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How To Fix Gpu Sag? An Easy Guide

When performing graphically intensive jobs like video editing, visual effects, or gaming, graphics processing units (GPUs) are crucial. In light of this, businesses create GPUs with greater features than earlier iterations.  The GPU gets heavier as its capability increases. It is necessary to address GPU sagging because it is a serious issue. This manual provides tips for dealing with GPU sagging on Windows computers. 

We have put together a list of several quick fixes for the GPU sag. Our goal was to make them simple for you to comprehend and apply. Nonetheless, if you lack confidence, kindly demonstrate it to an expert. 

1. By Cable Rerouting

Our initial approach to addressing GPU sag is cable rerouting. It is among the most used methods for a quick GPU sag fix. You’ll use a PCIe or a power cord for GPU support. 

You must provide the cables located above your GPU. After that, you must connect it to your GPU. This prevents the GPU from bending, as it were. It offers the GPU sufficient assistance.

2. By Vertical GPU mounting

The first approach we just read about is comparable to this. You will need to utilize versatile mounting alternatives in this situation. You will assume that the GPU is positioned upright.

Vertical GPU brackets from a third party are an alternative, though. The GPU model can be held upright with these brackets. The gravitational field is altered when the GPU unit is positioned vertically, allowing for effective weight support. 

3. By including a GPU brace

Some manufacturers offer braces to support the GPU. This prevents the GPU from sagging. Although they are composed of various materials, they serve the same function. The case is supported by braces, which are screwed beneath it. 

The other GPU braces work similarly, providing arms for the GPU in a pole-like structure. The pole and arms are located under the GPU and on the case’s base. This offers the GPU sufficient assistance to stay there for a considerable time.

Different GPU Support Brace Types

In the market, a variety of Graphics card support braces are available. Other well-liked choices include: 

Metal support braces

They are designed to provide the graphics card with greater support, as they are often made of steel or aluminum. They adjust by screwing them into the case bracket or PCB to fit various graphics card sizes and types.

3D-printed support braces

They are manufactured with a 3D printer and are adaptable to fit particular graphics card models. They are typically light and constructed of plastic. 

Rubber band support braces

To support the graphics card, some plain rubber bands have been placed around it. Even though they are less supportive than metal or braces, as made with 3D printers, also they are affordable and simple to install.

How To Install A GPU Support Brace

The process of installing a Graphics card support brace is often simple. Depending on the sort of brace you’re using, there will be particular instructions, but the general procedure is as follows: 

  1. Remove the desktop tower’s side panel. 
  2. Find the PCB or case bracket to which the graphics card is attached.
  3. Align the support brace with the PCB or case bracket by mounting it on the graphics card. 
  4. To fix the bracing, you should use a screw or other fasteners.
  5. It’s necessary to replace the side panel of the desktop tower.

4. Repair the support under the GPU with a pencil or legos.

If the GPU is too heavy, you can support the bracket that holds it by placing a pencil or some Legos under the GPU to support the weight. The pencil or Legos you place under the GPU receive the weight from the holding bracket. 

It is important to consider the material beneath such an installation as well as the heat it generates. Another issue that could hurt your System is if the support you put underneath the GPU can’t handle the heat.

5. By employing a strong, heat- and weight-resistant string. 

Using nylon or fishing line threads that can resist the heat generated by the GPU and CPU can also address or prevent the GPU sagging issue.

The string of your choice needs to be secured to the top case and backplate mount in order to safely keep the GPU.

That will lessen the chance of a GPU that lags. If the case contains any LEDs, you must use a dark hue string.

How To See Sagging Damage On Your GPU Card?

You should be fine in every respect if you installed the GPU appropriately. You must be careful, though, as there are several circumstances where the GPU sag can harm the card. Check the PCB and the PCI connection’s graphics card to verify everything thoroughly. 

There has been no harm if it is straight when the GPU is unplugged and plugged in. But, if the PCB has begun to bend repeatedly without recovering its original shape, there may be sagging damage, and you should try to repair it as soon as you can.

Tips For Keeping Your PC Built

You may maintain the functionality and longevity of your Computer construction by paying attention to these suggestions. It’s also critical to remember that the maintenance and longevity of the build may be affected by the particular components. 

You utilize your build and the environment in which the PC is utilized. Taking good care of your PC build is crucial if you want it to function properly and last a long time. Here are some suggestions for keeping up your computer setup: 

Clean up your computer

It may become clogged with dust and overheat as a result. It’s crucial to open and clear out your computer sometimes. 

Keep an eye on the temperature

When you use a lot, must check your computer’s temperature. The components may suffer damage if it becomes overheated. 

Keep your pc up to date. To ensure optimal performance, maintain your computer system and drivers current. 

Backup your data

To prevent data loss, make sure to periodically back up your data.

Use the power management features

Make use of power-saving options to keep your computer running longer. 


Is a sagging GPU acceptable?

No, a GPU sag is not acceptable. But, you must maintain the same procedure since this is how personal computers are created. The sag, however, typically enhances the PC’s performance. 

Your Computer may sag slightly, but it won’t harm it unless it sags severely. And that is unlikely given that the GPUs and PCI-e slots can withstand significant weight load.

How much GPU sag occurs?

The sagging has little significance until the Graphics card hangs at an angle of more than 45 degrees. Nonetheless, it is concerning, and you should take action if you notice the GPU dangling too low or exerting too much pressure on PCI-e slots.

Is vertical GPU preferable?

Because it allows you to see the graphic card inside the cooler, the vertical GPU has incredible aesthetic appeal. A vertical GPU is also an excellent choice because many cards have illumination, and if the Graphics card is vertical, you can see the lighting from the outside. 

How should a graphics card be mounted vertically?

It is simple to vertically mount a graphics card. As follows: 

  • You can remove the card from your case by removing all required screws and cables. 
  • If necessary, add a vertical mount plate, plug the PCI-e riser cable into the top of the PCI-e slot, and then secure it to the plate. 
  • Reattach all the screws you previously undid by plugging the GPU into the riser wire.

Is an anti-SAG bracket necessary?

Typically, the new cards are weight-distribution devices without an anti-sag bracket. They have also strengthened connecting points with strong yet lightweight fans to keep the entire machine cool and to function properly. However, you may purchase an anti-sag bracket to give your PC an extra layer of security.

Are the GPU pins susceptible to breaking?

It’s impossible; therefore, no. On the majority of current models, it is uncommon to observe the breakable GPU pins. Even though the GPU pins may sag, they might not break. You need to learn how reliable and strong the PCBs are. 

They are strong enough to support greater weight or strain. Yet, you are more likely to damage the PCBs than any real pins or other parts within your Graphics cards in the PCIe slot.

Why does my GPU sag?

GPU sagging occurs when the gpu is too large or heavy for the PCB (printed circuit board) or case bracket holding it to support it. Together with the weight, the slot and GPU bend downward. 

Depending on how quickly you locate and respond, you can determine how much harm has been done. GPUs are manufacture to tolerate a certain level of sag, (11mm) and below. If the sag is greater than that, you must immediately repair it. 


Most gadgets and gaming PCs have GPU sagging, a frequent problem. It’s unnecessary to panic and run to a store for a repair or to call for assistance with your equipment. Try some of the strategies we have recommended. We looked at a couple of techniques to address the GPU sag. They are easy to complete and productive. They can finish in a short time. These include cable rerouting, vertical GPU mounting, GPU bracing, GPU tying, bespoke 3D printing, case positioning, and last-minute do-it-yourself fixes. 

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