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DJI Mini 2 palm-sized drone flies more and shoots 4K videos for $449

Last year the DJI Mavic Mini may have been the smallest and lightest complete drone on the market, but it was also slightly affected outside the gate. However, the DJI Mini 2 palm-sized drone is now solving some of its deficiencies, so don’t call it Mavic anymore.

DJI did not ease new product launches in the second half of 2020. At the end of August, the OM 4 phone stabilizer, followed by the RS 2 and RSC 2 and the Pocket 2 palm 4-kg vlogging cam, were unveiled. Now they add a DJI Mini 2 drone to the list.

While the new $449 DJI Mini 2 palm drone may appear a little the same, even if it weighs the same 249 grams (which means you don’t have to register it with the FAA), now the wireless connection with the OcuSync 2 DJI is up to 2.5 times more reliable. The original was unusual for the very unsteady Wi-Fi amongst DJI drones, a dealbreaker for me, without any question.

It uses the same controller as the last Mavic Air 2, but you will not be able to remove the advanced obstacle and follow the drone, as it has considerably fewer sensors, of course.

However, flying for a further minute is not an essential justification for upgrading. The updated camera, which now shoots a 4K video with a bit rate of 100 megabits per second at 30 frames per second, will be the most important new feature. The 2.7K footage at 40Mbps captured by the Mavic Mini significantly improves image quality. 4K recording also gives access to an appropriate 2x digital zoom. There’s also a 4x optical zoom when you shoot in full HD, although the results are not fantastic

DJI Mini 2 palm-sized drone flies more and shoots 4K videos for $449

DJI states that the Mini fly engines were changed to speed up acceleration and speed up to 35.8 mph (up from 29 mph) and an additional battery life minute claims (31 minutes versus 30 minutes). In addition, compared to 18 mph before, 24 mph of wind can also be handled.

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The one negative we can identify so far is a $50 higher starting price (and maybe the loss of the vertical picture option because DJI did not mention it in the news release). You will have to pay $449 for the DJI Mini 2 hand drone with a controller and one battery, or the three-battery Fly More Battery, charging station, and carrying case pay $599. It can be found for sale.

It is crucial to note that the newest Mavic Mini has a helpful mid-cycle software update with manual exposure, manual white balance, and 24 fps film mode. So if you can find it at a deep discount now that your successor is here, it could be worth looking out.

The DJI Mini 2 palm-size drone produces 12-megapixel portrait photos, and even JPEGs and Adobe DNG raw files may now be collected. The small, 1/2.3-inch sensor didn’t provide you much capacity for improvements, but it allows you some room to save shadows or highlight information. You also get a three-photo exposure bracketing mode and three panoramic settings.

The Mini 2 improves video transmission together with the revised sensor. In addition, DJI has introduced its wireless OcuSync 2.0, the same as its Mavic Air 2 higher-end drone, instead of depending on better Wi-Fi prone to interference. OcuSync extends the transmission range to 10 km (6.2 miles) with anti-interference protection that blocks undesirable frequencies.

The DJI Mini 2 also has the same Air 2 controller. (Another wonderful forward-looking update: all ports are now USB-C — on the drone, controller, and charger) The Mavic Min controller was smaller, but the camera also stood under the controls, making you look down and have moved your hands down to alter your monitor settings. The latest controller lets you lay your phone on top, and the mount is even easier to use with a case on your PC, yet it is still compact. The holder moves to the top, and sticks can be withdrawn and stored on the bottom of the controller for travel.

The new features include an enhanced camera and an extended range of videos. This and the extra minute of flight time were made possible with better motors, which also assisted to fly up to 24 miles per hour in the wind.

There is another attractive option for those who wish to capture and share. You may now connect your smartphone straight to the drone and transfer it directly to your computer with a speed of 20 megabytes per second. Therefore, you can land and move on the spot if you take full advantage of one of the QuickShot autonomous drone systems.

The main bundle for the DJI Mini 2 features the drone, a battery, and the controller for the retail price of $449. The combination also comprises three batteries, a charging station, a carrying bag, a drone, and a joystick and costs $599 Travel More. So, when you just opted to take the Mavic Mini Fly More’s $399 package for the Amazon Prime Day offer.

One thing to note is that, unlike the higher-end DJI drones, there are no sensors here for avoiding obstacles. So while the size, price, and smooth operation of the Mini 2 make it suitable if you start, you won’t have that added safety net. But it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to practice to develop a feeling of how it flies. Overall, it’s a beautiful experience for those that start with aerial pictures and videos.

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