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13 Facial Recognition Apps You’ll Want to Download

You’ve probably already heard about facial recognition apps, as they are everywhere: on your phone, in airports, and in security systems, for example. Everyone is talking about them, and many have them at their fingertips. 

We will share with you the best facial recognition apps to take advantage of all the benefits that this new technology offers. 

1. FaceSDK

This is a facial recognition application designed for certain types of programmers to build web applications with facial recognition and biometric identification. The company in charge of developing it was Luxand, and its client list includes large companies such as Samsung, LG, Universal, P&G, and Ford.

Luxand is a company that has developed an extensive list of facial recognition applications. Some of the apps developed by this company are used for biometric identification in banks, security companies, and companies that offer medical solutions.

Similarly, this company has developed applications to identify faces, analyze their characteristics and make 3D modeling. We can highlight some of the apps that work to create augmented reality filters, such as Luxand Blink!: face recognition login, Luxand Babymaker, and Luxand Faceswapper.

2. AppLock Face

In addition to giving you the option of unlocking through facial recognition, this application also offers you the option of voice recognition. You can even configure privacy settings to access your messaging, social networks, and photo gallery. 

This facial recognition app is exclusive to Android.

3. True Key

True Key is a facial recognition app developed by two major technology companies, Intel and McAfee Security. It is a very useful password manager for those who have a bad memory, as it stores passwords and allows you to enter the applications or web pages of your choice using your face.

With this application to recognize faces and save passwords, you will be able to keep safe your bank passwords, the streaming services you are subscribed to, your email accounts, and more. Now you can forget about researching how to save passwords in Chrome because with this app, all your passwords will be safe, and you will be able to use them in a very simple way.

You can use it on Android and iOS for free to store up to 15 passwords. If you want to have some more advanced features, you can pay a subscription of 19.99 USD per year to save unlimited passwords.

4. Face Lock Screen

This facial recognition app for Android is used to lock and unlock your device and limit access to different apps: from social networks to WhatsApp, online banking apps, etc.

5. IObit Applock

This is one of the best facial recognition apps for those who want to protect their privacy and keep their phone data safe. It is very similar to the “Face ID” recognition software developed by Apple.

With it, you can even lock apps individually, so accessing apps like WhatsApp will require facial recognition, even if the phone is unlocked.

In addition, this facial recognition app takes a photo every time you make three mistakes when trying to enter the device to find out if someone tried to check your phone or what you store on it.

6. Railer

The facial recognition app, Railer, is one of the most accurate in existence, as it can identify a person’s facial features up to 99.7 percent. In addition, it has advanced functions that serve to analyze images in detail and identify whether it is a person or someone trying to circumvent the algorithm.

Some companies use this facial recognition application to monitor their employees and obtain statistics on their performance, productivity, and other interest data. Using samples of different scripts, designs, and papers writers create unique stories and avoid the mistakes of previous writers. Engineers, by analyzing different designs, identify problems and optimize future designs. So, too, these systems reveal patterns of employee behavior and productivity. Subsequently, this data can be used to optimize performance. Similarly, it can be used in schools to obtain data on the levels of non-attendance of their students.

7. FaceFirst 

Do you want a face recognition app focused on providing enterprise-level solutions? Then FaceFirst is the app for you. With this application, you can boost your security system on a large scale. 

It is a face recognition application that you can use to process the data received by your Facial Recognition cameras. It is mainly used in the security and surveillance systems of large companies.

8. FacePhi

Facial recognition is also part of banks’ modernization and security strategies, so it was to be expected that there would be an app to recognize faces targeting this type of company.

FacePhi is a facial recognition application used to verify the identity of a bank’s customers, although it can also be used in other types of projects. The app is based on a recognition process known as KYC (Know Your Customers), with which companies can store a database of their customers and verify that the people who are requesting their services are who they say they are.

9. Blippar

While Blippar is a bit of a departure from the main purpose of facial recognition apps, it uses the same technology to help users discover new objects. 

Have you ever seen an object that you don’t know much about but would like to know more about? This biometric technology application can scan an album cover, an advertisement you see with an item of your interest, a piece of art, and more.

10. Face2Gene

Medical science also has some facial recognition applications that facilitate certain types of analysis. Face2Gene is a face recognition app used to identify a person’s phenotypic characteristics, reveal genetic disorders, and diagnose syndromes or diseases.

Although this facial recognition app is available for anyone to download from Google Play or the App Store, a medical background is required. The company FDNA developed it to facilitate the work of certain medical institutions.

11. Animoji

Exclusive to Apple, this facial recognition application works with the “Face ID” software included in iOS 11 and later systems.

It is an application focused on the user’s entertainment, as it allows you to create 3D emojis that replicate the expressions of the phone’s owner. This app to recognize faces will help you create personalized emojis and have a good time.

12. Face app

When it comes to facial recognition applications, sometimes, fun comes first. Face app is an application to identify faces and apply augmented reality filters on Android and iOS, and its results are much fun.

If we think about it, it is perhaps the most popular facial recognition app on the market, especially since hundreds of thousands of people have downloaded it to try its free filters.

In addition, you can download this application in a very easy way, and you have to enter Google Play or the App Store to start enjoying its functions.

13. FindFace

Developed by Ntech Lab, this facial recognition app is perhaps, the most surprising on our list. Especially because it offers solutions to those who want to use facial recognition to keep everything in order in their businesses, it also has some functional features that make it ideal for governments that want to optimize their security levels.

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