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Google Added Six New Math Problem Solver

Math is perhaps one of the most challenging subjects that you had to face in school or university. A study shows that out of 51 students, 75% believed that the subject was too complex.

Generally, this kind of fear will arise in your mind when you have difficulty solving mathematical problems. Many times, you must have come across sums that left you wondering where you need to begin to get your answer.

Fortunately, there are many websites online that provide you with free math problem solver tools. Both teachers and students use this handy tool whenever they need to look for a particular solution.

Google had been testing with some updates on their search results and came up with the structured data search console reporting to make things easier.

How Does This Help You?

Earlier, every time you needed any help to solve a challenging math equation, you’d have to look up dependable Math Problem Solver tools. Sometimes there would be websites that were not functional. Some didn’t contain the solution at all.

Overall, it was a hassle, especially if you were in a hurry to find the solution.

Now, you don’t have to go through any of that. All you need to do is input the specific question whose solution you’re looking for, and Google will give you the top search results to get step-by-step solutions for the problem.

What Are the New Additions to This Feature?

Recently, Google has added six new math problem solver rich result problem types to its support documentation. Therefore, you can now find out the solutions to a wider variety of mathematical problems, such as:

1. Arithmetic questions

Google wasn’t very efficient in finding the solution for word problems in arithmetic before. But with their recent addition, you can type in the question, and the algorithm will suggest the solution you need.

2. Eigenvalue

If you’re studying engineering or the sciences, you’ll come across eigenvalue problems frequently. It is typically represented as A·v=λ·v

The common eigenvalue equation types that you can come across are:

  • The standard eigenvalue problem
  • Free vibration
  • Linearized buckling

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3. Eigenvector

Eigenvectors, also called characteristic vectors or latent vectors, are vital to physics and engineering due to their many applications in stability analysis and the physics of rotating bodies.

Eigenvector goes hand in hand with eigenvalue. As a result, unless you have a clear understanding of either of the two as a whole, you will face challenges completing your assignment.

Therefore, Google’s addition of eigenvector and eigenvalue will be instrumental in helping anyone who needs to find solutions quickly.

4. Limit

When you enter high school and discover limits for the first time, there is a high possibility that it all seemed gibberish to you. How can a function tend to approach something? What is the difference between a right limit and a left limit? The answers to such questions always take time to grasp.

Every student absorbs the concepts at their own pace. If you’re someone who needs time to figure out limit problems but has to complete your assignments as well, you can type in the limit in the search bar.

Google will refine its searches to find the page that can help you find the solutions to all kinds of limit sums. Moreover, when you go through the step-by-step solutions, you can better understand how you need to go about these solutions.

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5. Statistics

Many popular problem solver pages on the internet do not support statistical questions, thereby leaving many to their own devices.

Google’s new inclusion of statistics will be extremely vital for students who have to search high and low to find the best pages to assist them in their assignments.

Some of the basic things you can do are:

  • Calculate quartiles, mean, median, mode, variance, standard division, correlation coefficient
  • Solve linear, quadratic, exponential, cubic, power, logarithmic, natural logarithmic types of regression analysis
  • Calculate T-Tests by adding in raw data

6. System of equations

In the case of a system of equations, you have to solve two or more equations with the same set of unknowns. In any assignment, you can find this kind of question in two ways:

  • The word problem method where the question will be in a narrative form, and you’ll have to figure out the sets of equation
  • In the algebraic structure of the equation

When you type in the algebraic equation in the search result, Google will immediately identify the type of equation you’re searching for and provide you with the pages where you can submit the equation and get step-by-step solutions.

With the addition of these six mathematical types, Google has made it possible for their search engine to operate in a more user-friendly manner, eliminating all results that are of no use to you.

What Kind Of Equations Can You Search Using This Method?

Many people are unaware that you can solve a multitude of mathematical problems in this method. Overall, Google has 49 problem types that you can look up by simply pasting the equation in the search results. A few of these are:

  • Ellipse problems
  • Finding derivatives
  • Circle related problems
  • Biquadratic equations
  • Absolute value equations
  • Algebra problems
  • Linear equation
  • Linear inequality
  • Matrix
  • Parabola
  • Polynomial inequality
  • Slope problems
  • Radical equation
  • Trigonometry

Summing it up,

Mathematics has always been a source of fear for many college students. A common reason behind this was the recurring low grades. However, with the help of math problem solvers, it becomes much easier to solve assignments. All you have to do is type in an equation, and the search engine will provide you with the solutions. With Google’s addition of more complex problem types, university students and professors can also utilize this feature.

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