than an inside sales team. Nonetheless, you need to stay vigilant and cautiously choose the team you will outsource all your sales too.

The B2B lead generation Belkins team analyzed the available information to compile a list of 5 characteristics of a successful outsourced sales team.

1. Successful Outsourced Sales Teams Train Hard to Get B2B leads

Try to recall the process of studying in your school and/or college. The teachers (professors) bombarded you with theories about sales, leadership, creative writing, and many other things. However, there is only one way a team can be effective. The members need to practice, practice and practice again.

We encourage you to only hire teams that are effective and passionate. Check out which trends the potential team has used before and how they can raise the number of new business leads.

You know better than us how difficult some clients are to please. These people will overthink, ask baffling questions, sabotage your scripts, etc. So, the team members need to possess the skills to work with these clients.

Just remember to check the efficiency of the company and consider the profitability of the potential partnership.

2. Successful Outsourced Sales Teams Communicate Well

Having a proper channel of communication can make the difference between a profitable and failing business. We recommend having an account manager (AM) that will be providing you with weekly (or daily) performance statistics. Besides that, your AM will be responsible for achieving goals and KPIs and planning professional development for employees. Additionally, they will give you feedback about the customers’ preferences and ways to make your product better.

It is a good idea to think of the account manager as the team captain. So, you will need to be careful when choosing the right person for the job. Ideally, the AMs understand the strength and weaknesses of their people and do their best to get more b2b leads.

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3. Successful Sales Teams Keep Improving

Do you know the main secret of the most successful sports teams? Their coaches watch the videos of their previous games, find mistakes in them, and train hard to avoid the same miscalculations in the future.

A quality assurance coach performs similar functions in the business world. The main goal of this specialist is to keep track of each agent’s performance, find mistakes, and train them to avoid a repeat in the future. Thus, you are increasing the number of sales.

You are the employer, and it is in your best interests to work with the QA Team to develop the program to increase the competence and effectiveness of the sales team.

Millions of people start their day by checking their email. It would be great to reach out to these people with your fantastic proposition. However, Google constantly improves its antispam technologies, making the old tactics useless. Here is where Folderly comes in. The folder is an AI-based platform whose goal is to increase your email deliverability.

4. Successful Sales Teams Are Always Prepared

Human memory is not perfect. Even the best of the best forget 56% of the information after one hour, 66% percent after a day, and 75% percent after six days. Knowing this fact helps us to estimate that, if you spend a fortune organizing a learning program, the vast majority of workers will only recall 25% of the information after a week.

Having this in mind, we recommend creating and providing a sales playbook for every sales agent. You can include an outline of the sales process, buyer personas, agendas, call scripts, etc.

We recommend creating a short cheat sheet that your sales agents can refer to while talking to the clients. It is essential to get a competent content writer to write the sales playbook.

We recommend choosing an outsource sales team that has incorporated a sales playbook for their employees.

5. Successful Sales Teams Are Flexible

It is impossible to be 100% prepared for every possible issue that may arise in the process of b2b online lead generation. Sooner or later, your sales agents will encounter the issue that will require them to think.

You are not paying people to do the same things over and over again blindly. The goal of your sales agents’ work is to use different communication channels to meet the quotas and be successful at appointment setting with your potential customers.

Your employees will need to:

  • Use a sales chat on your website;
  • Master outbound calling;
  • Adopt social selling;
  • Know how to use email best practices;
  • Develop a content marketing strategy for generating new business leads;
  • Implement a 24/7 response strategy.

The main characteristic of a successful outsourced sales team is the ability to use available communication channels to be a successful lead generator.

Bonus Tip – Successful Sales Teams Know When to Slow Down

You can ensure the efficiency of the sales agents by controlling every step and putting immense pressure on them. However, we recommend only using that tactic in case of emergencies.

The main reason is that humans are somewhat fragile beings. Yes, you will experience fast booming growth in your sales for a short period of time. But after a period of intense work, the team will need time to recover.

Instead of working your people to death, we recommend slowly increasing the quotas and giving your sales agents the time to adjust to the new requirements. This tactic will allow you to increase the profit over time without causing massive stress on your employees.

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