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Top Node.js Development Trends That You Should Consider

In the new year, everyone predicts the trends that will take over the development industry. Node.js development is not less, and developers are predicting and making several assumptions with Node.js development in 2022. The technological industry is growing rapidly, and it has become more important than ever to choose the right framework.

With Node.js, businesses can avoid complex inter-silo dependencies and create applications with greater ease. Node.js is a cross-platform, open-source Javascript runtime environment that allows the back-end and front-end development teams to work cohesively. Node.js development services help enhance the efficiency of the web development processes in your organization.

Why is Node.js so Popular?

In recent years, Node.js has significantly become popular because of the high flexibility it provides and also because it is the most lightweight development solution. It has an extensive library containing Javascript modules to simplify the development process. It enables the development of both web and mobile applications.

Use Case of Node.js

Several web and app development organizations use Node.js to develop different applications. Node.js can be used to develop apps such as;

  • Messaging apps.

  • Real-time web applications.

  • Multiplayer games.

  • Streaming applications.

  • Real-time web applications.

  • Collaboration tools.

  • Social media apps.

and many more.

Top Node.js Frameworks 2022

The world of Node.js development has several different frameworks, and we are listing the top 6 today. The listed frameworks are popular for being lightweight and simplifying the development process. Know more about each one of them to decide better.

1. Express.js

Express.js is one of the top frameworks of Node.js used to develop web applications. This choice is highly lightweight and flexible and has powerful features to develop web and mobile apps. It offers some fundamental features that enable the easy development of web apps. You will find several other popular frameworks that are based on Express.js.

2. Meteor.js

Meteor.js is another open-source javascript framework used by millions of developers worldwide to develop web and mobile apps. The framework is used to develop efficient, simple, and scalable applications. The industry giants took several years to make the framework a perfect one. It is a mature open-source framework that allows the efficient development of applications.

3. Koa.js

The middleware stack of Koa.js flows in a stack-like manner allowing the developers to perform the actions downstream and then alter the response upstream. It is a new framework designed by the team to be a more expressive, smaller, and more powerful foundation of the web application.

Koa doesn’t allow the middleware bundle within its core and offers an elegant suite of methods that makes the development process enjoyable and fast.

4. Sails.js

One of the most famed MVC frameworks for Node.js. The framework is designed to match the familiar MVC patterns of the frameworks like Ruby on Rails but has support for the requirements of modern apps. It offers features like data-driven APIs with a service-oriented and scalable architecture.

5. Hapi.js

It is an open-source framework that enables web and mobile applications development. It is employed commonly to build web services such as websites, JSON API, and HTTP proxy applications. The Express framework uses the original version of this framework.

6. NestJS

NestJS is an extensible, open-source, progressive, and versatile Node.js framework to develop demanding and compelling backend systems. NestJS is one of the rapidly growing frameworks in Typescript, and it can write scalable, testable, and loosely coupled web applications. This helps bring the servers of Node.js to a completely new level.

Leading Trends in Node.js to Watch in 2022

Let us run down through some of the most predicted trends of Node.js that will prevail in 2022. These trends are proven to help businesses leverage the benefits and obtain a competitive edge over their competitors.

1. GraphQL

GraphQL helps developers quickly design API calls with schemas, queries, and resolvers based on specific data requirements. The design of endpoints as per the view in the application with the help of REST API helps develop a bottleneck when the web application requires rapid iterations on frontend development. Node.js Development services will help you obtain the benefits offered by Node.js Framework.

2. Rise of MERN Stack

The MERN stack is building a niche in the development process because of its benefits. Every line of code is written in Javascript, which helps eliminate context switching. The tech stack traditionally consists of different programming languages that are used together. It helped solve a daunting challenge developer faced while seamlessly navigating across the varied frameworks.

3. Real-Time Apps

The real-time apps for all online activities are the center of attraction of Node.js development. Such apps experience a high level of user engagement, and they provide a complete set of features and speed. The apps include social media integration, chats, stock exchange features, etc. All such requirements are catered to perfectly well in this ecosystem.

The real-time apps were developed to provide a robust backend to the applications besides several features. The rise in demand for scalable and real-time applications is why businesses hire a Node.js development company.

4. Serverless Architecture

Node.js is famous for its benefit of providing serverless architecture. This means that the businesses will not have to go through maintaining servers. One of the major advantages is greater flexibility and better quality code. Furthermore, it helps in enhancing the developers’ productivity and, at the same time, reduces costs to a great extent.

The apps developed have a better quality code, and the developers can easily bring significant changes to their apps. It also helps developers to reuse code modules for the development of apps.

5. Microservices

Microservices are beneficial for your enterprise if you develop an enterprise-grade app. It helps support the serverless approach. Microservices offers a wide array of benefits in terms of debugging and performance, and it further splits the different aspects of an application into numerous services.

With Node.js, you can easily use microservices for your project. This particular trend has made Node.js popular for the development of future-oriented apps.

6. IoT

Node.js offers real-time strength and a data-centric approach that is good for developing IoT applications. It lets the implementation of microservices track the features of geo-distributed systems in a real-time manner.

7. Fast and Flexible App Solutions

Node.js helps developers build flexible and scalable apps rapidly. In this era of multitasking, it is one of the largest contributions and one of the latest trends in the development of Node.js. With this framework, the developers can handle the different tasks simultaneously without impacting the efficiency while working on another.

Node.js is a framework that offers great flexibility to the app development processes and fascinates multitasking. These are the two significant factors that help businesses succeed.


The trend of Node.js development has increased considerably over the recent years owing to the host of benefits and features it provides. The efficiency of the framework has helped app developers to achieve the unthinkable. Several businesses are hiring Node.js Development companies to obtain growth and considerable stability. If you, too, want to leverage the powerful features of the technology and realize your web development goals, consider using Node.js.

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