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The Vital Role of MDM Solutions in Managing Shared Android Devices in Healthcare

The healthcare sector has been digitalized with the latest digital gadgets to streamline patient appointment scheduling, diagnosis process, and treatments. These devices are highly alarming for every healthcare center because some medical apps are very important in providing aid to patients in an emergency. So, it is crucial to manage and timely update Android tablets, smartphones, and interactive wearable devices to ensure the availability of devices and apps every time in hospitals and clinics. Using a mobile device management system is the most appropriate and cost-effective way to manage and control healthcare devices, as it helps in enforcing device usage restrictions, remote device management and monitoring, and scheduling updates for smooth working.

What is Shared Devices in Healthcare?

Very versatile and advanced Android devices are used in the healthcare sector other than smartphones and tablets. These devices vary in display size and usage purposes.

  • Smartphones and Tablets

These devices are used on hospital premises to streamline uninterrupted communication. These devices are also used to share files like patient reports with senior medical specialists and to access electronic health records.

  • Self-Service Kiosks

These interactive self-service kiosks are utilized as front-desk services with reduced human interactions. Patients can use these devices to schedule appointments, update their information, check staff’s information, and complete surveys.

  • Wearable Devices

Android health monitoring wearable devices are used by patients and medical staff to track real-time internal factors like body temperature, sugar level, heartbeat, and blood pressure.

  • Telehealth Devices

These devices are primarily used for telemedicine services and remote patient consultation.

  • Point of Sale (POS)

POS devices are used in pharmacies and other healthcare departments to ensure smooth transactions.

Benefits of using MDM solutions for Managing Devices in Healthcare

Here are some incredible benefits you can enjoy by implementing MDM solutions in your healthcare centers:

  • Security against data breach

MDM solutions help healthcare centers protect confidential data, including patient details, by preventing unauthorized and unnecessary web searching on official devices. File sharing is enabled with TLS encryption to prevent data loss. Strong password authentications allow only authorized users to access the devices. Containerization for data storage also helps to avoid data leakage.

  • Enhanced patient experience

Self-service healthcare kiosks provide an interactive interface for check-in to avoid delays and queues. Patients can quickly add or update information and schedule appointments. It also helps doctors easily access patient’s history. POS devices enabled with MDM ensure smooth transaction processing. MDM helps to update devices during the night and sends alerts to manage device performance.

  • Reduced device misuse and data cost

Admins can incorporate strong password input policies to prevent unauthorized access. They can use the app whitelist and blacklist feature to limit devices to medical apps only. MDM helps to lock down unattended or lost devices remotely to avoid misuse. The remote wipe feature helps to remove data permanently.

  • Improved productivity of caregivers

Mostly, nurses and other caregivers are found using smartphones, watching videos, using social media, or calling someone. The only way to keep them productive is to restrict all necessary apps, websites, and device functions using MDM to keep them focused. Remotely monitoring device activities and access to device cameras are also helpful.

How Does AirDroid Business Enhance Device Management in Healthcare?

AirDroid Business is a robust solution for Android device management. It includes the management of medical carts with Android custom devices, kiosk devices, and digital signage that are excessively used in the healthcare industry to strengthen patient checkups and treatment processes. AirDroid Business MDM helps admins store data on could for easy access. To maintain security in hospital premises, admins can use AirDroid Business to access device cameras and watch activities happening within boundaries remotely. It provides unlimited device deployment with pre-configured apps and settings with a zero-touch enrollment method. AirDroid Business is a cost-effective tool that saves costs by managing remote devices to troubleshoot issues.

Shared Android Devices

Important Features

  • Remote support with a privacy mode

The remote support feature helps technical staff in healthcare centers monitor and control the device’s screen apps and diagnose issues to troubleshoot them. Privacy mode also provides black screen mode, which displays a dark screen enrolled devices, showing a notification that the device is under maintenance.

  • Lockdown devices into single/multi-app mode

AirDroid Business provides a kiosk mode to restrict app usage on healthcare devices. Setting devices in single-app mode helps them to add a single medical app to run on enterprise devices, blocking access to all other operations and hardware buttons on devices. Multi-app kiosk mode allows medical staff to use multiple necessary apps.

  • Device tracking and wiping data remotely

Healthcare management needs AirDroid Business to track the location of devices for effective mobile medical services like blood donation camps. Sometimes, employees might miss the device anywhere. Admins can remotely wipe the data from the device to delete it permanently, making them useless for unauthorized users.

  • Security Policy

Customization of policies and kiosks helps healthcare managers ensure the security of devices. They can set strong password policies and two-way authentications to ensure devices are accessed by authorized users only. In healthcare centers, AirDroid Business can help them restrict device usage by limiting apps and website access. The management team can customize Wi-Fi and Bluetooth settings to ensure data safety. Blacklisting unnecessary apps and web pages keep workers focused.

  • Seamless app deployment and updates

AirDroid Business provides zero-touch enrollment to configure apps on enrolled devices automatically. Admins can also use the remote control feature to install or install apps on enrolled devices anytime. The patch management feature helps them to ensure time updates regularly. Scheduling of app updates not only ensures timely updates but also saves working hours.

  • Centralized monitoring and management

AirDroid Business management is streamlined from a central position. Admins are provided an admin console having a dashboard to monitor all enterprise device activities on a single screen remotely. Admins can remotely manage applications, files, and devices for that central position. They can also control the enrolled devices to perform tasks on unattended devices. 

  • Streamline device provisioning and configuration.

AirDroid Business helps enterprises save time for manually provisioning and configuring devices. Zero-touch enrollment ensures the smooth provisioning of devices in a short time. Enterprises can efficiently manage device settings by remotely configuring device settings like Wi-Fi, VPN, Bluetooth, and security policies.


Day by day increase in the number of diseases has increased the value to healthcare centers. Due to its immense need, the government allows the opening of healthcare centers even in worse situations like COVID-19. Android manufacturers and app developers have created many devices and apps to support medical staff. However, it is only effective if usage is optimized by managing the devices with MDM solutions. Here is a 14-day free trial for you to explore more tips for managing devices in healthcare.

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