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Google WiFi vs Eero vs Orbi: Which is the Best?

In this article, you will learn more about the new type of home wifi system and hear more about three of the most talked-about wifi mesh products on the market, Eero, Google Wifi, and Orbi.

It wasn’t too long ago that the wifi system was only necessary to connect a few computers and maybe a smartphone. Today it seems that Everything electronic in a home requires an Internet connection, from tablets to televisions and intelligent devices. Traditional routers Everything you need to know about home networks Setting up a home network is not as difficult as you think it is. Read More This is where mesh wifi systems come into play.

In this article, you’ll learn more about this new type of home wifi system and hear more about three of the most talked-about wifi mesh products on the market.

What is Mesh WiFi?

Most people have a modem from a service provider connected to a traditional wifi router in a home environment, which allows users to connect to the network wirelessly. Five factors make smart wifi routers worthwhile. Wifi Routers Worth Buying Today, you can buy a new class of “smart routers” specifically designed to meet the demands of managing a smart home. Here are the five elements which make smart wifi routers worthwhile buying. Read more. Depending on the size of your home, a wifi extender might be necessary to eliminate wifi dead spots. As the name implies, wifi extenders take your existing wifi signal and repeat it to extend the range.

Wifi extenders require you to use a new network name, called an SSID. Depending on how many extenders you use, this can be a huge hassle, especially when using mobile devices, as you need to manually switch the network to use, depending on where you are in the home. Extenders also tend to weaken wifi speeds, depending on how far away they are from the router.

A network connection is spread across multiple nodes that “talk” to each other with a mesh network. By doing so, they share the network connection over a larger area, saving you time. Additional benefits of using a mesh network include more straightforward setup and control than traditional systems, automatic system updates using mobile apps, and more.

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First introduced in 2015, the first Eero mesh wifi system was launched in February 2016. Each Eero unit measures 1.3 inches tall and 4.75 inches wide. You can connect 1 unit to your modem, with additional units recommended for every 1,000 square feet of living space.

Like the other mesh products in this article, you do most of the setup work for Eero using an iOS or Android app. The first unit pairs with the mobile app via Bluetooth; Additional drives are installed on the network automatically.

Settings include the ability to name your network and set passwords. How do password managers keep your passwords safe How do password managers keep your passwords secure? Passwords that are difficult to crack are also challenging to remember. Do you want to be sure? It would help if you had a password manager. This is how they work and how they keep you safe. Read More You can also use the app to schedule downtime, which is excellent for households with children. Eero connects to a cloud, which issues updates, diagnostics and solutions to the system.

According to the company, Eero uses TrueMesh, which “means that your wifi is not only fast and robust, but also intelligently adapts to your home.” It does this by looking for the best route for the data to reach the home to avoid interference. It works with the 2, 4 GHz and 5 GHz bands.

Since the first launch, Eero has added support for Amazon Alexa 7 Creative Uses for Amazon Echo and Alexa 7 Creative Uses for Amazon Echo and Alexa You’ve seen the ads starring Alec Baldwin, but you’re still not sure what the Amazon Echo does or if you need to one in your house We are about to find out. Read more. The integration allows you to communicate with Eero using your voice. For example, you can ask Alexa which Eero unit controls your laptop or ask her to pause the internet.


Most of the reviews floating around the web indicate that Eero is among the most manageable mesh networks to set up. It also received criticism for being one of the most expensive.

The hardware is beautifully built, easy to operate, and you can quickly expand your home network by adding extra units,” according to CNET.However, “the system is expensive, not fast enough for local high-bandwidth tasks, and requires you to go online.” to Eero’s servers to manage it. “

Business Insider justifies the higher price, explaining that with Eero, “you really get what you pay for, which is strong and fast wifi wherever you go in your home.”

eero Home wifi System (3-pack) – 1st Generation, 2016 eero Home wifi System (3-pack) – 1st Generation, 2016 Buy Now On Amazon $ 299.99

A three-pack Eero is priced at $ 499, while a two-pack is available for $ 349. Individual units cost $ 199 each.

Google WiFi

The newest mesh solution on this list, Google wifi, was launched in late 2016. It stands out as one of the least expensive mesh products on the market and also the smallest. Each unit measures only 4.17 by 4.17 by 2.7 inches. Google says that a single unit can cover a 1,500-square-foot home.

Like Eero, Google wifi includes a band of 2, 4 GHz and 5 GHz, with configuration and maintenance in a mobile application. You can also use this app to share your wifi password, view devices online, and prioritize them for best performance. The Google wifi app also offers familiar controls, allowing you to pause the signal to individual devices at certain times.

With Google Wifi, you connect to Google’s servers. A cautionary tale: when Google decides to hold on to your data and does not pass up a cautionary tale: when Google chooses to hold on to your data and does not want to let us go. You trust Google with our personal information every day – what happens when they don’t let us take it when we need it? Here’s a cautionary tale from a Google Takeout experience.

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