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How to Earn Money Online as a Columnist

A columnist is a professional who writes columns for a newspaper, website, or mag. Usually, he works in an office, but the emergence of online jobs has made it possible for him to serve online.

A columnist acts as an editorial writer. If you want to earn online as a columnist, you must have vast knowledge, good command of the required language, and the ability to convey the facts and opinions in a significant way.

You can see your columns published online and go through the comments of the readers as well. Today, columnists are earning high since the demand for media is increasing.

How to be an Online Columnist?

Initially, you have to build a name in the world of news, political stories, and updates. You can work online for some famous newspapers voluntarily. When people like your views and way of writing, this is the time to start earning.

If your readership is sound and you can read people’s minds, you can become a successful columnist. Not just news, you can write on fashion, health & fitness, celebrities, sports, and food.

You do not have to write daily. You can contribute one column a week or ten columns a month; The thing is to focus on the quality, not the quantity.

To work as a column writer, you must have the relevant qualification, such as Masters’s in English, linguists, journalism, or mass communication. If you have experience in copywriting, editing, or reporting, this is a plus point.

The freelancer writers can switch to the job of a columnist. They have a good portfolio, which can impress the employer.

Famous writers are making much money, say, $1000 per month or even more. So, you need to write for a well-known website and then try to become their need.

Many columnists are making money during travel, on the roads, and at home conveniently. Western countries also get several benefits, like health insurance, bonuses, pension, etc.

Remember, a columnist is an experienced professional. He writes many books and hundreds of articles. Then, he gets credibility in the sight of readers.

Tips for the New Columnists

If you are a student and want to be a columnist, you can start from the school publications.

Create a blog and write posts for that.

Where to Apply?

There are many famous websites for which you can start writing, and soon, you will build a name in the temple of fame. Here, we present a few of them;

Dawn News is a top-quality newspaper and the one, who writes columns for its website, gets popular.

There are chances of rapid fame and higher payment if you write for The Nation.

HamariWeb is a multiple-category site. In its news section, you can add your pieces of writings. Gradually, people will start recognizing you as a great writer.

Business Insider is another popular platform, which invites good writers to get their work published.

You will be familiar with the UrduPoint website: it is the best place for Urdu lovers. You can join it for Urdu columns.

BBC Urdu is a world-class news website. Making a name on this platform is not easy, but you can earn considerable money online once you win it.

WritersLabs is specifically a freelancing portal for qualified writers. You will find different types of writing projects there.

You can also find writing jobs on OLX, Indeed, Rozee, Mustakbil, Bayrozgar, JobsAlert, etc. There is a well-known application, Column Ghar; you can contribute to this app. You will soon make a place in the ‘news’ world. Many mobile users like this app and read their columns passionately.

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