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How to Trade Poe Currency Items in Path of Exile

No matter how good a fighter you are, a purposeful marksman, or a powerful wizard, if you don’t know how to trade, then sooner or later, you will face the problem of lack of Trade POE currency in Path of Exile. Good Path of Exile players should always know how to buy POE Currency at the lowest price. However, when you enter the trading floor for the first time, you will feel the no more complicated structure. But this seems to be the truth. You only need to put all aspects of the transaction in place, and everything will become clear. We will try to do this in this guide.

But let’s start with the basics: where the transaction happens. To do this, go to the official website of Path of Exile and click on the Transaction button. There is another option-pPoetrade. But this is only in English and is mainly aimed at experienced players. For beginners, it is best to use the first option, which is what we are going to discuss now.

About Poe.trade Exile Filter Path (Path of Exile)

Poe Currency Items in Path of Exile

Once open https://poe.trade we will be divided into filters and shocked, and in many ways, everything depends on this feature. Using filters, we select the desired product. Now, we will analyze each part of the filter separately.

Type of Path of Exile Items

As you can see, here you can choose the type of Items you want and its uniqueness. He can help find unique weapons or armor. Using filters, you can accurately sort and select the parameters of the only Items you need. For this, you can choose the unique weapon statistics that are most useful to you and suitable for your build.


The most useful parameters for you in this section are physical DPS (that is, DPS) and elemental DPS. These indicators are almost always written in the build instructions, so you will hardly encounter any problems. Just fill in the minimum line with the DPS that the build will tell you. No other things are needed. The system itself will find the necessary copy and provide you with it.


The line is not very useful. Of course, it can help you find a more accurate subject base, but this is usually unnecessary. If you need a well-protected Items, check the options on the handicraft site and search to find the correct Path of Exile Items.

However, on the contrary, this filter will be beneficial for you when choosing a standing weapon or armor

The first helpful function here is to select a remote control with the required number of links. For example, if you need any two-handed sword with 5 or 6 links, you only need to enter these numbers in the two fields (Socket and Link) in the Minimal row. If you are looking for many nests supported by a particular color, other lines with the letters K, Z, C, B are also important.

I think it’s obvious here that if we put the number 3 on the Kline, two on the Z line, and one on the C line, then we will get, for example, an armor with six slots divided into red (3 ), green (2) and blue (1). Add the maximum health value in the attribute filter to 50 (discussed below). The search will provide us with many products with prices, such as Tabula Rasa. There may be cheap Poe Currency.

Another noteworthy fact is 6 broken links often appear in transactions, which contain one or two good statistics. If the Items is in a similar state, you cannot change the color in its slot. Players don’t need to use these Itemss (for example, if they replace them with new, higher-performance devices) to put them on sale. Therefore, their prices may not be very high. This will help the novice because he will get high-quality and practical products at an affordable price.


There is not much to say about the filter and the protection filter. Few people are looking for Itemss by level or by attribute because instead of choosing a product for the character, the character is trying to make it useable.

The first attribute filter

I mean, the filter follows the demand. Here, you can choose the number of suffixes and prefixes. This feature will be helpful for those who are serious about handmade. However, these are rare among newcomers, so you only need to say some general phrases about it. Rare Itemss usually have six mods, namely characteristics. And these mods can be attributed to suffixes or prefixes, and the maximum number of both is 3. This filter can determine how many empty suffixes or prefixes need to be left for after docking.


The most valuable line here is the map level, which allows you to determine the exact shooting range you need. The rest of the functions described here are very redundant nuances.

Miscellaneous There is many filters in this section, so we only talk about it generally, not everything. Some filters are apparent, for example, quality filters, stone level gauges. There may also be a filter specifically for those who are groping, that is, the level of the subject, the experience of the stone. Here, you can pick out smudges, mirrors, enchants, or identified subtleties. Usually, in this section, you will find many details, which in theory will make your search easier.

Transaction filter

Here, we will no longer talk about the properties of the object but its price. This filter will help you determine the price radius to be adjusted, the currency type, the freshness of the product (that is, when the product is put into the trade), and even the identity of the seller. For those who like competitive prices, you can choose the no fixed price sales type. But there are some extremes here: in many cases, with such a filter, the Items will fall out, and another player puts something in the opened tab, but it doesn’t sell it.

The second attribute filter

It can be declared that this Items is the most useful in the entire transaction. It will allow you to find equipment for these attributes in the mods you need most. You add a feature, choose its value, and dress up your character according to your liking. Here, you can create a set of features, or you can sort products according to more detailed criteria by clicking the button at the end of the attribute filter row. For example, this means you can choose attributes that the product should not wear.

Other trading opportunities in Path of Exile

Above the entire filter list, you will find a section that contains the selection of the league and the status of the seller, i.e., everyone, or only those who are online. It is effortless to contact the seller through personal messages on the game forum, and even offline players can see what you write to him.

You can copy the purchase message by clicking the corresponding button next to the product description and then paste the copied text into the in-game chat with the purchaser. The sent message will be automatically translated into the recipient’s language and contain the following information: product name, price, and cell located in the box. After the seller reads the PM with you, if he agrees to the terms, he will send you an offer to join the group, and you will be taken to his hideout, where you will conduct the transaction. This is the whole buying process.

Now let’s talk about the convenience of the search system

Players can customize the display of discovered materials for themselves. Here, you can choose a more complete suggested material type and put it in two columns, or put everything in the form of a standard list. By the way, there is no such feature on Path of Exile trade, although it dramatically simplifies searching.

Another convenient function that POE transactions can provide is the function of tracking commodities. When a new seller lists the products you specify in the filter, the website will send you a notification. This way, you can buy the products you need faster than anyone, especially when looking for rare Itemss.

Wholesale channels for exiled goods exchange

In addition to the usual Items search, there is another Path of Exile transaction; it is exchanging bulk goods. Here, you can stock currencies, fragments, maps, entities, and other commodities. We mainly use these commodities to pay for expenses. He is nicknamed the wholesaler because you can freely adjust the quantity to be purchased and the amount sold here.

Its use is straightforward

you can choose the type and quantity of products you want to receive and then place a bet on the products that can be provided. You can set the seller filter according to your needs and then click Search. Then select the appropriate seller, copy the email and follow the same method as we described above.

This concludes the trading course.

In the beginning, working at the auction was very hard, but as time goes by, you will get used to it. However, playing Path of Exile is problematic if you do not trade, so you will still have to face this part of the game sooner or later.

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