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Top 7 SEO Trends to Increase Organic Traffic

Search engine optimization is one of the best ways to boost organic traffic; however, keeping up with its ever-evolving trends can be challenging.

SEO specialists work tirelessly to stay abreast of trends in order to deliver relevant content at exactly the time users search for it – and with Google Discover this becomes even more crucial.

Voice Search Optimization

Voice search is an emerging digital trend that has already had an enormous effect on businesses of all kinds, from startups to large enterprises. Optimizing for this trend can help any of them attract more organic traffic and close more sales.

Voice searches differ from traditional text-based search in that they use longer queries with conversational-style phrasing, prioritizing answers over general information.

Understanding how people use voice search devices will allow you to maximize its SEO potential, and optimize for keywords specific to your industry and business.

Voice search also plays a pivotal role in providing local content, as it’s used by many users to locate local businesses like restaurants and cafes.

If you want to rank well for voice searches, incorporate question-type keywords into your website content and establish FAQ pages with answers for frequently asked questions.

Voice search optimization may seem complex, but with these tips in place you’ll easily be able to increase your rankings. In essence, to get your content seen by its intended target audience and keep their questions answered accurately and directly.

Video Content

Video content can be an immensely effective storytelling and educational medium that is easily integrated into websites, social media profiles and email campaigns.

Videos can help increase organic traffic by prolonging visitors’ time spent on your site, building brand loyalty while simultaneously showing search engines that your content is important.

People enjoy watching video clips because they are quick and engaging, keeping people’s attention. By using relevant keywords and hashtags in your video descriptions, you may reach new potential audiences which could eventually turn into customers in the future.

Begin by selecting the type of video that will best meet your goals. For instance, if your aim is to boost B2B conversions with short product demonstration videos that emphasize their benefits.

Another approach is to create webinars to educate users more about your products or company. Such videos can include animations to add visual interest and make the presentation more captivating for viewers.

To maximize the return from your video content, it’s essential that it be optimized for SEO. This means including relevant keywords in its title, description, and tags as this will ensure it ranks for relevant searches and draws more viewers to it.


Search engine optimization (SEO) is key for online businesses looking to expand organic traffic. In order to do this, SEO becomes crucial.

SEO should never be approached as an one-size-fits-all solution; rather, you must identify your target audience and understand their needs before beginning an SEO strategy.

Content that resonates with their interests and goals will increase conversions and maximize your ROI.

Expertise, Authority and Trustworthiness, or E-A-T for short, is a ranking signal Google uses to assess topical relevancy. Although not a direct ranking factor itself, E-A-T may help your site rank higher in search results.

Search engine optimization (SEO) and building your reputation online are essential parts of SEO success, especially when discussing YMYL topics. Google wants to know that you are an authoritative source and can trust what information comes from you.

Google uses an E-A-T rating as one way of gauging the quality of websites and content across devices, including design elements such as website design and user experience as well as core web vital scores across devices.

Mobile Optimization

Mobile optimization is an integral component of SEO as it ensures that all visitors to your website enjoy an optimal user experience, no matter if they use a smartphone, tablet or other.

Optimizing your website for mobile is vital in order to maintain search engine rankings and conversion rates. If your website doesn’t work correctly on mobile, potential customers are less likely to engage with you or may even leave without visiting further.

Being mobile-friendly also ensures your website loads quickly on all devices, an essential consideration since most people are busy and looking for immediate results. A slow website will cause great frustration; studies have even indicated a 38% rise in heart rate when page loads take too long to appear.

Optimizing your website for mobile can also increase conversion rates. A user-friendly mobile website will make it easier for visitors to convert into leads as it’s simpler for them to navigate and access information they require on their device.

Your website can be optimized for mobile use by using mobile-friendly coding, compressing images to reduce file sizes, and utilizing content delivery networks. All these measures can help improve its loading speed while increasing conversions from new visitors.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence can be an extremely useful tool in aiding your website’s SEO performance, performing tasks such as keyword research, image optimization, content analysis and more.

Google RankBrain serves as an outstanding example of AI’s potential to enhance search results and enhance the user experience. RankBrain uses machine learning algorithms to analyze search queries and understand what its users are searching for.

Predictive analytics make it easier for websites to build SEO strategies based on current and anticipated search queries, making the entire SEO campaign process simpler.

AI requires training software on large amounts of data. Thanks to data labeling capabilities and affordable storage/processing costs, more algorithms are being created for specific uses.

Businesses can utilize artificial intelligence (AI) to automate many types of tasks, including customer service work, lead generation, fraud detection and quality control. AI also gives businesses insights into their operations they couldn’t previously see before.

User Experience

User experience is of critical importance in today’s oversaturated digital market, particularly as Google uses user experience metrics in its ranking algorithms – it could make or break your online business!

UX design involves creating products and services that make sense to users by conducting extensive research, testing, iterating and learning from your findings.

Utilization is a multidisciplinary field incorporating aspects from cognitive science and psychology, computer science, communication design and usability engineering. Usability engineering plays an integral part of every digital product’s development cycle from websites or apps to mobile phones.

International Standards Organization defines user experience as: emotions, beliefs, perceptions, physical and psychological reactions, behaviors, and accomplishments that result from using a system.”

An effective user experience can have a dramatic impact on customer purchasing decisions. It could mean anything from providing excellent customer service, an intuitive app or website navigation and information at just the right moment and format to providing key info at just the right time for customers to purchase goods and services.

User experiences that make customers happy are key for business success and can contribute significantly to higher conversion rates – both of which are crucial components.

Featured Snippets

A featured snippet is a Google search result that displays an answer to user’s query as an informative paragraph, list or table. These results are especially beneficial in mobile and voice search as they enable users to locate answers quickly without clicking links or scrolling pages.

To optimize for featured snippets, focus on long-tail keywords and questions your target market may pose. Make a list using KWFinder of these queries before optimizing pages around them.

Featured snippets can be an effective way to bypass Google’s page one ranking and increase organic traffic, but can also be an uphill battle as there is no way you can “make” your content eligible – rather it is solely up to Google who decides what content deserves to be presented in its snippet form.

Reaching the first page of Google’s organic search results can be an uphill struggle, but that doesn’t have to be a cause of despair if you aren’t already there. Optimize for featured snippets as one way of overtaking competitors.

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