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Kung-Fu Battle Royale: The New Fortnite Shang-Chi Skin

Asian-themed movies aren’t new to Hollywood. Asian movies that are more than about martial arts and their modern lives are pretty unique. It’s why Shang-Chi and the Ten Rings, which does both, is a huge hit. Riding the movie’s east-meets-west past-meets-present wave is Fortnite, where players have Marvel’s first authentic Asian master on their Fortnite Account.  

Who is Shang-Chi: The Comics Vs. The Movies?

Before anything else, a bit of background info on Shang-Chi, after all, even with the new Marvel movie boosting his popularity, not a lot of people know about the kung-fu hero. In the original comics, Shang-Chi was raised to be one of the assassins of his father. By the first mission, however, he defects and decides to go against his father.  

The MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) version of Shang-Chi has a few key differences. At the same time, his father’s name is Fu Manchu in the comics version, Xu Wenwu in the movie. Aside from that, both versions give Shang-Chi’s father a different backstory. Both, however, are immortal, but Wenwu has lived for much longer and has amassed even greater power than his comic book counterpart.  

The MCU Shang-Chi borrows a robust set of artifacts from the Iron Man comics: the titular Ten Rings. While they belong to the Mandarin in Tony Stark’s story, they are Xu Wenwu’s property in the movie. As for the Mandarin, he appeared back in Iron Man 3, but Marvel Studios managed to find a way to have Mandarin referenced in the movie where his ten rings play a significant role. While at the same time fixing the MCU version’s bad baggage without expunging his comedic legacy.  

Old School Kung-Fu Fighting in Fortnite

With his history out of the way, time for his Fortnite skin in the Fortnite Item Shop. A note to temper Marvel Cinematic Universe fans’ expectations: the skin Fortnite will have isn’t going to be the MCU version. Instead, it’s Shang-Chi’s updated comic book look, complete with that traditional red Chinese garb with a green belt, and he sports a black mid-length combed-down hair, similar to what Bruce Lee had. After all, the inspiration behind Shang-Chi is no other than the dragon himself.  

Having said all that, this means the Shang-Chi in Fortnite won’t have the Ten Rings, as he is the comic book version that doesn’t acquire the Ten Rings. Instead, he will be coming with a different yet equally fabulous or a cooler set of items if you’re way into martial arts. There are the Blades of Brother Hand, a pair sais; a scroll called the Dragon’s Scale Wrap, and the Great Protector’s Shield, a Back Bling that is, like what the name suggests, a shield designed with a golden dragon on its rim. It also doubles as a holster for a bo staff.  

Players that want to get these items will have to get the pricier Shang-Chi bundle. With how snazzy these items are, the few are extra worth it.  

Re-Imagining of Shang-Chi in Fortnite

Shang-Chi is the latest to join an ever-expanding roster of Marvel characters. At the same time, almost all of these inclusions are spurred by the enduring popularity of the Marvel Cinematic Universe franchise. Almost all of the Fortnite versions of these heroes are the comics, save a select few.  

A good example of a Marvel Fortnite skin patterned to that of the MCU design is Loki, which sports that black, gold, and green trenchcoat that he wore in the first Avengers and that golden one helm with curved, swept-back horns. Another example is Groot, which hardly needs any descriptions.  

Then some take after the comics version instead of their MCU looks. Some are inferior to the MCU style, some are just as good, and some look better for it. A shining paragon of this is Nexus War Thor, who has this cool black armor with a mystic design and a neat long hair and circlet that fits the mystic appeal.

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The same goes with the latest MCU hero and Fortnite’s newest Marvel addition. While most players prefer the MCU look because of their obvious bandwagon appeal, it is a good thing that they didn’t go for the MCU look in Shang-Chi’s case. Don’t get us wrong; Simu Liu is a good-looking man, and a Fortnite Shang-Chi that would have the exact likeness would be equally dashing. The MCU version’s costume, however, while practical, is a bit too simple in a game like Fortnite, where most skins are wildly colorful and elaborate.  

So, will you be copping the Shang-Chi Skin? If you’re a Marvel aficionado, you might as well do, and there’s no better time to do so than now. Or you can get it later on from Fortnite Accounts for sale.

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