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How to watch Hulu on Firestick? A Quick Guide

Now, You can access Hulu in either of the following ways:

  1. By making an account and further downloading it on Firestick to watch.

2. By VPN service providers and apps.

Before one enables Hulu on Firestick, they need to make a subscription for the same. The following are the steps to mark your subscription on Hulu:

  1. On your computer, one needs to search for Hulu’s official website.
  2. Select – “Start your free trail” option. Also, you can watch Hulu on Samsung Smart Tv with the help of this article. 
  3. Fill out the data that is required accordingly and press continue.
  4. On the next screen, the account will ask for your payment method to which one needs to add their payment details.
  5. One will be provided with a list of add-on plans and packs that they may or may not add to their account.
  6. The additional cost of packages is also listed. If the user desires to add a plan or a pack with their Hulu subscription, they can tick on the + sign next to where the puck is listed.
  7. The user must then click on the ‘review changes’ option to add the additional amount or skip these steps if they do not wish to have any additional packs.
  8. Click on ‘Start watching Hulu’ and then allow you to share your location with the app.
  9. One can then personalize their options and interests on the Hulu app by choosing from the various genres they provide.

To set up your Hulu app on Firestick, You need to:

1) Go to the search button (magnifying glass icon) from the Amazon Fire home screen.

2) Next, search for ‘Hulu’ in the search bar.

3) Click on the ‘Get’ option to start downloading the Hulu app on your Firestick.

4) Once installed, the app will be added to your home screen. Press ‘open’ to launch the app.

5) Once you start the app, you will need to sign in to your Hulu account.

6) You can either sign up via your Firestick or via the computer.

7) Once you have logged in, there will be an option to set up voice control.

8) Now, you have access to your Hulu app on Amazon Firestick.

The 2nd Method is to Watch Hulu via VPN

Virtual Private Network (VPN) sustains this image of being illegal. These network service providers can be used in important tasks such as transferring files and documents across continents or in the same country. VPNs provide security to the user to help their privacy and confidentiality be maintained. VPNs are not illegal, but the tasks done by using them may create legality issues for the users.

1.  Express VPN

Express VPN is known to be the highest speed VPN out of all. It provides:

  • Connects to more than 90 countries.
  • Uses 256-bit AES encryption.
  • Fast and secure network.
  • 24/7 customer service.
  • Unlimited access to social media, music, and games, etc.
  • 30-day money-back guarantee.

2.  Cyber Ghost VPN:

Cyber ghost enables the user to be secure and provides privacy.

  • Available to 90+ countries in the world.
  • Connects to 7k+ servers.
  • Over 6k IP addresses available.
  • 45 days money-back guarantee.

3. Private Internet Access (PIA)

One of the most secure VPN service providers is known to be PIA.

  • Accessible to more than 70 countries in the world.
  • Connects to 20k+ servers.
  • Caters to about ten devices at once.
  • Leading privacy and security systems.

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4.  Surf Shark:

It is a reasonably new VPN but has become quite popular. Surf shark offers excellent reliability and private networking.

  • Unlimited number of connections.
  • 3200+ servers provided.
  • User-friendly apps for all platforms.
  • Can connect to unlimited devices simultaneously.
  • Available in 63+ countries currently.

5.  NordVPN:

NordVPN is known for its advanced features and strong security practices. It tops the charts of being the most reliable VPN source.

  • Connects to 5800+ servers.
  • No logs policy.
  • 30-days money-back guarantee.
  • Connects to 6 devices at the same time.

By the given two methods, one can access Hulu. The first being primarily on Firestick, and the second is by other VPN services.

The Firestick provides the user access to hundreds of stories, giving the user a theatre–worthy experience at home. In the current pandemic situation, one’s Firestick is a friend indeed.

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