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How to Sell Items in PoE.Trade (Path of Exile)

Sell Items On PoE.Trade: When you’re playing Path of Exile, you’ll eventually reach a point where grinding isn’t enough. While you may have amassed a large number of valuable items by this point, only a few of them will be useful in improving your character’s stats. Trading becomes your best bet for acquiring the items and gear you need to further boost your character’s power level at this point in the game.

Instead of using a single currency, Path of Exile uses a barter system in which trades are facilitated using numerous crafting resources that double as different currencies of varying value. This system prevents items in Path of Exile from having a single price scale.

Path of Exile, like other games with similar markets and auction houses, allows players to barter and bargain over the price of items bought and sold.

This article will guide you about everything that you need to know about getting the most out of trading with another participant so you can profit and improve your character.

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Guide to Sell Items on PoE.Trade

Sell Items on PoE.Trade

If you’re new to Path of Exile and are familiar with the Diablo 3 auction house fiasco, or if you’ve played other games like Neverwinter that still have player-to-player markets, trading in PoE can appear difficult at first.

PoE does not have an in-game system for making trades or auctions with other players. We’ll go over the selling process in Path of Exile step by step because it involves a manual process of finding a buyer.

  • Look up the name of your buyer in-game.
  • Host a party for your buyer.
  • Inquire with your buyer about the item he wants and where it is in your inventory.
  • Add the item to your inventory from your stash.
  • With your buyer, open a trade window.
  • Place the item in the trade window from your inventory.
  • Double-check that the price your buyer has offered is accurate.
  • Accept the deal as it is.

The above step-by-step process will teach you everything you need to know about starting and finishing a trade-in Path of Exile, but buyers must locate you until you can even begin. This will necessitate the use of PoE.trade.

  • PoE.Trade allows you to list items for sale.
  • You will require to begin selling items on PoE.Trade.
  • Tabs for Premium Stash

Premium Stash tabs can be publicly disclosed, which is the only way for third-party trading websites like PoE to access them.

Other players can look at your items for sale if you trade.

You’ll need to spend 40 points on a Premium Stash button from the Path of Exile Shop. You can also pay 15 points to upgrade an existing tab in your shared stockpile to a premium tab. You can modify the name and color of premium tabs at any time.


The Acquisition is a Path of Exile inventory management application that automates the trading process and makes it much more efficient.

Go to the official forum in your browser to Sell Items On PoE.Trade

  • Select Trading [Expand] from the drop-down menu.
  • Pick your favorite League.
  • Create a new Thread and give it whatever title you want, along with any text in the content box.
  • Create a new thread and post it.
  • Write the number at the end of the URL down or copy it (like123456).

Follow these steps to finish setting up Acquisition.

  • Download/install the most recent version of Acquisition from Github.
  • Perform a run acquisition.
  • Go to Acquisition and log into your Path of Exile account.
  • Select “Automatically Refresh Items” from the Items drop-down menu in the top right corner of the window.
  • Select “Automatically Update Shop” from the Shop drop-down menu.
  • To access the Acquisition Shop Thread window, click “Forum Shop Thread.” In the Acquisition Shop Thread window, paste the code from your forum thread (like123456), then click OK.
  • Select “control.Poe.XYZ.is URL” from the Auto Online drop-down option.
  • On the path of exile website, create a message to PoE.xyz that asks for your internet URL in your browser.
  • You will receive an automated response, including your URL. In the Acquisition control, paste the entire URL from the response to your message to PoE.xyz is. Then click OK in the PoE.xyz is popup.
  • Select “Automatically Refresh Online Status” from the Auto Online drop-down option under Acquisition.

After you’ve completed the procedures above, you’ll be able to look over your things and stash caps in Acquisition. New things will appear in Acquisition automatically, and every 30 minutes, the application will update your store topic on the Path of Exile forums.

Buyers will access your inventory and search or sell items on PoE.Trade, and make your deal now that you set pricing for your items. When both Path of Exile and Acquisitions are active, you will be shown online.

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