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Four Best Finance and Budgeting Applications for Businesses 

So many people like to save more and spend less. However, the routine reality of life and work and the countless daily commitments often make it impractical and challenging, if not impossible. In all honesty, it is not easy to seek the motivation for budgeting, but some people tend to overlook it entirely.

For these and a bountiful of other reasons, the number of budgeting applications and their popularity is constantly surging. When you have software, it is easier for you to monitor your spending and expenses and make conscious efforts to save more by linking your banking accounts to an app and tracking the cash inflow and outflow. A lot of these apps are free, but many are paid too. Regardless, these applications will surely help you better your finances over time. Here, in this article, we will review some of the best budgeting applications to help you find an app that best fits your needs.

1. Goodbudget

‘I love using the Goodbudget financing and budgeting application as it works great for my business and personal use. This application is based on the envelope system,’ comments Daisy, who works with EduWorldUSA.

Let us explain the working of this application. In the Goodbudget application’s envelope system, you portion out a chunk of your monthly income and direct it towards a specific type of spending category. This application enables multiple devices to use the same accounts. So, family members and partners can conveniently share one budget. Unlike the other budgeting applications, you do not have to sync your bank accounts in this app. Instead, you will manually end your account balance and the debts and cash amounts.

When the income and the accounts have been entered, you will allocate the money towards certain spending categories, and these are called envelopes. You can use one account on two devices in the free version, and you get only limited envelopes. On the other hand, in the premium or the plus version, payable at 7 USD per month or 60 USD for a year, you get unlimited accounts and envelopes and access on five devices, along with some other benefits.

2. Mint

‘As long as I have had my business, I have been using Mint as my only budgeting application,’ comments Stuart, who works with TopAssignmentExperts

It is indeed one of the most prevalent and the oldest budgeting application. Mint is owned by Intuit, the company, which makes TurboTax and Quickbooks. With Mint, you get access to several features that help you manage and track your money from an extensive list of credit card issuers, banks, lenders, financial institutions, and brokerage.

Even though the application has a plethora of features, its most helpful feature is its budgeting tool. You can find it in the front and center when you log into the application. Under Mint, the transactions from the linked debit and credit cards are categorized, and you can track them against the set budget. You can even tweak your expenses and spending according to your needs. The application also has a feature wherein you can get alerts or notifications anytime you go over budget. You can track your spending by category or analyze the overall cash flow to picture where your money goes fully.

3. Personal Capital

‘At TFTH, a website that helps you find homework and assignment help serviceswe religiously use the Personal Capital application to track our expenses and income,’ comments Justine.

Personal Capital is certainly the best application for investment-focused and retirement budgeters. On the application, you can maintain and set a monthly budget. This application is an amalgam of features, such as retirement goal-tracking, investment monitoring, and budgeting. Together all of this makes it an exceptional application worthy of a download.

When you sign up for the application, you will input retirement-focused information, such as the age when you intend to retire and the money you have in your investment and savings account. After you have linked all the accounts you wish to manage, such as your investment accounts, savings accounts, and checking accounts, you can get a general overview of where your money is going. With the graphs on the application, it is easy for you to keep a tab on your cash flow and expenses on a month-by-month basis. Overall, Personal Capital is an incredible money management application, and you can use it to monitor where your money goes and keep a tab on your long-term plans and retirement goals.

4. My Budget Book

It is indeed a serious budgeting applications, and has all the fine details, and enables you to set category-wise limits. So, having this application, you can decide the amount you intend to spend on entertainment, clothing, and other things. Furthermore, the app supports 100% offline support, and there are no in-app purchases or ads. Further, the application also has a themed Material Design Interface. You can easily customize the features to make the app more powerful. You can also export to CSV or HTML, as required. In all honesty, you do not get advanced features in this app, such as cross-platform support, but you do not need it. The only con of this app is that it requires you to pay upfront.

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