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Developing a Healthcare Mobile Application

As a matter of fact, people always try to make their life easier with the help of Internet benefits. It is not surprising that nowadays health issues are of great concern for people all around the world. Due to these reasons, 2021 may be considered a year of healthcare mobile application development.

There are a few reasons why a medical app for patients have become more and more popular:

  1. Healthcare Mobile Application bring about the improvement of service quality and instil self-organization skills in patients.
  2. They make the life of patients much easier since they offer a range of facilities like the ability to schedule an appointment, review prescriptions or even connect to doctors through a video call for online diagnosis.

Although, despite the growing popularity and a great variety of such applications, the majority of them fail to satisfy the customers’ needs.

The recent statistics show that most of such applications can boast of less than 10,000 downloads, which is really a drop in the bucket for such a sphere. Taking into consideration the fact that there are more than 400,000 Healthcare Mobile Application presented at the app stores, it is extremely surprising why people do not show much interest in downloading them. When and where did things go wrong? The aim of this article is to find out what people really search for and expect to see when downloading healthcare apps. So, let’s get it started!

What do People Look For in Healthcare Mobile Application

As a matter of fact, patients do not have extraordinary demands or requirements for these apps. Indeed, people hope to get access to some basic facilities like the capability to schedule/cancel an appointment, the ability to request prescriptions, and easy access to case-records. Strangely, as it may seem, only 11 % of the hospital applications are able to meet the clients’ requirements on at least one of the above functionalities. Moreover, hospitals manage to engage in using their healthcare app only 2 % of the patients.

As you can see, healthcare mobile applications should be about providing basic functionalities in the most user-friendly way possible. Unfortunately, very few ones manage to implement these two crucial elements successfully.

I dare say that this sphere is waiting for some kind of a revolution! It is waiting for someone who will improve patient satisfaction through using mobile apps. Who knows, maybe, it is anticipating you?

Below you will find some tips which can help you understand the patients’ requirements and crucial areas you should focus on to succeed in building a healthcare app.

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1. Easy access to the most important functions

A lot of people who think about developing their own app want their product to be unique. It is good, but you shouldn’t forget about the basic features. Make sure the users would not spend a lot of time and effort on making the most common things like booking, changing, or cancelling the doctor’s appointment. Remember that all customers appreciate their time and will definitely opt for an app that will be the most convenient to use.

2. Make your app informative

The app downloads statistics show that people adore reading in detail about themselves. They tend to read a lot about their health condition, possible causes of some disorders, and ways to solve them. The more facts about a specific condition a user can get – the more successful your app will be.

3. Professionals support

Another pivotal characteristic of a high-quality Healthcare Mobile Application is the capability of patients to receive help and support from healthcare professionals. As the statistics show, nearly 75% of hospital visits can be easily handled through the phone or video call. Due to this, it is essential to create an app, where patients can connect and talk with medical personnel. The same thing again, don’t forget that these facilities must be of easy access to the end-users.

4. Create a society!

You know, people are social creatures who enjoy chatting and interacting with one another. It would be a great idea to add a community feature to your future product. The recent study published in the Journal of Medical Internet Research, suggests that more than a half of the 217 users surveyed assume that the social component in healthcare app make them more motivated to lead a healthy way of life and take care of themselves. Moreover, social features may be also

beneficial for those diagnosed with a particular health problem. Such people can create a club or a group with people suffering from the same illness or disease to support each other since no one can understand them better.

Communication – is always a good thing when talking about Internet applications. Give your clients a sense of support or understanding and they will be fully engaged with your healthcare app.

5. Sophisticated digital experience

Modern Internet clients expect a smooth and elegant user experience from an app. The survey shows that nearly 90% of Healthcare Mobile Application are not being frequently used after they have been downloaded. If you want to make users fall in love with your product, at first sight, make sure it doesn’t have a poor user experience. If it is, be ready that more than 21% of millennials are likely to delete your application.

It is a good idea to provide attractive data visualization and user-friendly UI for your app. Opt for soothing colours for site pages and designs. Do not forget about some age differences. For example, if you are going to target elderly people, it would be a fantastic decision to make bigger icons and larger texts for them to read.

6. Make use of wearable devices

Health trackers and smartwatches are extremely popular nowadays! Do not make your client choose between your app and a wearable device. Indeed, make use of it! By integrating your app with wearable devices you will present a range of amazing opportunities for your customers.

Devices like fitness trackers can collect vital data such as heart rate, blood sugar and pressure, tremors, posture control, sleep patterns, and physical activities. This information will make patients know more about the quality of their life and give them the opportunity to gain better control of themselves.


The healthcare apps are growing in popularity with each other day, giving you an opportunity to create your own product. It would be a great idea to take into consideration all mistakes other app owners have made and to create something really immaculate. Don’t forget about the targeted audience and remember the basic clients’ needs. I do hope that this article made you understand this aspect better. Be patient and attentive. Keep working and success will come.

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