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Laptop Accessories That will Upgrade Your Entire Life

For your laptop to operate at full capacity and increase convenience, exploit all the features of a personal laptop. Here, HP Laptop will introduce you to the necessary Laptop Accessories.


Mouse: If you already own a laptop, mobility is always a top priority because that is also the difference between laptops and PCs.

In a laptop, the manufacturer always arranges for an available touchpad (or Touchpad), but for long-term work or technical work, it is true that the Touchpad, according to the machine, will not. Sufficient or even redundant.

Buying yourself a wired “Mouse” is not a bad idea, but a wireless mouse is the best choice. Currently, the price of a computer mouse on the market is not too high; you can already own a “mouse” to study, work and entertain.

  1. Portable Hard Drive:

A portable hard drive is always a preferred choice when using a laptop because of its portability and its effects. You can:

  • High-speed data backup and sharing.
  • Extremely compact and portable
  • Can be used as a tool to rescue a computer or even install another operating system on this portable hard drive to use on another machine.

Currently, the price of the hard drive is not too high, only about 900 thousand.

You can already own yourself a brand new hard drive with 250Gb of capacity and then buy more.

The orico 2189u3 2.5-inch hard drive case turns this hard drive into a portable hard drive to take anywhere. (The 2.5-inch hard drive case also turns an old hard drive you don’t use into a portable hard drive!)

2. USB:

If you have used a laptop, you cannot help but buy yourself a USB because of its convenience and compactness. Currently, with only a small amount, you can already own an 8Gb USB stick. You can save the necessary data or the data you do not want anyone to know to the USB. Turn USB into Windows installation disc…

3. SSD hard drive:

SSDs are durable solid-state drives and are 10 times faster than traditional hard drives (HDDs). Buying yourself an SSD to replace the old hard drive will make your computer run faster, smoother, and more stable. SSD hard drive as a portable hard drive is great.

4. Sanitary Set:

If you have read the article “bad habits that cause a laptop to die quickly,” then you will understand why you should clean your laptop regularly. Buying yourself a laptop cleaning kit is an essential thing.

Cleaning the outside or cleaning some Dell models with a large back cover is also quite simple, but with some models without a back cover or almost monolithic. You can go to some reputable laptop stores to Clean your laptop carefully and perfectly.

5. Backpacks, Shockproof Bags:

This is a very important accessory, but most users ignore it when you are a person who moves a lot. Buying yourself a good backpack and a shockproof bag will keep your device safe and worry-free every time you go away.

Currently, shockproof bags on the market are pretty diverse, but you should buy yourself a “good” shockproof bag, but don’t be cheap but regret it. We are currently selling high-quality shockproof bags for a 14-inch laptop and a 15-inch shockproof bag for an HD laptop.

6. USB 3G:

With the current technology age “lost life,” sometimes it is true in both senses. For a person specializing in using a laptop for entertainment, having no Internet means being forced to play old offline games or listen to music stored in the device and nothing new.

As for those who are working with a laptop, not having the Internet is torture because it sometimes slows down many things, sometimes even significantly affecting the work. Therefore, buying yourself a 3G USB in unfortunate times or replacing daily Wi-Fi is not the wrong choice.

7. Radiator Base:

Laptop temperature is an age-old problem for those who have been using a laptop for a long time. The higher the temperature, the lower the laptop’s stability will be, so buy yourself a heatsink to keep your laptop in the most fantastic and most stable condition. Currently, HD Laptop is selling a heatsink at a pretty comfortable price.

8. Headphones:

For those of you who are office workers or gamers, it is pretty tricky to turn on the speakers when using a laptop because of the environment. When not allowed, buying yourself a Headphone is the best choice.

Currently, HD Laptop is selling headphones at a meager price.

9. Speakers:

Computer speakers will be the perfect choice for those who have a private space or sometimes want to share with friends new music or movies.


Choosing the right accessories for each laptop’s needs will make your laptop professional and meet more user requirements, so be a smart laptop user.

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