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Top 9 Best Female Voice Changer Apps 2021

Pranking your pals by converting your male voice to female voice is an excellent method to amuse them. A men-to-women voice converter is all you’ll need. Whether you want to modify your age, appearance, or voice, innovation has made it feasible. Numerous apps have emerged in recent years that allow you to alter your tone. A male can make his voice sound like a lady using these Female Voice Changer Apps.

 Your hunt for the best Male to Female Voice Changer Apps of 2021 will come to an end right now. Pop over to this site with a list of the best anonymous voice changer apps for Windows, iOS and Android. We’ve compiled a list of the best Male to Female Voice Changer Apps for 2021 that you can use to make your voice sound more feminine.

1. Voice FX Voice Changer

Voice FX is among the best programs for making your speech sound like that of a woman. It also includes a variety of voice effects, including robot, creature, kid, and others. You can alter your voice by using any one of those techniques. Furthermore, the program allows you to create music using a variety of audio effects. Add those audio effects to a soundtrack, and you’re capable of making alterations.

2. Lingo Jam

LingoJam is a simple online voice converter that allows you to switch from male to female or female to a male voice. There is no need to install anything. Enter an audio clip, alter the voice options to fit your requirements, and you’ll have a voice-changed audio clip in no time. If the audio has been modified to your satisfaction, hit the download option to store it on your device. There is no need to register. It’s simple and free.

3. Girls Voice Changer

Girls Voice Changer is another excellent software that includes a variety of female sounds. You can choose amongst them and choose the one that appears to be the best. The program also allows you to capture your voice in several Girls’ voice tones. Those captured voices can also be exported and saved to your phone. It also enables and allows you to link it to third-party data systems such as Google Drive, OneDrive, etc.

4. Voicer 

Voicer is the most popular female voice changer app, with over 50 million installations on Google Play. Modify your tone, listen to it, and have a good time with your mates. You may spice up your speech with numerous sound effects to make it more engaging and entertaining. The sound effects include an old guy, a baby, an insect, and others that you can experiment with depending on your emotions and needs.

5. Change My Voice

Change My Voice will be one of the most popular Male to Female Voice Changer Apps in 2021. It is probably the easiest and an efficient method for making your voice seem female. Despite this, there are over a dozen distinct audio effects to pick from in the program. You may alter the frequency, sound quality, speed, and tone of a changed voice while capturing it. The most incredible thing is that you can capture and save your voice on your phone.

6. VoiceSpice

VoiceSpice is a unique online voice player that lets you capture your voice like a girl, male, robotic, and other characters. Aside from that, the VoiceSpice app enables you to instantly convert text to speech in either a boy or girl’s voice. Choose from a total of 15 different languages. To quickly create men or women voice speech, select your language and female, type your text into the empty text box, and press the messaging icon.

7. Live Voice Changer – Prank Call

Live Voice Changer is an iPhone sound converter application. The Live Voice Changer- Prank Call app alters your speech instantaneously so that you may prank your pals over the phone, in voice chats, on social media, and so on. You can choose from 11 different live voices featuring men, women, animals, and much more. You may even modify your voice color with a specifically developed 12-band equalizer to help your voice sound more genuine. It’s further than just a voice converter. It also functions as a voice recorder, allowing you to capture your speech for visual effects at any time.

8. Voice Changer

Music Recorder with Effects: You will adore it and all of its fantastic features. Voice Changer is one of the most excellent music recorder apps for altering your voice with over 25 different audio effects. The program is simple, quick, and simple to operate, producing amusing and spectacular sound effects. You can videotape yourself speaking in high-definition (HD) and distribute it to your mates, relatives, and social networks. People are expressing their talents on social media platforms these days, so they are so popular. If you have a god-gift for singing, you may use the audio tracks in this software to record yourself singing and share it to Fb, Insta clips, or YouTube.

9. VoiceMod

Amongst the greatest Male to Female Voice Changer Apps of 2021, VoiceMod is yet another true treasure. Like most other voice converters, it comes with an extensive range of audio effects that you may use to modify your voice. Aside from that, the VoiceMod tool can be utilized as a broadcasting site to play your favourite games. It also enables several third-party systems, such as Skype, etc.

The most remarkable Male to Female Voice Changer Apps for 2021 are listed here. Each of them can change your masculine sound into a woman’s voice in a matter of seconds. Give it a shot right now.

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