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Google Play Music Makes File Transfer Easier From Play Music

Google Play Music users will receive a notification when the content transition to YouTube Music is complete.

Google’s made a shift from Google Play to YouTube Music. The search giant has now made it easier for Google Play Music users to migrate their content and start using the YouTube Music service, though the move will take some time to complete it entirely. YouTube Music app has created a dedicated feature to allow YouTube Music users to migrate content such as uploads, purchases, added tracks, collections, and playlists. Also, a website was developed to move podcasts from Google Play Music to Google Podcasts, which is Google’s podcast program.

The YouTube Music app for Android and iOS will give you the option to migrate your content from YouTube Music with the latest update that is initially rolling out for select Google Play Music users. This will allow you to migrate your uploads, purchases, added songs and albums, playlists, likes and dislikes, personal and subscribed, and curated stations. Once you have completed the switch, the app will start displaying your revised recommendations. Also, when the music library move is through Google can alert you by email and notifications. You’ll be able to view your material in the YouTube Music app’s Library tab.

If you’re a podcast listener on Play Music, you’ve been provided with a web page that lets you pass your subscriptions to Google Podcasts and episode progress.

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Automatic move to an equivalent tier

In addition to updates to simplify transfers, Google has confirmed that Play Music Unlimited subscribers will automatically receive an equivalent YouTube Music Premium or YouTube Premium package, depending on their current subscription. Of course, the company is going to recommend new YouTube Music to start their journey over Play Music with the YouTube service.

Interestingly, Play Music and YouTube Music are priced the same a month for the ad-free experience. YouTube Premium costs $11.99 a month, following the free one-month trial. You can add as many as five members of your family to your Premium subscription for an additional $6 per month

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