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Enterprise Application Development with PostgreSQL

PostgreSQL is one of the most advanced and longstanding open-source DBMS with a huge number of implementations globally. PostgreSQL is managed and maintained by a huge, vibrant, and independent community that actively offers support to the users to resolve issues while working with PostgreSQL. It can run on different platforms like Linux, Windows, and Mac, etc. You need to select what will work best for your specific business requirements. It will ensure smooth operations.

PostgreSQL can be used by database admins, programmers, project managers, or software professionals to build websites, desktop applications, products, tools, etc. It only requires minimal maintenance due to its stability and sturdiness. You can custom define your data and index types on it and develop custom plugins to meet all your requirements.

Compared with DB2 and Oracle, PostgreSQL has some common features like ACID compliance and multi-variant concurrency, which ensure reliable transactions and support during high concurrent loads. Postgres can also support standard programs like MySQL, Oracle, MongoDB, ANSI SQL, etc. This DB is also extensible by offering support for GIST and GIN index types. There are also various features, including key-value based development.

Benefits of PostgreSQL

1. Transactions

You may consider how many additional codes one has to write to handle if there are no transactions. If you have to write error handling each time you write programs, you end up with client-side libraries and may need the transaction labels. But why should one bother when there is a database that offers transactions. PostgreSQL will offer you a transactional DDL. It is not just INSERT, DELETE, UPDATE for managing transactions, but it is more likely creating a table, auto table, drop table, etc.

Say, for example, if you make a change to the tables, it will commit the said transaction immediately. It matters while you have any complex application, and it is typical to make any changes to the application and make changes to the database schema. If you want to implement that to the application changes, it will make all such changes to the application at once as a single transaction.

2. Parameters

The purpose of having parameters is when you have to change the settings, where you can look at it manually and work out to change these parameters. PostgreSQL benefits from many adjustable parameters. You may set the environmental parameters in many database systems, and you may set them at the database level. No matter how many parameters there are, you will be able to change these.

For example, there are many cases in which Postgres has many internal parameters, but we have to adjust those based on the measurements on how we use the systems. Which means the memory you would like to dedicate to the server applications. As a result, we have one piece of information that we calculate inside the DB. Another important thing about parameters is that you just set them at various places. Say, for example, you may set the parameters for a session or even set them for the entire transaction or function. For any remote support regarding PostgreSQL database administration, you can take the assistance of RemoteDBA.com for end-to-end support.

3. Comments on codes

Unlike database applications, PostgreSQL will offer the feature of code comments. This will let you see what a given code does or what it does not for the application. It means you have to understand the DB design and follow the engineering process to do the same. This gives you more security and quality and the ability to grow the community around it as moreand more people will get involved and see the development of the code. This approach of code comments will allow the development of a functional open-source community around it than leaving it as a dead code left on GitHub.

4. Extensibility

Another major Postgres feature that attracts the developers and DBs into it is that Postgres is extensible. You can easily extend the database, which is not fixed. If you need any additional feature in Postgres, then you can add it all by yourself. This isn’t easy to achieve in any other such databases. Extensibility is a complete set of unique aspects of Postgres. It allows uses to come up with different functions, languages, user types, and all manners of different changes, which you can install into the database server just by create extensions.

Postgres acts as a packaging tool for the DBMS add-ons like PL/Python, PL/pgSQL, and Java, etc. With these, you can get your databases to do virtually everything to run inside PostgreSQL, including JS. This is achieved by exposing the interface through which anyone can easily write a language that will run inside the DB. When you execute the function, you may even do not know in which language the functions are written, so we expose an extensible interface and hide the complexity of it by providing an extensible functional language.

5. Security

Most importantly, Postgres has many in-built features related to security and extensions that you can use to ensure security. Postgres now has global recognition for its ability to provide top-notch security. It offers parameter security and also application security at best. With parameter security, you can lock down the DB system by using configurations at the operating system level, and you can also lock down the environment around the database. In the case of application security, Postgres offers user-privilege-specific security administration. You can set the user accounts as read-only, read, write, or other database functions based on the user category.

Along with all these benefits, you need to know about some disadvantages too even though there are not many. The limitation of the Postgres database is that it is a relational database. It means the DB works based on some assumptions in a certain way. As Postgres is an open-source database, it is not owned by any provider, and so it offers no warranty and does not have a foolproof indemnity or liability protection.

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