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Important Reasons Why Online Banking Still Needs VPN

Do you want to buy a VPN and don’t know if you can also use it for online banking? Would you like to know how safe it is to check your bank account while connected to a VPN? Are you afraid that someone might steal your online bank login credentials? No Doubt NordVPN vs. ExpressVPN are among the leaders of the VPN industry, but which one is better? This article will answer all your questions about online banking, VPNs, and other factors that affect your internet security!

In the past year, account thefts have grown 79% in the United States alone. We must also add the numerous phishing attempts that pretend to be the most famous banks to this data. In this context, it is easy to see why a level of security needs to be added and how important it is. VPNs, which encrypt all your online traffic, seem like a perfect solution to the problem. But how much do VPNs help secure online banking? What else can you do to defend your bank account? Read on to find out which cases using a VPN for online banking is helpful, in which it can be harmful, and what you can do about it. Improve your digital security regardless.

What are VPNs?

The VPN, Virtual Private Network, has digital tools that aim to recreate the physical security of a private network using Internet access to the infrastructure.

When you browse online connected to VPN for Windows, all traffic you send and receive is encrypted. By doing so, any personal information you transmit could not be read by any malicious third parties. This data is first sent to the VPN server, which decrypts it and then sends it to the affected destination, adding a notable security layer. When you receive information, however, the reverse process occurs. The VPN server that receives the replying traffic encrypts it, then sends it to your PC, where your VPN client will decrypt it.

Therefore, it is clear that using a VPN can significantly help guarantee us better online security, an essential factor for online banking. If you want to know more, read the in-depth study: 

How Does A VPN Works?

It is safe to use a VPN with online banking. Not only that, thanks to the encryption performed on all your traffic, using a VPN while banking online on public Wi-Fi protects you even better.

Virtual private networks are essential for the protection of your online data, including banking credentials. Public networks, such as those at airports and stations, are always at risk because you cannot know who is connected and what their intentions are. Using a VPN can rest easy because even if someone were spying on your traffic, they would only find unreadable data given the military-grade encryption that is performed to communicate with the VPN server itself.

Finally, using a VPN to access online banking can help you avoid unpleasant surprises. Some banks may, in fact, temporarily block your account in case they notice an activity considered “suspicious.” Sometimes it is even enough to connect from abroad. Would you like to find yourself with a blocked account while travelling? Of course, you can unlock it with a phone call or by contacting support, but avoiding it being blocked upstream is undoubtedly more convenient. With a VPN, you can connect to a server in your home country, preventing your bank from seeing your trip as “misbehaving.”

Why You Should Use NordVPN

Have you ever been on a public Wi-Fi network and felt unsafe? Are you looking to get internet privacy? Then it’s time to NordVPN. Everyone must be aware of the major security vulnerabilities in public networks, which can compromise your connection. VPN encrypts your data, making it secure from hackers, snoopers, ISPs, and other nasty cyber criminals.
NordVPN is a Panama-based provider that offers a massive number of servers around the globe for getting security over public Wi-Fi connections.

The best thing about this service is its customer support. Their live chat service works 24/7, even during holidays and special occasions, to solve your issues in minutes without any hassle. They also have an extensive help section with tutorials and troubleshooting guides for NordVPN. What’s more? NordVPN is one of the most affordable VPNs with high speed and unmatched connection stability.

NordVPN offers a 30-day money-back guarantee so that you can test their service before making a final NordVPN purchase. They also offer great deals on more extended subscription plans, such as a two-year plan at $3.29/mo (Plans prices may be changed) or a three-year NordVPN plan at $2.99/mo to get maximum savings on nordvpn deals online. So buy NordVPN and feel secure when connected to public Wi-Fi hotspots in airports, cafes, railways stations, etc.
You can vist and see the latest plans and price of NordVPN here.

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