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GeM portal Benefits, Registration and Services

In this pandemic period of time, every business seems out to be helpless. Numerous companies have been affected adversely due to the coronavirus pandemic. In order to sustain the economy and business in our country, the government had started an e-portal GeM for businessmen of our country. If you also want to do business with the government, then this information is definitely for you. Check out the information related to the GeM portal in our article.

What is GeM Portal?

The complete form of GeM is the Government e-marketplace. Government organizations can buy all the items and services from the government e-marketplace from now onwards. With the help of the GeM portal, any government and non-government organization can buy and sell their goods and services quickly. In order to sell your product and services, you will have to register yourself for GEM registration for the seller. If you want to buy any product from this Portal, you have to register yourself for GEM registration for a buyer. The Portal can be accessed easily via your GeM Portal. So register yourself on the Portal by creating your GeM portal account on the official website.

Documents Needed for GeM Registration for Seller

Government e-marketplace will require registration for Seller in GeM portal if you want to sell your products and services. The following documents are needed for the registration process:

  • Your Aadhaar Number/Virtual ID
  • Active Email id (can be Personal Email Id or Company/Organization allotted Email-Id)
  • Income Tax Return Details (ITR Form and ITR acknowledgment)
  • PAN Number allotted by the Income Tax Department
  • Mobile Number linked with Aadhaar
  • Bank Account Number and IFSC Code

Documents Needed for GeM Registration for Buyer

Government e-marketplace will require registration for Buyer in GeM portal if you want to buy products and services for your organization. The following documents are needed for the registration process:

  • User Aadhaar Number
  • The mobile number which is linked to Aadhaar
  • Verification authority details like name, mobile number, and email id
  • Email ID, which is completed from gov. in/nic. in/gem buyer. in or email domain ID of CPSU, autonomous bodies nationalized banks, etc.

Benefits of GeM Portal

This Portal will be very beneficial for government and non-government organizations as they can buy and sell products and services directly from the Portal. There are many benefits which the organizations can avail; some of the essential benefits are given below:

  1. Vendors can directly contact all the government departments.
  2. With the help of this Portal, you will get transparency and ease of shopping.
  3. The buyer can also check the vendor rating system from the Portal.
  4. To meet all your requirements for purchase, there is a single-window system on the Portal.
  5. Buy and sell goods and services online quickly on this Portal.
  6. Tendering of goods and services has made accessible as a system for the fair price tender has also available on the Portal.
  7. Check all the goods and services from the list on the Portal.
  8. In case the goods are not suitable for you can also return the goods as there is also a provision for return on the Portal.

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